Mother and daughter accused of murder by antifreeze

Diane Staudte, 51, of Springfield, Missouri, is accused of killing her husband, Mark Staudte, 61, and her son, Shawn Staudte, 26, by spiking their soda with antifreeze. She also is accused of poisoning her daughter, Sarah Staudte, who is hospitalized. Another daughter, Rachel Staudte, 22, allegedly participated in the crimes.

Diane Staudte, Rachel Staudte, allegedly poinson Mark, Shawn Staudte with antifreeze, on



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Too many people see murder as the way out of their problems!You don’t wait until you can no longer look at someone in the face
without feeling ill or wanting to kill them before you seek a solution!

Yeah,that took some premeditation;some research!She even dragged her younger daughter into it! So sad!

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