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Mother goes to the pub, her baby dies

In this tragic story from Ireland, a woman left her six children alone while she went drinking at a pub. The youngest was a six-month-old infant, born premature, was strapped in a car seat. Unable to breathe properly, the baby died of positional asphyxia.

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Ox Drover

Again, another case where the “baby sitter wondered whether the children were safe because most of the time they were left on their own.” (ages 12 to an infant born premature 6 months old) The Baby sitter “WONDERED” but DID NOTHING.

Don’t you know the mother must have “stopped drinking” during her pregnancy–and she’s now spending all day and night in the pub, but she wouldn’t have drank during her pregnancy because it would have harmed the child she carried! Yea, RIGHT!!!

What do you want to bet she pops out another baby within the next year? Probably also with fetal alcohol syndrome and a really great life to look forward to!

Yea, Gem, I’m grinding my teeth off to the roots. I’ll be like an old “smoothed mouth cow” whose teeth are ground down even with the gums…be time to send me off to the knacker!

Frank Lee Speaking

Her FB page is filled with images of her partying within days of this inquest. She is “moving on with her life…”


Steralization should really be legal!!!

On a side note* The ‘related’ articles at the bottom of this article are also SHOCKING!

Dad denied having baby with daughter
Child killed father
73 year old cocain dealer to pay for wifes medical care.

WTF…….and some believe there is good in ALL people?

Sick world we livein…….

Ox Drover

Dear EB,

Sterilization? Ah come on, EB, I was thinking more in the line of hanging, drawing and quartering, and leaving their heads on pikes on the freeway to warn others what happens when you have six kids and treat them this way. Maybe LICENSING FOLKS for procreation…or in my case, retroactive birth control? A plastic bag tied tightly around his head! Think it would work?

I didn’t read those articles, but don’t have to, you know because, you see, none of it is THEIR fault…see the child seduced the dad, on the incest thing, and the father had abused the child who killed him, and the 73 year old cocaine dealer INTENDED TO pay for his wife’s medical care, he just wanted to make sure it was LEGAL for him to do so.

I didn’t even READ the ARTICLES , but I already know the story….it is never their fault, and if they had JUST had someone to help them and love them more, NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED. So actually, EB it is YOUR fault for not anticipating this and moving to Ireland and taking care of that woman’s kids.

How is that for psychopathic-logic? LOL ROTFLMAO


I wondered who the heck was paying this babysitter. This Reilly woman didn’t sound as if she had anything so ordinary as a JOB. She was said to be at the pub “during the day” as well. The “day” in question, January 7, was a Thursday, an ordinary weekday, when most folks who HAVE a job are working. Instead, “Ms” Reilly was getting herself well oiled at the pub, probably at taxpayers’ expense. It goes without saying that she wasn’t a respectable housewife either. There’s no sign of a husband being around, and she’s dragging men back into her children’s home at all hours of the night, quote, “for a few drinks”, unquote–read “for a few MORE drinks on top of those she’d already had, most probably followed by some screwing.” She didn’t bother to mention that, of course. In short, she sounded like a welfare whore to me. What’s more, it sounds as if the men she’s breeding with are the same kind of “junk humans” that she is. What kind of “father” would NOT take the trouble to go to an inquest on the death of his own daughter? I wonder how many different sperm donors her six children had?

And as I said, who WAS paying the babysitter?

The sheer brainless idiocy of modern leftist policy in funding this kind of lifestyle is staggering. No wonder the Celtic Tiger ended up eating its own tail. When we SUBSIDIZE dysfunction, what we get is MORE DYSFUNCTION! The implications for the future are even more alarming. We’re actually REVERSING natural selection! We’re paying this class of parasites to breed at a FASTER rate than the honest hard-working people whose contribution society–not to mention civilization itself–depends on for its survival! Unless this trend is stopped and turned back, the consequences can only be catastrophic–one way or the other.


I asked some teenagers ages a go when I was a teacher in High school, what they used as contraceptives.
They said,{I kid you not,}
Gladwrap,{cling film} anda rubber band!LOL!!
Mama gem.XX


It seems that there are plenty of stories like this out there, so sad. Sounds like the Anthony girl from Florida who partied her pants off while getting rid of her daughter who stood in her way of having fun with men. But they don’t make the stats as sociopaths? And I thought I read that she got probation for this? Maybe they should think of giving her prohibition. I am with my wife on this one, but women need to think twice about bringing men home with kids already especially if they have daughters. But bringing the kids to the pub with her, and then bringing home men with 6 kids at home and a baby forced to stay in a car seat all day and night? CMON


Lol Oxdrover.

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