Murder was not racism, it was domestic violence

An Iraqi woman, Shaima Alawadi, was found beaten to death in her dining room in El Cajon, California. A note beside the woman told the family to go back to Iraq. Last week, the woman’s husband, Kassim Alhimidi, was arrested and charged with murder.

Husband arrested in Iraqi woman’s killing, on

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Nah, they started laying again….so having deviled eggs instead! LOL Actually we will be going to the state park with our living history group…but not going to camp, just day-trip up there and come home at night. Neither son D nor I are up to par yet, so we are just going to take things easy and do the “enjoyable” parts of the event this year and not the hard work part. This physical therapy is kicking my butt….and still trying to play catch up on all the things I haven’t been able to do for the past nearly 10 months since the original injury. Getting old sucks, but being injured is even worse…just doing the new dance “the doctor trot” –trotting from doctor to doctor! LOL

Hi everyone. I was gone because I thought people didn’t want me here! 🙁 Mostly for that. Last time I posted something, I was asked a question about mysterious posters who were newbies, then became spathinators, then disapeared…I was asked to explain what that is all about…and maybe I read too much inbetween the lines, but it sounded like I was being called bad or something for not being around for so long.

I am still around. I read the articles but just don’t have the time in the day to keep up with all the threads lately. I’m trying to focus more on living….trying to keep off the computer (hard though).

Hello Milo, Skylar, and Ox 🙂 I am glad you all don’t hate me. I guess I misunderstood that post awhile back. I thought I was in trouble and being ostracized…only I wasn’t exactly sure why.


Just glad you are back now. You have so much to add. I have learned so much from your experiences.

“focus more on living” – EXCELLENT – Hope all is going well for you.


I missed you but if you’re out living, that can’t be beat!

Islam and Sharia Law as a culture consist of legalized enslavement and brutalization of women and psychopathic behavior for men. I hope our Country recognizes it before it is too late.

Panther 90% of communication is NON VERBAL so in a verbal ONLY venue it is difficult to get jokes sometimes or more subtle types of communication as well. But in order for this community to work as well as it does, we must presume that others are NOT being “nasty” (unless there is name calling etc in which case it becomes pretty plain) and that is what the “report abusive comment” link is for and Donna will take care of the situation.

There is no need here for posters to “flame” each other.

Frankly, I don’t remember why you left, or care. If you felt uncomfortable here for any reason then whether that reason was “valid” or not is beside the point, if YOU were uncomfortable here then you needed to be somewhere else. Your FEELINGS are yours and no one else can say that your FEELINGS are not valid whether they are based on fact or fiction, they are YOURS. They are real.

So if you want to become part of the LF community again, welcome, glad to have you back.

I think I’m in another relationship with another one…am I losing my freaking mind?

So much for pearls of wisdom.

I don’t know if I am crazy or what. How the FLIP did I do this again? I don’t know. I just don’t feel I have the strength for this anymore. I am so fucking stupid.

Milo, sorry I am not able to be the smart contributor right now. I think I have been duped again. My head is spinning. I just want sanity for heck’s sake what the hell is wrong with me?

Panther, I suggest you go back over the article about 10 signs you are dating a psychopath and if you are seeing any of those signs, that you sever the relationship immediately…and go back to psychopath 101 and start to relearn about them and then assess why you have allowed them into your life. Where is the chink in your armor?

are you talking about the guy who had the nervous breakdown and was in the hospital demanding all your time while you were starving?

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