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Murderer let out of jail for a shopping spree

In 1996, Tracie Andrews was convicted of killing her boyfriend, stabbing him more than 30 times. She was sentenced by the British court to life in prison, and is eligible for release next year, after serving 15 years.

But last Saturday, prison officials let Andrews out of jail for eight hours so she could go shopping.

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I am down with the victim’s mom…she says she’ll ‘throttle the bitch’ if she ‘runs into her’. i think she meant to say if she ‘comes across her’… bwahaha


Nothing amazes me anymore where humans are concerned, a total lack of common sense, allowing a prisoner to freely shop (with her friend) for a day, then return to prison after the day out. If this woman has a history of being violent with former boyfriends, you can bet that once she is out, she will continue to behave the same way, only now with females (apparently she has had lesbian relationships while incarcerated) added to the mix. She’ll now have more law-abiding folks to victimize.


bluejay and one-step,
You’re right on. Nothing surprises me either. I just posted a story on an incident that happened in my own back yard. A man held the police and swat team at bay for hours after assaulting a 14 yr. old girl and all he has is 3 misdemeanors. Frankly, I have little respect for the “judicial system” anywhere these days. So, OF COURSE, a murderer deserves a day out for a shopping trip.. and she was let out once before to have cosmetic surgery done…Go figure..
If I sound sarcastic, it’s not meant for the two of you; I simply do NOT understand the thinking that goes into these kinds of things.

Ox Drover

We just had a guy arrested for one murder, and two shot and severely wounded. He was out on BAIL for a 2008 shooting, home invasion and forcible RAPE. If he had been where he belonged IN JAIL, he would not have killed one person and severely wounded two others.

The above article and the woman being let out, is the pre-release part of her sentence, which I THINK SHOULD HAVE BEEN LONGER.

When a person kills another person IN A RAGE I think that person is or should be considered dangerous. 15 years in the pen does NOT make a person less dangerous. If anything it made my son MORE DANGEROUS.


how evil is that? that mad killer walks around shopping!!….I feel terrible for those parents that have to tolerate that. I am with one step and the victims mother…I wish she was suffering like the parents, but she probably isn’t capable of suffering like that…I blame the legal system, the ignorance, the acting ability of these morons….why would she be shopping? why? how? She murdered a human being!!! the only designer gear she should wear is the electric chair by Gucci

Ox Drover


Unfortunately, about 15-20 years seems to be the usual sentence for any murder that wasn’t pre-planned, or during a felony crime, or killing a cop, or multiple killings at one time.

This woman has “served” her time, and is within 6 months of being released so they are putting her in a “half way” house and slowly introducing her to the world again.

That is why I am actively FIGHTING my P-son’s parole, as he has a “life” sentence but he is eligible for parole after 15 years. He’s had 1 parole request already that was turned down. His next is due in January. If we are fortunate he will get another 5 year “set off” (before he can reapply for parole) and God willing I will be there for that one as well asking the parole board NOT to release him. and the next, and the next, and the next, and when I am gone, his brothers will be there as long as one of them is alive or he lives. When he dies (in prison I hope) the prison can bury him there in the prison graveyard where there are not even any names, just numbers on the markers. That’s where he belongs. Just an inmate number on a marker surrounded by the only friends he has in the world. Other convicts who had no family or friends that would even claim their body. No one to stand over the grave and weep.



I think you are the only ‘parent’ I’ve known to take such a wise stance ‘against’ your son. Most parents will defend, deny and dismiss wrong doings to have their “baby” back in the illusion of “beautiful person” You admit and know the evil he is capable of and I have such respect for you. Life should mean life, it’s a disgrace knowing how they can be on ‘good behaviour’ to dupe everyone only to go out and do it must know how evil he is, I can only imagine what that is like for a mother…did you ever want to pretend it didn’t happen and bring him home? how did you find out how evil he was? tell me to mind my own business too…..

Ox Drover

Nah, Bulletproof, I think it is EVERYONE’s business when people are so evil that they beat, rob, and murder others.

These people have proven that they are not safe to live in society, that society is not safe when they are here.

I totally support the 3-strikes laws where a person who commits 3 felonies is in prison essentially for natural life.

Pre-planned murder what we used to send people to the gallows for, or for REAL life in prison is now not a really bad crime.

Manslaughter, where you say are in a fight and hit someone and he dies but you didn’t pre plan it or really intend to kill him, I can see 15 years for that.

But pre-planned murder, multiple murder, murder while committing a felony Like killing someone even accidently while you are robbing them, those murders should be NATURAL LIFE. NO parole.

Sexual offenses against kids—or abduction of a child or an adult for sexual crimes—life without parole.

My son did his first BIG felony robbery at age 17, his second at age 18, and after 2 yrs of a 5 yr sentence, spent 5 months on the outside before he killed a girl in cold blood with premeditation (advance planning) when he was 20, and has not shown ANY remorse since then, and then tried to have me killed.

I did spend years hoping he would repent, reform, etc. so I spent plenty of time in DELUSION though I did feel that prison was where he belonged. I still wanted to think he could have a GOOD life outside of prison.

When I FINALLY had to let go of that delusion, that denial, it was very painful and a vast store of tears, like a dam bursting flowed out of me like a river which had been released. It was incredibly painful, but most of the pain was my own doing. I had held on to a FALSE HOPE for my son, I had seen the red flags, and had ignored them. Now, I accept the truth. He is what he is.

I do NOT know that man in the prison cell, he is not my son, but a stranger. My son is GONE, that cute little boy that I loved so much and had such great hopes for, he is GONE. I buried him, but I can remember him with love and fondness….and think about the cute and smart things he did and the fun we had. But the STRANGER, that MAN in the cell…he is no more to me than Ted Bundy was, or Charlie Manson….just an evil man.

I would turn your kid into the law for robbing a bank or a store, so why should I not turn in my own kid? Even when I still had hope for him, I did that. But no more. The grief is gone, the tears are dried, the acceptance is finally here. It took a lot of work, a lot of pain, and though I wish I had done it years ago and saved myself a lot of problems, we do it when we are ready, when we are able to get out of denial and fix the “problem” inside ourselves. Until then we will waffle, cry, go back, keep hoping, not listen to people who warn us, and in general play the fool and continue the dance. Now that it is over, I feel better though, and I intend to keep on feeling better and better.


OxDrover-when you do the right thing…things get better…you can feel it in your bones (no one can tell just know it) it’s like the universe joins with you and sends comfort and peace. So many parents join in the protection of their evil child and stand by them no matter what. You are a shining light in this area, and if you write a book, I’ll be reading it… all psychopathic children beware..

It goes against what you naturally hoped for him, what you loved in him and tried to nurture….so understandable to hold on to delusions when it’s your baby, your son….but having been inspired by you, I will not tolerate an ounce of carp from my son either…he is a loving soul but if he wasn’t I would do the same Oxy and I mean that…you did it when you were ready…and now you have done it and it is done. He tried to have you killed….???? so they really would kill their own mother if she got in the way…thought as much…..blessings and love to you…xx

Ox Drover

Dear Bulletproof,

Sugar some of them would kill Mother Theresa if she got in their way! I ain’t no Mother Theresa, I can tell you that, but I got in his way.

I came to the position that I will NOT TOLERATE DISHONESTY in those closest to me.. My oldest biological son, who is NOT a Psychopath, or even particularly high in the traits, lied to me at the end of last year, beginning of 2010, and I am DONE with him as well. It was a “silly” petty lie, over nothing important, but he LIED TO ME. He made a CHOICE and he KNEW IN ADVANCE what the consequence of that lie was—out of my circle of trust—and I mean OUT, no more way back in. It hurt me, very very much, and I hated to have to enforce that boundary, but I have no desire to be around someone who disrespects me enough to lie to me, about ANYTHING. If I get too nosey, they can tell me ” nun-ya” but to LIE to me is not something I will tolerate.

But it wasn’t JUST that ONE LIE–it was all the ones he had told in the past + that one lie=Nothing has changed, you are STILL BEING dishonest with me.

I don’t know if that makes any sense or not. But looking back over all the “chances” I had given him as well, and how many times he had one way or another “ganged up with” the Ps when they attacked me, and I had trivalized it as him just being a “follower” and him being “influenced” by them–over and over? Nah! I think rather than a conscript to their posse of plotters, he was a VOLUNTEER because he is still lying to me.

Can’t trust someone that lies to you, so that puts him outside my circle of trust. I have no obligation of any kind to people I can’t trust, to “be there” for them if they get in a jam. My friends (all people I can trust) and my blood family, down now to my adopted son and some elderly cousins that I can trust, those are the only people I feel any obligation to help out in a pinch any more than I would any stranger.

I will give a buck to a pan handler, knowing he MAY spend it on booze, but won’t if he’s standing in front of the liquor store where I’m almost SURE he will spend it on booze. Or I’ll buy him something to eat rather than give him the cash. But as far as my non-P son is concerned, if he gets into financial problems (and I have no doubt the way he handles his money he will) then I don’t feel that I am obligated to bail him out, even for a loan. He’s been dishonest with me. I don’t give or loan money to people I know are dishonest.

I don’t first of all have a lot of excess cash so what I do have I give to people that I think it might really benefit. So I pick and choose.

Sure, I’m a “tough old broad” about some things, and I don’t apologize about it. My kids are adults and my friends mostly are adults and I hold adults accountable for their behavior and their honesty. Just like I am accountable for my own behavior and honesty. I don’t have a “large number” (wouldn’t need a big football stadium to hold the crowd) of my friends, a small back country church building would more than hold the crowd, but the QUALITY of my friends is TIP TOP! THE BEST! And, to me that is what matters!

You are right, BP, when you do the right thing, life is better and it is a lot happier too! (((HUgs)))))


This is a disturbing chain of events as this woman is as big of a psychopath as they come. I just read up some more on this. The mother in law also says everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. That you can believe. She stabbed her boyfriend whom she was going to marry 30 some times before/after slitting his throat. She blamed it all on a big fat man in a road rage incident. I just read where she admitted to killing him much later. She said I did kill him, but he should take some responsibility for this. TRUE STORY. I think I remember seeing this on a show a long time ago. She also claims that he was highly abusive especially anally. Women bring this up for what? To advertise that they are some great piece of a**, or that this is their most appealing part? I just hope they didn’t also pay for her breast surgery, or let her go for a shopping spree at the gun and knife show. It looks as if she will be able to do those things now.

Ox Drover

Dear TEacher,

Well, in England she can’t go to the GUN show, but obviously she doesn’t need a gun as long as they make knives!

Yes, I completely agree with you on your assessment of the situation, this woman has an “anger issue” for sure! (That’s a bad joke!)

But England apparently has more lenient sentencing laws than most states here, there are only a dozen or so people in prison in England who will NEVER come up for parole. Even “life without” is a BIG deal over there.


Dear Ox,
Your story about your son who is not a P struck home with me. You are STRONG in your convictions and that sets an example for others. In all the healing that I’ve done, I’ve come to a big conclusion over the summer months, which has lead to me letting go of family members, myself.
Every time I put my ex in jail, for crimes he was found guilty of, my mother and several of my sisters would always go the route of feeling sorry for him and get him out of jail. For awhile, the anger over this was immense. Getting him out of jail was a slap in the face to me and basically saying that I’m a liar.
I found myself not wanting to be involved in many family functions and I came to understand that I do not TRUST these people and if I don’t trust someone, I cannot be comfortable around them. I have let go of many. I have not done it with malice. I have simply let go. I have one sister (whom the rest never told what they were doing), a brother-in-law and a father that I trust. The rest, I do not. I USED to be upset because I wasn’t included in so much and today, I simply don’t care. I talk with those I trust and stay away from the rest. They are NOT p/n/a’s. Even though he stole my familys’ most precious jewelry, my mother STILL feels sorry for him. I can’t be around that. Pity leads to helping him again, in the face of all that he’s done and for me, that is toxic to be around. So, much like you with your son, I have let go of the biggest part of a large family and there are now boundaries there. AND I feel no guilt, which tells me this boundary was just waiting to be discovered.
It’s a feeling of freedom. Family ties do NOT equal loyalty and friendship in some cases and mine is one of those. I, alone, am responsible for what I allow in my life and this has been a big, big choice.

RE: the shopping murder. YES, teacher123, I agree completely with you. Who is to say she won’t do this or something similar again? If I were that man’s parents…………enough said.

Ox Drover

Dear Cat,

I totally agree with you, and I’m glad that I am FINALLY able to set boundaries and to enforce them.

My egg donor is not a psychopath, yet, she is a TOXIC enabler. She enables the one who tried to kill me for crimeny’s sake! She trivalizes the damage he did to me even though she saw (and at one time believed the evidence) so how could I be around her? How could I trust her? I think you must feel the same about your own maternal DNA donor, because she obviously “pities” the party that hurt you.

I also am not invited to the “doings” of the extended family, though I did receive an invitation to my first cousin’s son’s wedding (a big one) in November, they know I won’t be there because she will be. So my “family” now is down to my adopted son and myself that I can trust and choose to associate with.

But I have a fairly large group of people that I love that are “family” to me, though no blood relationship. Those are the ones I enjoy being with, that I can TRUST and that are loyal to me.

I really haven’t lost anything of importance with these others that I am NC with or really only have a superfiscial relationship if any at all. There was nothing really “real” about them in the first place, they would stab me in the back when the time came to “fish or cut bait” and I couldn’t trust them to be loyal.

I actually was at one point ASHAMED that my blood family didn’t have any more loyalty to me than that, but now I realize the shame should not be mine, but should be theirs, but they have no shame for it. But, not my problem!

Glad you are doing better Cat! Keep on the road to [email protected]

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