Murderer spared the death penalty, says ‘I won’

John Wade Adams and an accomplice were convicted of killing Donna Vick in her Texas home back in 1997. Both men originally received the death penalty, and the accomplice was executed in 2008.

Adams, however, was granted a new sentencing trial. When the jury could not agree on the death penalty, the judge declared a mistrial.

Adams leaned back in his chair and said to the victim’s family, “I won.”

Read DeSoto woman’s killer spared death tells victim’s family: ‘I won’ on The comments after the story are interesting as well.

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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No Oxy….i’ve seen lots and lots of peeps with money in my community go south….health, marriages, friendships etc…..
Some very lonely people here…..but with money!
Money only buys big nice houses…..but NOT homes!

The best doggies are from the rescue groups… my Holly girl.
Dang….she’s got some attitude! But a lover indeed….not to mention the bark from HELL!

Gem…i’m still laughing at the thought of the thong….which wasnt’ intended to be a thong.

I guess if I put on a bathing suit, my suit butt would look like a Brazilian suit …..ON ME!


EB – you are not the only person who has said that re permanent job (in the last week).

i got my laundry done. i have been wracked with pain all weekend…but tonight after the right amount of drugs and a cool swim i was able to go out to the laundry mat!!!!! given how 90% of this wekeend went i am VERY surprised that tonight ended so well.


HENS – right, thanks!

The bathing suit becoming a thong on a big butt reminds me of a joke.

Woman goes into the hardware store to by an AC unit. The salesman says “How many B-T-Us do you need?” The woman says “enough B-T-Us to cool a B-U-T-T as big as a T-U-B” LOL ROTFLMAO

Glad to see you back here Gem! Hows the lovely cool weather in Oz? We are still dying in the heat up here but supposed to be down to a balmy 89 next week sometime for a few days. Setting records all over the chart for hottest August on record, hottest summer on record, longest time between rains, you name it, it’s COOKING US HERE!

I have two rescue doggies, EB, and I like them for pets, but when you need a WORKING dog you get the best blood that money can buy! The nicest thing about the Collies is they are not bred for a particular color, hair coat, ear set, or anything else but WORKING–we don’t care what they look like as long as they are smart and work. the AKC only recognized the collies a few years ago and they are after looks alone. the International Sheep Dog Associations will cancel your papers if you register or show with the AKC. The AKC would take my Collie association papers, but the collie registration group would not take a collie dog registered as AKC. The reason the collies are so good is that one that wouldn’t work wasn’t fed or kept as a pet.

Any animal that is “selected”ONLY for a particular trait and all others ignored usually doesn’t do well ultimately. Like cows that are selected only for milk generally can’t give birth naturally any more and have problems with feet, udders, etc.

So it doesn’t matter how pretty or not pretty a collie dog is if he is made solidly (no deformities) and is smart and works well naturally. My Boss dog was pretty and had a lovely coat, and was recognizable as a red and white collie, but one of his litter sisters looked like a rescue mixed breed, she was short legged, short haired, tri colored, fat bodied dog rather than the usual slim and long legged, but she was a working hammer! Her pups too, all looked like the black with white ring-neck, so the colors and coats are just all mixed up in that breed, but the breed is recognized world wide as the smartest breed of dog.

They really don’t make great pets though unless you intend to give them a job of work to do, or to spend lots of time with them DAILY throwing a frizbee because they have lots of energy. A lot of the rescue and cadaver dogs are collies now because they are so smart and obedient to commands, but yet think for themselves as well. You know a collie is well trained when you give him a command and he will stop and look at you as if to say “Are you SURE that’s what you want me to do?” LOL

I could have jumped for Joy the first time Boss did that to me! He was right every time but one, too. I had given him the wrong command except for that one time when I knew something he didn’t know.

Well, with that sentimental note, I think I am off to bed. Lots to do tomorrow.

i think i told this before but my granny called thongs ‘ butt floss’ gnite ev1


peace out all.

I think i’d call everything in my wardrobe ‘butt floss’…..these days!

Night night One……glad your weekend ended on an ‘up’ note.

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