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Murderous Mexican hit man due to be paroled

Rene boxer enriquez

Rene “Boxer” Enriquez

Rene “Boxer” Enriquez, once a key figure in the Mexican Mafia, is serving life sentences for two two murders.

But since landing in jail, he’s become a rock star snitch. From behind bars, he’s co-written three books. Authorities even let him out of jail to give presentations to law enforcement organizations.

Now, this very dangerous man is due to be paroled.

Mexican Mafia hitman turned super snitch to be paroled in California, on

How a Mexican mafia killer became a law enforcement darling, on

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This man is absolutely petrifying to listen to (I could only listen to his interview part way because the hair on the back of my neck was standing straight up)…..he has no remorse for what he did, he is only bragging about how they took a “organization from inception to a large organization” in his video (shot in Prison). SO SCARY this psychopath will be freed!! I highly doubt the Governor will intervene out of fear for his family & himself.

The sad thing is these Mexican & Mexican American gangs are not just about making money off of selling drugs & ruining lives because of drug sales/use but also they kidnapping people for ransoms & kidnap young girls that become part of their sex slaves operation making more money for the gang off of human suffering. They are pure pure evil.

Hopefully the gangs that this psychopath snitched on will take care of him since the police clearly allowed this evil psychopath mind control & brain washing them no doubt because of their own lack of education/training on psychopathic manipulation. I also wonder how many people he lied about so that he could get his early exit out of prison.


Thank goodness Gov Brown has some good sense as the police department/prosecutors office/parole board has been conned by this psychopath for far to long and have lost all their good sense.

Hope this family & the Gov & his family stay safe.

Thank you Donna for posting this update & the LF reader sending it your way. Such a scary world. With the borders wide open America gets good people crossing and America gets evil gang crossing. Sad the good people of South America are trying to escape these evil people who are controlling their towns only to come to America to have the same evil people right here controlling our towns, jails & courts. No where for peace.

This story just goes to show you that anyone & everyone can be conned by a evil psychopath (well except a Governor!)


Enriquez’s attorney, James Spertus, accused the governor of making a politically motivated decision following the media coverage.

“This is not a case that warranted superseding the decision of trained professionals who decided he’s been rehabilitated,” said Spertus, who said his client is a different person from the man who committed murders, attempted murders, armed robberies and a gang rape. “The cooperation is a symptom of the guy who’s changed.”

Well, a lawyer is paid to say things like that, isn’t he? I myself would prefer to say that this cooperation is a symptom of the guy who (1) likes making himself the center of attention, and (2) is doing it to earn privileges galore, maybe even score a “get out of jail” card.

As for these “trained professionals who decided he’s been rehabilitated,” it would be interesting to know who they are, what kind of so-called “training” they received, and how familiar they are (If at all) with the posturing of typical psychopaths.

Of course, if they really ARE well trained, they’ll be covertly playing “good cop-bad cop” in cahoots with Jerry Brown. “Gee, Enriquez, we were all set to get you out on parole when that mean old governor wouldn’t go along with it. Too bad! We’ll just have to try harder to show everyone how cooperative you are, and hope the next governor will be more sympathetic. So tell us more about that big heist the gang is planning some time later this year…”

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