My interview with Dr. Paul

Back in March, when I visited Florida, I did an interview with Dr. Paul R. VeHorn, who calls himself “Dr. Tough Love” and offers dating advice every week on his radio show. Dr. Paul also posts videos of his show on YouTube, and I just found it. I thought Lovefraud readers would be interested.

Donna Andersen on the Dr. Paul Show

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Distressed Grandmother

Well I have tried the private detective but in Canada our criminals are very well protected and it is against the law to get any information with out there consent. The freedom of information act.
I just thought that the least I can do is make sure to leave a trail so no one else falls into his trap and more children get hurt. He has already started to beat the children again because she gave him all the control he needed by coming back. He knows know that he can do anything and get away with it with her. I just want him to know that someone is watching him so he doesn’t get to brave. I am not afraid of my life but I am afraid of the children’s lives. If I just sit back I am afraid it will give him all the power he needs to control those boys.

What a great pity, you can’t get too much info that way. Is there a way to come into contact with the mother of the children he’s not allowed to see anymore? What a dilemma. Seems like he would fight back tooth and nail. Your daughter is a grown woman. But your grandchildren, they didn’t choose this. 🙁

My ex was also a compulsive spender and as it turned out a liar. He did ork hard and earnt a fair bit but he would always spend it before he got it and spend as if he earnt far more than he did. Then when he got a bit concerned about the bank and bailiffs being after him he expected other people who earnt less than him and were more careful than him to bail him out while he would arrange to go on another long expensive holiday that they could not afford.

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