Nathaniel Fujita on trial for murdering his high school sweetheart

Nathanial Fujita, a former football player at Wayland High School in Wayland, Massachusetts, is on trial, charged with murdering his former girlfriend, Lauren Astley, on July 3, 2011. The two were both 18 years old, and had just graduated from high school. The defense may plead insanity.

Wayland teen’s erratic behavior described at murder trial, on

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Truthspeak, I agree that these kinds of cases get more attention now. Some of the change probably has to do with the creation of the 24 hour news cycle.

When Nathaniel Bar Jonah was arrested, I saw a local television news piece about a woman who came forward and said he had tried to abduct her when she was a girl and she managed to escape. I immediately recognized her name as someone with whom I was in Brownies and was a year behind me in school. The road where he tried to abduct was the same small state highway my best friend’s family lived on. She and I spent weeks at each other’s houses around the same time and I remember the two of us riding bikes to a nearby pond to swim. I never heard anything about this as a kid and clearly the adults had no idea that someone was trying to abduct kids in our area or we never would have been allowed to ride bikes alone like that.

Sparklehorse, EGAD! Yes, 24/7 news probably has a lot to do with more exposure of criminal activities.

That’s truly terrifying that this was happening in your own backyard, so to speak! My mom and grandmother were very forceful in teaching me to avoid “strangers.” They both cautioned me to never get into a car with someone that I didn’t know because “bad people” often took children, locked them in basements, and (this is a direct quote), “They’ll sew your eyes shut.” This skeered the bejeezuz out of me. BUT……I was never taught to be cautious of people that I knew.

I don’t know if all of the news coverage is helpful or harmful. In one way, it alerts human beings to “bad people.” On the other hand, it tends to desensitize people to the actual horrors of these crimes. “That poor boy/girl. What’s on HBO?” When I hear or read about such horrific cases, I am horrified to the point where it’s almost crippling and it often takes me a good while to process the information.

It’s a crazy world, anymore. Sometimes, I’m actually grateful to be in the middle of nowhere.

Brightest blessings

I sent the article to my teen daughter. Her bf creeps me out because he seems overly involved and co-dependent with her. I know we must trust our instincts. He’s a grade below her and I wonder how he’ll deal with her leaving high school next year. I’m VERY involved with my kids and read their texts. Seems like he love bombs her, which of course teen girls fantasize about. Seems okay to her because the other boys are so mean and indifferent to their gfs. I’ve decided to try to get to know him and see if I see any other red flags. My life experiences have made me very suspicious and my kids may tend to dismiss some of my warnings because of my personal trauma. I want my daughter to be happy but articles like this one really do concern me.

Imtmr74, my mom used to cut out “Dear Abby” articles from the newspaper for me to read. At the time, I did not appreciate her intrusion, but I understood that she was trying to “educate” me in the only way that she knew how. The ONE thing that she never taught me was that no woman is obligated to “have a man” to make her whole and complete. LOL!!!

If this is her first “love,” then attempting to “warn” her could result in the opposite desired effect. Donna’s book, “Red Flags of Love Fraud” discusses dating and all of the “red flags” that young men and women should be aware of. Perhaps, if you were to give your daughter this book, she may (or, may not) read it and arm herself with knowledge.

It’s a crazy world, anymore……

Brightest blessings

Nathaniel Fujita was found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to life without parole.

I thought of Oxy and the other parents of psychopaths when I read this:

Astley’s parents shook with sobs when the verdict came. Prosecutor Lisa McGovern went over and hugged both of them, telling the slain teen’s mother, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Fujita’s parents were silent as the verdict was read. But then Malcolm Astley walked toward them and put his arms out. The couple began sobbing, and all three hugged — the defendant’s parents and the victim’s father.

your post made me get weepy. how sad for the parents –all of them.
Thank you for updating us on this. I’m glad that the jury saw through his lies and he won’t be hurting any more women because of a narcissistic injury.

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