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National Crime Victims’ Rights Week

April 18-24, 2010, is National Crime Victims’ Rights Week. The U.S. Department of Justice is sponsoring a National Observance and Candlelight Ceremony on April 15, 2010, and a National Crime Victims’ Service Awards Ceremony on April 16. Both events are in Washington, D.C.

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It should be every day. I think there is a vigil held in March in CND. I confess I don’t follow or watch televised news. I didn’t even have cable or satellite for 10 years(scarry??).

And when I’m aat home I can’t watch Utube or anything that requires that kind of speed/memory.

But i live it…and know people that live it…and the people here live it.

So remind me please to remember….APRIL 18-24…

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