National Stalking Clinic opens in the UK

According to an announcement on the Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust website:

Stalking has been described as `psychological terrorism’ and involves the unwanted intrusion of one person into the life of another, causing fear and distress.

It is a crime which can escalate into tragedy. Stalking is recognised as a component in more than three quarters of cases involving people murdered by ex-partners which is sometimes referred to as `murder in slow motion.’

The website provides no information about what they’re actually going to do to treat stalkers. We’d love to know.

Read World’s first clinic to treat stalkers and prevent violent crime opens, on

National Stalking Clinic, on

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Dear Sharing the journey,

That’s the thing I think, it helped me when I was in such serious need, to know that there were other smart and educated men and women who had fallen just as much as I had for the shiat that is dished out by the psychopaths…at that darkest of hours, it did help to know I was NOT alone. I can relate to others feeling that same need for validation that they are NOT CRAZY, NOT ALONE, AND WILL HEAL.

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