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National Stalking Clinic opens in the UK

According to an announcement on the Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust website:

Stalking has been described as `psychological terrorism’ and involves the unwanted intrusion of one person into the life of another, causing fear and distress.

It is a crime which can escalate into tragedy. Stalking is recognised as a component in more than three quarters of cases involving people murdered by ex-partners which is sometimes referred to as `murder in slow motion.’

The website provides no information about what they’re actually going to do to treat stalkers. We’d love to know.

Read World’s first clinic to treat stalkers and prevent violent crime opens, on

National Stalking Clinic, on

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Ox Drover

Yea, Donna, I’d like to know what they will do as “treatment” as well.

I realize that NOT ALL stalkers are psychopaths. Some mental illnesses can cause stalking behavior that has nothing to do with the person being a psychopath, but the stalker may be simply delusional, like the guy who shot President Reagan to “impress” an actress, Jodie Foster if I remember correctly. I read recently where he had been let out of his hospital on furlow and he lied to his handlers about where he went and what he did….the FBI was tracking him, and he ACTUALLY went to a book store where he read books about him shooting the president. So after even decades of being incarcerated in a mental institution and I would think the BEST AVAILABLE care, he is obviously still “interested” in his crime.

Sometimes stalkers, as I understand it, are just delusional in thinking that their victim “really loves them” and someone else is keeping the victim from being with them. I’m not sure what the ratio of treatment successes are with this kind of stalker.

The psychopathic stalkers though—well, we know what kind of “treatment success” they will have with them, don’t we? Pretty dismal I would say since psychopathic stalkers are all about control or punishment of their victim.

It’s an interesting concept of “treating” stalkers, but except for maybe medicating the delusional ones, I doubt that they’ll be highly successful with their “treatments” for the psychopathic ones.


I read your headline – clicked directly on link without reading this: The website provides no information about what they’re actually going to do to treat stalkers. We’d love to know.

Because of course my first thought was ” how the H-E-double toothpicks ” do they treat that?

I’m with you two ladies – and I’d lay money on a zero percent success rate.

Ox Drover

Hey, I have an idea for a treatment modality, how about they put an electric collar around their necks and give the person they stalked a REMOTE CONTROL and if they get within 100 yards of the person the collar goes off and electrocutes the stalker.

How about that for a “treatment modality?”

apples of the eye

Tricia Bernal is my mothers cousin – tragically I remember the loss of her daughter Clare very well.

Ox Drover

Amposter, I’m sorry for your family’s loss…stalking and the associated crimes I think touch many many people and families. Until the law takes it seriously the victim has little recourse.


I don’t see many LF bloggers up here telling us about their stalking incidents (being stalked by their P’s or N’s), but then I have not read every article up here. I suspect that I’m being stalked by my ex but cannot prove it yet, though I keep a log each time I get a “robo” call (marketing call with a recorded voice), keep the date, time and #..fortunately we have a caller ID feature on our phone. So I’m keeping a running log. Just this week alone (the last 7 days, since Friday, five different robo calls, one each day, almost, except on the weekend) I already filed a police complaint, tried to follow up with the police officer a few weeks ago, but it was the holiday season, and the officer has not yet called me back, but these calls have escalated (the frequency of them) for the last week, and if they continue, I will make another FUP call to the police. The LF bloggers so far are correct. Seems the police often don’t take us seriously about these things until someone actually gets hurt..a shame, really.

And no, I doubt any treatment is effective with these creeps, either. But when, for example, a carpet cleaning service (robo) call comes to your home with the message, “since you are a former customer” and you know darned well you never were a former customer, that you or your family has always used scatter rugs, not wall-to-wall carpets, you suspect that someone might be entering your phone # into robo calling banks. Got one today and yesterday and the day before yesterday (all from different telemarketers..all “robo” calls)


Anyone’s thoughts on my last post from LF bloggers are welcome and encouraged. I honestly want to take a TRO out on him, but can prove nothing yet if or not he is stalking me with 2nd party calls. It’s a good thing that I usually pick up the phone, not my partner, when they come, but he usually leaves the answering machine to pick up (at least we have proof on the answering machine!) and so do I, most of the time.

Ox Drover

ZimZoomii MANY love fraud bloggers have talked about being STALKED, being kept in terror including yours truly who had to flee her home and go into hiding until her stalker was arrested after he tried to kill her (my) son C.

Many women have been stalked after divorces as well, their property damaged…Erin Brock was/is stalked for years. Aussie girl just had to have her pets moved to a safer location due to her X killing one, so there’s lots of stuff here on BEING STALKED.


Hi Zim,

I’m currently being “stalked” by my ex. Cyber stalked that is. I’ve changed my mobile number so now he’s resorted to emailing me, texting and ringing my daughter and trying to contact me via a mutual friend. I haven’t taken any legal action. Yet! Am still hoping he will just give up and crawl back under the stone he inhabits.

You could contact your phone provider and here in the UK you can opt out of telesales calls by subscribing to a service called the “Telephone preference service”. I subscribed to this service a few years ago when I had a landline and the nuisance commercial sales calls were reduced by 99%. I did receive the occasional call and was quick to remind them that I had subscribed. This was followed by a hasty apology and an assurance it wouldn’t happen again. However, dont know how it works for pre recorded messages from companies trying to contact you!

Ps. Love the name, Zim!


Zim – Most telephone provider’s will change your number at no cost if you tell them your getting harrassing calls ( no questions asked ) and for about 5 bucks a month you can get that new number unlisted ( optional ).
I know all about being stalked and threatened, think of changing locks, tele numbers and no contact as a weapon. Sure it is a big inconvience but sometimes it’s good therapy to sit down and go through your address book and decide who you want want to keep in your life or not…

sharing the journey

I always thought that the legislature involving stalking had improved until it happened to me.

Will somewone let me know who is the crazy one.

Threw ex h p out after the big reveal that ended with the realisation that he wanted me dead. I was in an obvious state of terror.

He parked his car outside my home from 7am to 5.30 pm every day afterwards-got a lift to work- and came back and collected for a year and a half.

Asked him not to park there and he said he paid road tax and could park where he wanted.

I ran for help and told psychologist and she didn’t blink an eye or thought it was unusual-even when I told her that I don’t do this to him after the split up.

Got a death threat in email first week after split with my name on it. Psychologist threw it to the side and said it is nothing as they are asking for money. I thought -beside the point-it is the threat that is important. Told her about the silent phonecalls I was receieving constantly with my daughter’s as witnesses.

A year and a half later I was in a demented state about his car outside my home and decided to see a lawyer about it. I also informed him I was doing so. The lawyer told me that he has a right to park wherever he wants because of the paying of road tax and that I would be seen as neurotic. WTF. I was seperated from him.

Thankfully the email worked and I didn’t need the lawyers help. He moved it a 100 yards down the road and has been there ever since.

I was a women complaining of a severe form of domestic abuse and his action’s were accepted as NORMAL, mine as abnormal.

Can someone help me here with this picture as the authorities accepted this a normal behaviour after a breakup. I was telling these people that I was being abused.

This is exactly what it was like:
Stalking has been described as `psychological terrorism’ and involves the unwanted intrusion of one person into the life of another, causing fear and distress.

It is a crime which can escalate into tragedy. Stalking is recognised as a component in more than three quarters of cases involving people murdered by ex-partners which is sometimes referred to as `murder in slow motion.’

Family and friends could see that it was not normal, but the one’s in position to help saw nothing unusual.

Am I crazy?



No, you’re not crazy at all. Is there any way you can get a restraining order?

Ox Drover

LWH did you go to POLICE to complain about this…yes, he had a “right” to park there but due jto the circumstances it WAS stalking and harassment.

I’d find a new psychologist…and go directly to the police with the documented events and it sure looks like stalking to me. What country do you live in?


Agreed on getting a new psychologist and the stalking!

sharing the journey


Littlewhitehorse here.

I’ve changed my name.



sharing the journey,
Report the psychologist to the appropriate board. This person is doing no good in his/her profession. Furthermore, there are many in that profession who are spaths. If nobody reports them, they are enabling them to continue.

As far as the police, if you reported how he raped you at the time, that should be plenty for a protection order.

sharing the journey

I was too scared and confused at the time (four and a half years ago) to report the rape. Got put on a back burner although told the psychologist. I was and still am afraid of the damage that it could do to my kids through the backlash such as harmful gossip.

Kids know though apart from youngest.

I dropped her two weeks ago so thanks for the validation.

He also has a bitch of a sister in the police force who is probably an N and hates me. After my experience with the lawyer I wasn’t sure where to turn for help.

I don’t think I have the energy to fight all that right now. I need to build up strength and choose my battles.

Thanks for listening.



Ox Drover

Dear Sharing the journey,

I understand the “choosing battles” and sometimes we just have to let things go in order to conserve energy for the bigger fights. At the time I had what I call the “summer of chaos” the stalkers kept me in the spin cycle by a multitude of small things that they did that I had to handle….using my credit card to buy things and have them shipped to my house, messing with my phone account, and 100 other things, all small but all kept me from having the energy to fight the BIG battles, or even notice the big battles because I was TOO TIRED. So I think you are right to conserve the energy for the BIG battles. TOWANDA!!!!

Emotional energy and physical energy I tihink are very connected. If you are tooo physically tired, you can’t think, if you are too emotionally tired you can’t think. So conserve energy for when you really have to have it. It is like a bank account. Don’t over spend. ((((hugs)))) and my prayers.

sharing the journey


As usual-bang on in understanding. (((Hugs and prayers your way too))). ((( Tons of hugs to tthe others who validate me))). There are many I have found on LF. Thanks Donna For the site and giving me a place to share.
Thank you all.




STJ, hi!

Am so sorry you have suffered so much at the hands of this creep. It’s not much but take comfort in the fact that he has tried to trigger you but failed. You remain stalwart in your resolve despite his pathetic attempts to upset you. Flick it away like an annoying midge!!
Sending you strength. Keep on keeping on for the sake of your children and yourself.

Gosh it would be a shame if his car got keyed though 😆

Ox Drover

Dear Sharing the journey,

That’s the thing I think, it helped me when I was in such serious need, to know that there were other smart and educated men and women who had fallen just as much as I had for the shiat that is dished out by the psychopaths…at that darkest of hours, it did help to know I was NOT alone. I can relate to others feeling that same need for validation that they are NOT CRAZY, NOT ALONE, AND WILL HEAL.

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