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Nebraska lieutenant governor and his late-night calls

Lieutenant Governor of Nebraska, Rick Sheehy resigned after it was discovered that he made some 2,300 late-night telephone calls on his state-issued cellphone to women other than his wife.

Sheehy chatted most with two former elected officials by The World-Herald.

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So, Sheehy resigned. Now, if he was using a gov’t issued cell phone, then he should return the taxpayers’ money for use of that cell phone.

Resigning isn’t a “consequence” of bad behavior. It’s a “get out of jail, FREE” play, and public servants should have their feet held to the fires if they abuse their positions of power – using gov’t issued cell phones, gov’t vehicles, gov’t funds and other public-funded resources to pay for their elicit affairs and stupidity should carry HARSH consequences that hit them in thie wallets, FIRST.



Super UGGHHHH. That is all I have to say.

Ox Drover

Well, all I can say is I think “all” political folks are CROOKS at best, and psychopaths at worst.


OxD, years ago, I was asked to run for public office and I briefly entertained the idea because I believed that I might have been able to facilitate changes. But, the more that I considered it, the more I came to realize that it would have been like diving into a pit full of vipers. Regardless of any altruistic and well-meaning motives, I would have ended up either being eaten alive, or resorting to the same games that the politicos played.

In my state, there have been countless arrests of local politicians and other public employees for embezzlement and fraud – one woman that worked for a public office took nearly 100K in 4 years to “pay for her personal debts.”

So, I’m of the same belief that one really, REALLY has to be a “certain type” to be a politician.

Brightest blessings

I applaud your decision!It takes humility to realize that one cannot cope with either the job or the environment surrounding the job.Unfortunately,there are far too many people who ‘bite the bait’ due to their desire for prominence,power or position…which leads to the opportunity to do all sorts of injurious things.


Truthy for President……or Prime Minister in my country. Yes Truthy we need people like you. 🙂


Oh, I actually thought about it because I am tenacious and was absolutely fed up with the way that the City was approaching specific safety issues. BUT……the more that I thought about it, the more that I knew that I’d get up with a zillion fleas if I had lain down with those dogs.

Politics is not for those who are vulnerable, in any capacity. Notice how these individuals exploit the “perks” of their public offices without flinching. They honestly believe that they are ALLOWED to do this! And, anyone who may be vulnerable that steps into that ring is going to exit the arena in pieces. Nope – I want NO part of that.

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts, abolutely.

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