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Neighbor taunts dying 7-year-old

Seven-year-old Kathleen Edward, of Trenton, Michigan, is dying of Huntington’s Disease. Her mother, Laura Edward, already died of the condition at the age of 24.

Jennifer and Scott Petkov live across the street from the little girl’s grandmother. The Petkovs have been feuding with the grandmother, apparently over a kid’s birthday party. So Jennifer posted a photo on Facebook of Laura with the Grim Reaper, and Kathleen with a skull and crossbones.

Why? Watch the story on Click the play button on the photo of Kathleen Edward and you’ll see the whole story in a series of videos.

Link sent in by a Lovefraud reader.

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Man these people deserve to have fire and brimstone rained on their heads for like 2 eternities. I can’t believe they would do this first of all to the dead whom they have no respect for, and then to the beautiful little girl who is dying of a horrific disease that no one would wish upon anyone else-except for these clowns. The other neighbours should be more outspoken about this, and come together for like a public hanging/burning. This story outrages me. It makes me want to slap the computer screen for just watching them.


Let’s talk about something good instead…. I saw this yesterday, and I am sharing it with everyone. It is a story about Craig Dietz who was born with no arms and legs. He drives, swims competitively, bowls, skis, shoots a rifle, and more. He doesn’t consider his life bad at all. His attitude and outlook on life is awesome; it is more about what he can do than what he can’t. Here is a link for the video.

Ox Drover

Dear Teacher!!! Thanks, we sort of need something uplifting from time to time here on LF–we get plenty of GLOOM and DOOM as it is! I’m not sure if it is the same guy or not, but there is a guy (same guy?) who does inspirational talks and was born without limbs except a “finger” on one shoulder he uses. But he falls and rights himself and basically says “Hey, what are you whining about if I can do this without any arms and legs.” And what about that guy that just swam the English Channel without arms or legs? You know, sometimes I want to bash myself in the head and say “Oxy quit whining, you’ve got plenty of blessings.”

Thanks for the link.

Yea, I am with you on the raining fire and brimstone on the heads of the people who taunted this young girl. I hope she is too young to understand or know. There are just some people who are so mean that they don’t deserve to breathe the same air as regular humans.


I was ripped reading this story and watching some of the videos (relating to the story), loving the fact that once people knew about these two imbeciles (husband and wife), they did some payback, egging their house, ordering pizza delivery to their house, etc. That’s the only way these people back down and behave, the public standing up and taking a stance against their wickedness.

Ox Drover

I think there should be some kind of legal ramifications for the harassment that these people did.

Or failing that maybe a night time street march with flaming torches with the crowd chanting “leave town now” LOL All on the public street so there was no trespassing on those people’s property. Maybe the land lord would evict them, or if they owned the property the bank would repossess…there was a time when people like this would have been covered with tar and feathers and ridden out of town on a fence rail…sometimes I think that should be brought back along with the stocks and pillory. Cases like this make me long for those “good old days” of the ducking stool and branding someone! Our forefathers did have some good ideas about SOCIAL justice.



I watched the videos showing the wife – when she was ranting, giving her unbelievable, stupid reason behind the Facebook incident (just being spiteful), I thought to myself, she is a low-life. Personally, I could see the wife being a sociopath – the husband struck me as sort of a wuss, going along with his wife’s raging (doing her bidding, not wanting to experience her wrath himself). This wife carried out revenge over a SMALL incident, holding a grudge to the extreem. There is NO WAY that the wife is one bit sorry about any of her actions, not buying her apology.

Ox Drover

Thanks for the update Donna.

First off, it is good to hear the psychologist “name” that type of behavior, and secondly, I enjoyed the “comments” posted at the end of the article.

While this behavior is DISGUSTING to the max, it is not mass murder and to have it “named” is a small start!

Unfortunately, no matter what happens to them, those people will NOT learn anything from the public bashing they are getting. But maybe some others will learn what type behavior to watch out for and will see this kind of behavior for what it is!


Actually, they might only learn to hide their narcissism better.
I’ll never understand what makes these people think they can get away with this stuff…oh wait, it’s because they do.

Ox Drover


Look at the media which glorifies the “kids” who were robbing celebs houses, look at the “glorification” of Paris Hilton’s drug use and life style, look at the “glorification” of Mike Vic’s life style and how these violent and/or shallow individuals are seen and portrayed by media as “glamorous” and people seem to think that is how to be “cool” and “hip”—makes you want to puke.

When a dog killing creep is paid millions of dollars for throwing a ball and a school teacher can hardly get a living wage, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? What is wrong with humanity? Nothing that hasn’t been wrong with it all along—the Romans paid the gladiators on a level with our media and sports stars today, soldiers killed for sport and did drugs/alcohol back then just like they do today, it is only that we have a media that gets ALL THE NEWS TO US ALL THE TIME! I don’t think things have changed much since history began. People are going to be people and there are some good ones and some bad ones and most in between.

I would just rather be one of the good ones….and I have a choice. I hope to be able to reach out a hand to someone who needs a hand, and to be responsible for myself. That’s all any of us can do I think. It is good to see the media say the “words” connected with something besides a serial killer though.

I was reading about the miner that had the wife and the mistress and how he wanted them BOTH to meet him at the top of the mine. The wife stayed home—I thought she was a lady about the entire situation. When the GF hugged him you could see him stiffen up, and that he was aware that not everyone was happy with how HE BEHAVED. Was it conscience? Not sure of course, but apparently he was a serial cheater so his wife wasn’t too surprised about it all. She did take the HIGH ROAD though and I’m glad for her sake she was able to.

I might not have been able to take that high road, I might have cut the rope (cable) as they were pulling the SOB out of the mine! LOL But then, no one has accused me of being a lady lately! hee hee But I do ADMIRE HER for doing so! Here’s a TOWANDA to you lady!!! You made every cheated on woman in the world proud of how you handled yourself!


Yes, Oxy That’s what bothers me more than anything: The normal people who accept Sociopathic behavior. The people who stood by while 6,000,000 jews were exterminated. My parents who knew that my ex was just with me for my money. My sister and brother in law who stood by watching a woman being beaten. How can they be so stupid? Don’t they know that they are next?

Ox Drover

Dear Sky, look at the last paragraph of the post I just left on the “How to Implement No contact thread”—it is a quote from a book I love and explains exactly what you are saying….and yes, we are finding our voice—“hold me close and hear me ROAR!!!!” (that’s the last line of a poem I love!) (((hugs))))


Now it seems she tried to run over the grandmother in her car.

Up to four years in jail. Fingers crossed!

Ox Drover

Dear Speakout,

THANK YOU for the link! Though, really, who on THIS blog would find this remarkable or unexpected!? (tongue in cheek there!) This woman is so obviously psychopathic and we all know that psychopaths do NOT learn from their mistakes or blunders or bad choices. They do not have great impulse control either, but since the article says she was in an Impala faced toward the street, it seems that she had planned in ADVANCE to target the woman with her car as a weapon.

I doubt that she will get a great deal of empathy from the other prisoners either…so I do hope she cannot make bond, number one, and number two, I hope she spends the maximum amount of time in prison for her crime(s). She won’t learn from it, but maybe her kids will be safe from her during that time at least. I doubt that she is “mother of the year” in any case.


I read the article posted above, finding out that she tried to run a woman over who was attempting to pay a visit to the grandmother (of the sick young girl). Thank God there were witnesses who saw the incident. This woman is a time-bomb, full of anger and wanting revenge (over imagined wrongs). She is literally crazy. Hopefully, she ends up in jail, away from the public. I imagine her husband and family members are SICK of her tirades over stupid things.

Ox Drover


Apparently he (the husband) participated in the fixing up their truck to look like a hearse and driving it around in front of the sick girl’s house, so I imagine HE IS AS BAD AS SHE IS! It was a pretty big job to fix the truck up to look like that, not just a “casual” job. I think the entire family are psychopaths not just the one woman! A Pity they let them breed!


Ox Drover,

That whole thing was bizarre, fixing your truck up to look like a hearse. It would be nice if the neighbors ran these two hooligans out of town. When I read the article (about the latest wacko act, trying to run the lady over with a car), some of the comments left by the public were interesting to read – one said, “Karma – it knows where you live”. This woman definitely doesn’t consider the consequences to her actions, apparently being unable or unwilling to control her impulses for retaliation.

Ox Drover


That by itself to me anyway, CONVICTS her of being a psychopath! What better evidence would you need to see a PATTERN of violent impulsive vengeful behavior? DUH!

I liked that “Karma, it knows where you live” is a great one-liner too! Karma ROCKS! I think she and her husband though are a matched set of book ends, else he would not have helped her fix up the hearse.

Not as convinced that he is a sociopath as that she is.

My family situation comes to mind, wherein my sociopathic sister has infiltrated the inner cores of 2 uncles for years to such an extent that they have shunned me and spread the shun throughout more family. Those uncles are arguably disfunctional, but not sociopathic. In fact, in their hearts they’re not bad people; I believe that they believe they are attacking me ”“ a monster ”“ on behalf of her ”“ a victim. They are just unwittingly doing the bidding of a malicious sociopath.

A film depiction comes to mind: In “To Die For” a sociopathic woman lures and manipulates a vulnerable teen to fall for her, convinces him that her husband is abusive (he isn’t), and gets him (aided by a couple of his friends) to kill him, with the promise of what could be between them as a result. As wrong as murder is, the boy who commits the crime is not a sociopath. A criminal, yes, but not the sociopath. Indeed, he is also a victim, of her, the sociopath.

Ox Drover

Dear SocioSibs, in :The Psychopathic Mind, Origins, Dynamics, and Treatment” J. Reid Meloy makes essentially that same point in various psychopaths being “leaders” in groups in which they incite the other members of the groups to behave with more violence, etc. Meloy goes on to say that eventually the group will self destruct if the leadership is psychopathic, but I’m not sure that is always (or even mostly) true. Especially not in family situations where the P recruits the dysfunctional but Non-P members to “protect” her/him from the victims. (chosen scape goat)

Scapegoating (labeling an innocent victim as the enemy) is a common ploy of psychopaths in cementing their followers into a cohesive group. On a larger scale Hitler did that with the Germans by labeling the Jews as the author of all the problems in the country.

God forbid the scape goat should try to defend themselves, then the cry goes out “see I told you s/he was evil!” If the scapegoat does NOT try to defend themselves, the cry goes out “See, S/he can’t defend her/him self, that must mean s/he is evil.” Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Heads they win, tails you lose.

Typical encounter with a psychopath.

romanticfool no more

Boy, howdy, talk about the neighbors from hell. The woman she tried to hit said the woman was always doing things like throwing dog feces over the fence, she evidently lives next door, and throwing dead mice in the swimming pool. And notice full privacy fence the kooks have, complete with surveillance cameras. Why do I think the cameras are there not for protection but for keeping an eye on the neighbors. No, Hellmom didn’t have an arrest record before (just means no one caught her) but it seems she’s escalating from her disorderly conduct into bigger things. I don’t care if they have film footage to prove she wasn’t going after the neighbor, Jennifer has obviously terrorized people enough that the woman had cause to be worried.

She’s a mom of four, and neighbors say she talks to them the same abusive way. She’s pretty. OK, imagine her with her mouth closed and you don’t know what she is like. See, she is physically pretty. I’m guessing dad saw the outside, was intrigued by the darkside, which probably was much better hidden 5 or more years ago. Now he’s trapped. Change places, pretend he’s a woman and watch him. First film he stays in the background, looks uncomfortable, doesn’t say much. When he apologizes wifie isn’t on film. He’s caught on there are consequences…he’s suspended from work and probably will be fired. Devil wife looks expensive to me, how much does hair bleach cost these days? He also had that truck repainted in a hurry. Perhaps he’s only apologizing because he’s sorry he’s being harassed for his behavior, maybe he’s paranoid about something….what with that fence, camera and I’d love to know what kind of dog Jennifer is kicking all the time is like. Bet it’s not small fluffy and cute.

Jen the Much Hated pretty much said “OK, I’m sorry. Is that what you wanted to hear? Now bug off” Then a few days later scares a neighbor by driving aggressively (since I haven’t seen the footage, I’ll give her the benefit of doubt. I believe she at least wanted to scare the woman, as she’s threatened her before.) At no time does Jen the clueless show any emotion except childish rage. She honestly does not “get” why everyone is so upset.

I wonder if it’s illegal to publicly display someones photo without their permission. Probably not, unless she charged money to see it. But still, maybe violation of privacy? I would be pretty hacked off if anyone displayed a picture of my child on a social network without my permission, even without the nasty (and poorly done) photoshopping.

Karma DOES know where she lives. She may not understand why people are so upset, but Jen can see that Kathleen is loved and the outpouring of support for her and her family. I bet that just really rubs her rosy red raw, to take a page out of her book.

I’m so glad Kathleen can’t understand what’s going on. She looks like a beautiful, happy child. Her father, however, looks ill. Poor man. Hopefully this will give the family some respite for Kathleen’s last year.

Guilty pleasure would to be see some of her high school and contemporaries post about her. They do seem to have one friend. Or supplier? Whatever, as I’m sure Jennifer says.

I have to admit, watching the first interview with her “Hello” speech and that coffin in the background, I expected to be the kind of movie that you just KNOW the mean girl will be one of The Slasher’s first victims. She doesn’t come off as real at any time.

Hope if the hubby isn’t just as bad that he grabs his four kids and makes a run for sanity.

romanticfool no more

Update, Bad Dad lost his job. No reason not to move away now!

“The public got what it wanted,” said Jennifer Petkov, who has been vilified on Internet social networking sites as the “Devil of Detroit Street.”

“What I did was childish. If you hate me, fine. But please don’t hate my family,” she said Thursday.

“All this energy toward us should be redirected toward fulfilling that little girl’s life.”

(Nice try Jennifer, but I don’t think your tactic is going to work. And it doesn’t sound like you. Anyone who thinks her lawyer wrote it, raise their hands….)

Weinberg said his clients made a small donation online to a Huntington’s disease group in the names of Kathleen and Laura Edward. Petkov said she could only afford $10, but she wanted to do something.
(And yet, the family could afford your very expensive bail. Hey, if you stopped drinking, I bet you could come up with quite a bit more.)

“Because of my ignorance, people around the world are now more aware of Huntington’s disease,” Jennifer Petkov said.
(Wow! Spoken like a true narcasisst sociopath. I’d want to be looking into how her first husband died. Yup, this is her third marriage, Scotty boy was her second husband’s best friend. Not surprisingly, second husband wants his two children out of there.)

Petkov said posting images on her Facebook page was the result of her jealousy over the outpouring of sympathy and aid to Kathleen’s mother, and continued with discovery that the girl was also dying from the disorder.

“At the time I was mad because I felt the community was out to get me,” Petkov said, adding that conflicts escalated as her family struggled with her husband out of work.

From The Detroit News:

Huh? Your husband has only been out of work AFTER you started harassing Kathleen. She also taunted Kathleen’s mother while she was dying. Lovely lady, Jennifer. Let’s invite her to our next pool party. Everyone have their pool cues ready?

Really, blaming it on the husband being out of work and that she has furthered the cause of Huntingtons disease knowledge sounded exactly like something my X would say, one showing a not too firm grasp on reality and the second his belief everything he did affected the entire world. And she uses jealousy of a dead woman and dying child to justify her actions. Hmmm, if she divorces Scott, I wonder if I could ship X to Michigan to marry her.

Ox Drover

Dear Fool no more,

I laughed til I choked on your TRANSLATION of her S-PATH-SPEAK into English! Ah yes, she has really done a GREAT SERVICE to the public in making people aware of Huntington’s. And a 10$ donation! MY WHAT GENEROSITY!

Thanks for the link, and I hope they move to some desert island, and I hope the biological father gets his two kids back WHILE MAMA IS IN PRISON I HOPE!!! at least!

Yea,, I’ll bring my POOL CUE, to your pool party, but I was thinking more like a concrete block and some rope. Sheesh! These people give white trash a bad name.


romanticfool no more,

Thanks for the update! This woman is one mouthy person. I didn’t know her personal history, so it was intriguing to find out this is her third marriage (first husband dead, hmmm?). No-one buys anything that she say’s, knowing that it’s all rubbish. She’s attempting to manipulate the public’s perception of her – too late. When I look at her, I see an actual example of a female sociopath, exhibiting the classic rage.

romanticfool no more

That was just it, she could be used as a training film. I followed up on this on a few sites, Fox News being totally untrustworthy. She had one child by her first husband, two by the second and divorced him to marry Scott and had another child. Social services did not see fit to remove the two children at their father’s request…which makes me wonder what HE is like, that they would leave children with such an obviously disturbed woman. I’m sure she charmed their socks off, but since there is physical proof and Children’s Services has been there before……wonder if their Children’s Services are as corrupt as ours.

Happy you got a giggle, Oxy! She is just so outrageously cluelesss on how a human being should act…..I bet sociopaths in olden times caused most of our “possessed” stories. They look like us, they sound like us, they can (unfortunately) procreate with us, but they have no clue how to behave. She can’t even fake compassion or keep her mouth shut, bet her lawyer dumps her as soon as possible.

I’ll keep an eye on her and see if she comes up with any more goodies. I’m very curious about her two previous husbands. One poster did say she had always been like that from childhood.

I wonder if she was a cheerleader……..

In a certain wedge of time, cheerleaders were always the most popular (read, feared) and meanest girls in school. She reminds me of those girls. Arrogant, untouchable, a sacrosanct cheerleader.

Here’s how I imagine it. Being tossed out of cheerleading for moral grounds she immediately segued into Obvious Bad Girl Mode, Slightly Dangerous. A little dangerous is sexy to some of the more stupid males. I guess they get what they deserve, a slice of raw hell for everyday life. It’s hard to believe a man could see her in action and ever want to touch her with a twenty foot pole, nonetheless marry her and procreate (shudder)

One of the posters called her smug look a “lizard look” and did a much better job of morphing her onto a frilled lizard. It was uncanny how well she fit in. They were kind enough to remark that in no way should a lizard be taken for a souless, child abusing sicko.

Ox Drover

Dear no fool,

Yea, all you can do about these pieces of trash is laugh, but it is a bitter laugh at that! Not one in which you can take any pleasure. I am surprised there isn’t some drug charges going on with her as well. Seldom does this kind of trash lead a drug free life, at least not the ones I know.

I also doubt that ANY of her three husbands was anything to “write home to mom” about, or they probably wouldn’t have been married to something this crass and low-life either. She takes crass to a new level, somewhere WAY below where the miners in Chile were.

The hearse is about as low a nasty “prank” that I have ever even heard of to pull off on a kid no less.

With the fairly large amount of money raised for the little girl by donations, I thought it was pretty nice of the girl’s family to donate all but $2K of it, and to let the little girl share her toy “shopping spree” with another sick child as well.

I am not that familiar with Huntingtons but I thought they usually lived until nearly middle age, not died as children. I know the singer Woody Guthrie had it and his son Arlo missed it, but Woody was in mid 40s I think when he finally died. I do know it is a horrible way to go.

Well, let’s just hope this lizard doesn’t have more children, but it does seem that psychopaths tend to procreate a great deal, especially the men. That woman who married 14 guys and had 9 kids in 20 years though, I think she holds the record for female Ps to procreate!

romanticfool no more

Karma lives and is following the Petkovs closer than the paparazzi! The film is here.

But for those of you who don’t want to bother, I’ll be happy to give a play by play report. I can’t actually hear what the judge says but the posts make it clear. If you do go there, be sure to read the posts. I’m not the only one who thinks drugs are involved. As one puts it, where do an unemployed fork lift driver and a secretary get the money to post 7,5000 bail so she doesn’t spend the night in jail. Wonder if she feeds her kids?

First, official looking cop, extremely polite and official, but also looking like he wishes Petkov’s had been on some one else’s beat. As said before, the neighbor, Tana Boling, was crossing the road to talk to Becky Rose, Kathleen’s grandmother. This is the lady who was outspoken about what a bad neighbor Jennifer is and that Jennifer had threatened to kill her. She said this on TV for the whole world to hear. So a sensible person would try to avoid any possible type of threatening action, wouldn’t you think? Hahahaha!

First statements in the news, Petkovs were saying it was blown all out of porportion and the film would vindicate them. No sign of film at hearing, cop says the car was facing the street so that Jennifer could clearly see Tana in the street. She pulled out fast and Tana had to jump out of the way to avoid being hit. Petkov then proceeded south, drove around the block and parked in her driveway again. Subtle. DUH! IN FRONT OF WITNESSES!

By the time the cop finishes, he sounds disgusted. Poor guy, in the news clips you can tell he’s trying to be professional and unbiased, but by now he’s pretty “I can’t believe how these people behave!” Now Petkov’s lawyer, who must have been born under an unlucky star, or at least a bad deli sign, speaks. A little sign flashes above his head “Sucks to be me” hee hee, cute! Petkov remains impassive, even when the judge rules it a FELONY case and sets bail, the lawyer’s jaw drops but Petkov just nods slightly. The lawyer’s face is priceless. You can just SEE his brain screaming “I did NOT become a public defender for THIS to happen.” Maybe no one told him some of his clients would be guilty. Maybe he didn’t do his homework on Petkov and didn’t realize just what deep doo doo he’d been assigned until that moment. Although with the coverage I don’t see how he could have missed it. He just sort of winces and shuts his mouth. I’ve watched it several times just to see him react while Petkov, the Ice Queen of Mean doesn’t twitch.

I’m pretty sure Petkov pleaded not guilty, LOL. Going to be tough to prove her innocence, I’m athinkin’. If convicted, Felony Reckless Driving Mom could sit in jail for four years. Doesn’t seem like enough, does it? I’m hoping for drug trafficking charges. Serious ones.

I think Jennifer needs some “impulse control” classes. And Tana and the Rose’s should hire body guards. As we know, court orders aren’t really all that efficient against psychopaths.

Oxy, her dad said Kathleen only has about a year to live. She doesn’t really know any of this is going on, except probably as how it affects her family. Unfortunately there are other children I’m sure it’s affecting. Huntington’s onset is very rare in children, and moves much more quickly. I found it odd that she had a little friend who also had the disease with her on that shopping trip. What’s in the water there? It usually skips a generation, her poor mother, who just died last year, knowing her little girl would soon die also….and Jennifer taunting her and harassing her. Luckily Kathleen can be kept from knowing what’s going on, but I’m sure Jennifer’s malignancy hurt the mother enormously. All this because Jennifer felt slighted because her kids hadn’t been invited to a child’s birthday party three years ago. It wasn’t even Kathleen’s party, Jennifer is out to get Rebecca Rose through her family.

Ox Drover

It is “unbelievable” that someone can be this crass and petty. But actually trying to hit someone with a car is not all that “petty” actually, it is attempted murder to me!

These people are proof that there are some people who should not be allowed to walk the streets and breathe the oxygen with the rest of the world…maybe they are not the BTK killer or Charlie Manson, but it is only a matter of time until they DO kill someone…and in reality they are not all that rare…look at the kids who kill someone for a pair of pricey shoes, or a piece of “turf” or some other stupid reason that no one else would consider a “reason” at all.

It is proof that the psychopath is all about CONTROL at ANY PRICE!

Thanks for the link. (head shaking here)

ps I think they only had to put up 10% of the $75K for the bail ($7,500.00) but had to have something or someone to secure the rest, but they won’t get the $7500 back, that is bail bond fee. I do think they would have to move to be safe though. I imagine there is some dumb WWE fan impulsive enough to do them some harm! Be hard to find a jury that would convict someone who harmed them–not sure you would find 12 people who wouldn’t agree with the attacker! LOL There are just some people who deserve to have the carp beaten out of them, and this woman is one of them.


It sounds like Jennifer has some neighbors that she has a beef with (eg. Boling and Rose women), targeting them – makes you wonder if any of the people living in the area realize that this woman is a sociopath?

Ox Drover

This woman is the POSTER CHILD FOR ‘The Sociopath Next Door” for sure!


I see this couple targeting this little girl as the ultimate witch hunt.

I am reading their actions as fear. They probably think they can “catch it”.

Stupid as it is.

romanticfool no more

I’ve been reading about her since posting, um, quite awhile now. She’s been nasty to other neighbors too, just really gone rabid on these two, probably because Kathleen’s family is so vulnerable with so much pain going on. You know how SP’s latch on to any perceived weakness. She tormented Kathleen’s mother about dying. How could Becky not be hurt by that?

They can’t exactly ignore her, although they’ve certainly tried. Kudos to her daddy, when he was asked how he was going to respond to all this, he said he wasn’t going to do anything, he had more important things to deal with. Sensible and a direct hit to the SP ego.

Someone, I think it was Tara, actually said Jennifer is a sociopath. It’s really amazing what venom this woman has stirred up. One guy actually had to lock his post on her because his policy not to print death threats. People are venting like crazy. Considering she hasn’t killed or tortured anyone yet…that we know about…she’s ranking right up there with the Big Bads on the most hated list. I don’t think anyone would be surprised if it was reported she ate six puppies raw for breakfast every day, pimped her children out and had a temple to Satan as the conversation piece in her livingroom. I really hope no one carries out those death threats, innocent bystanders might get hurt.

She and hubby are both unemployed now. Watch out, The PsychoBeiotch From Hell may be moving to Your town. Sounds like a horror movie promo doesn’t it. We need some sort of tag system to identify sex offenders and known SP’s. Like a microchip they put in at the vet’s, only with a transmitter.

The more I read, the more I feel this woman is going to kill someone eventually.


They fit the old term that used to be placed on medical files (before FOI and being sued for not being PC). The term is PBM which stands for Poor Biological Material.

Here in Australia, they would fit into the BOGAN class.


If you want more info on Bogans, do a Google search for “Bogan definition”.


I just read online that two of Jennifer Petkov’s children (her 8-year-old daughter and her 5-year-old son) are going to live with their biological dad (due to an order by a Wayne County judge). The father of the children is concerned about the negative attention that Jennifer and her husband, Scott, have brought to themselves, no doubt, affecting their children. The father wants his kids out of that household.

Ox Drover

Well, we know they couldn’t have been in a MUCH WORSE HOME SITUATION could they! Maybe the other kids will be re-homed as well.

So maybe there will be some GOOD COME OUT of this if she loses her kids custody. Sometimes the worst things turn out to be blessings in disguise and if it took this to get those kids away from her that might be the good that comes out of it!

I don’t know any way anyone could have shown their arse any worse in public than this woman has without actually murdering someone so I’m glad to see some good come out of it. I just hope the kids didn’t get too much of her genetic taint and that maybe their father’s have more stable homes. Kids don’t deserve to be raised by trash like that woman.

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