Neighbor taunts dying 7-year-old

Seven-year-old Kathleen Edward, of Trenton, Michigan, is dying of Huntington’s Disease. Her mother, Laura Edward, already died of the condition at the age of 24.

Jennifer and Scott Petkov live across the street from the little girl’s grandmother. The Petkovs have been feuding with the grandmother, apparently over a kid’s birthday party. So Jennifer posted a photo on Facebook of Laura with the Grim Reaper, and Kathleen with a skull and crossbones.

Why? Watch the story on MyFoxDetroit.com. Click the play button on the photo of Kathleen Edward and you’ll see the whole story in a series of videos.

Link sent in by a Lovefraud reader.

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It is “unbelievable” that someone can be this crass and petty. But actually trying to hit someone with a car is not all that “petty” actually, it is attempted murder to me!

These people are proof that there are some people who should not be allowed to walk the streets and breathe the oxygen with the rest of the world…maybe they are not the BTK killer or Charlie Manson, but it is only a matter of time until they DO kill someone…and in reality they are not all that rare…look at the kids who kill someone for a pair of pricey shoes, or a piece of “turf” or some other stupid reason that no one else would consider a “reason” at all.

It is proof that the psychopath is all about CONTROL at ANY PRICE!

Thanks for the link. (head shaking here)

ps I think they only had to put up 10% of the $75K for the bail ($7,500.00) but had to have something or someone to secure the rest, but they won’t get the $7500 back, that is bail bond fee. I do think they would have to move to be safe though. I imagine there is some dumb WWE fan impulsive enough to do them some harm! Be hard to find a jury that would convict someone who harmed them–not sure you would find 12 people who wouldn’t agree with the attacker! LOL There are just some people who deserve to have the carp beaten out of them, and this woman is one of them.

It sounds like Jennifer has some neighbors that she has a beef with (eg. Boling and Rose women), targeting them – makes you wonder if any of the people living in the area realize that this woman is a sociopath?

This woman is the POSTER CHILD FOR ‘The Sociopath Next Door” for sure!

I see this couple targeting this little girl as the ultimate witch hunt.

I am reading their actions as fear. They probably think they can “catch it”.

Stupid as it is.

I’ve been reading about her since posting, um, quite awhile now. She’s been nasty to other neighbors too, just really gone rabid on these two, probably because Kathleen’s family is so vulnerable with so much pain going on. You know how SP’s latch on to any perceived weakness. She tormented Kathleen’s mother about dying. How could Becky not be hurt by that?

They can’t exactly ignore her, although they’ve certainly tried. Kudos to her daddy, when he was asked how he was going to respond to all this, he said he wasn’t going to do anything, he had more important things to deal with. Sensible and a direct hit to the SP ego.

Someone, I think it was Tara, actually said Jennifer is a sociopath. It’s really amazing what venom this woman has stirred up. One guy actually had to lock his post on her because his policy not to print death threats. People are venting like crazy. Considering she hasn’t killed or tortured anyone yet…that we know about…she’s ranking right up there with the Big Bads on the most hated list. I don’t think anyone would be surprised if it was reported she ate six puppies raw for breakfast every day, pimped her children out and had a temple to Satan as the conversation piece in her livingroom. I really hope no one carries out those death threats, innocent bystanders might get hurt.

She and hubby are both unemployed now. Watch out, The PsychoBeiotch From Hell may be moving to Your town. Sounds like a horror movie promo doesn’t it. We need some sort of tag system to identify sex offenders and known SP’s. Like a microchip they put in at the vet’s, only with a transmitter.

The more I read, the more I feel this woman is going to kill someone eventually.

They fit the old term that used to be placed on medical files (before FOI and being sued for not being PC). The term is PBM which stands for Poor Biological Material.

Here in Australia, they would fit into the BOGAN class.

If you want more info on Bogans, do a Google search for “Bogan definition”.

I just read online that two of Jennifer Petkov’s children (her 8-year-old daughter and her 5-year-old son) are going to live with their biological dad (due to an order by a Wayne County judge). The father of the children is concerned about the negative attention that Jennifer and her husband, Scott, have brought to themselves, no doubt, affecting their children. The father wants his kids out of that household.

Well, we know they couldn’t have been in a MUCH WORSE HOME SITUATION could they! Maybe the other kids will be re-homed as well.

So maybe there will be some GOOD COME OUT of this if she loses her kids custody. Sometimes the worst things turn out to be blessings in disguise and if it took this to get those kids away from her that might be the good that comes out of it!

I don’t know any way anyone could have shown their arse any worse in public than this woman has without actually murdering someone so I’m glad to see some good come out of it. I just hope the kids didn’t get too much of her genetic taint and that maybe their father’s have more stable homes. Kids don’t deserve to be raised by trash like that woman.


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