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New features of the Lovefraud Blog

You have probably noticed that the Lovefraud Blog has a new look. It also has new features and more accessible information—all part of a system upgrade to make the Lovefraud Blog more helpful to you. I’ll take you on a tour of the changes.

Menu bar is now located immediately below the logo.  It is better organized, with pages and subpages. The menu bar also includes direct links to important features of, including the Resources Guide, Education Program and the Lovefraud Store.

More information about Lovefraud books. Previously, Lovefraud had a separate blog devoted to Lovefraud books. Well, quite frankly, I found it too difficult to maintain two blogs, so all of the information from the book blog has been imported into the main Lovefraud Blog. You’ll find:

There’s also a description of my next book, entitled Red Flags of Love Fraud—10 signs you’re dating a sociopath. This book will be coming out in the spring—I’ll be telling you more soon. The separate Lovefraud Book blog is no longer available.

Videos. Lovefraud will soon be offering a series of short educational videos about different aspects of recognizing and recovering from sociopaths. For now, you can watch the videos that have been made to date.

New categories for archived articles. The Lovefraud Blog has 1,330 posts—information to help you recognize and recover from sociopaths. Every single past article is available via the “Categories” listing in the menu bar at the left. The categories have been reorganized to make it easier to find the information you are looking for.

Spiritual articles. When I was going through my trauma with my sociopathic ex-husband, I learned, much to my surprise, that the experience had a spiritual purpose. Many Lovefraud readers, coping with their own sociopathic traumas, have also found strength and comfort in spiritual practices.

One of my goals with the separate Lovefraud Book Blog was to write about spiritual topics. Well, as I said above, maintaining two blogs it too hard. Therefore, those articles are now included in this blog.

Lovefraud recognizes that people have differing spiritual beliefs, and that some people do not have spiritual beliefs at all. This blog is not attempting to convert anyone to any particular belief system.

All posts on spiritual topics will be identified by an editor’s note. If you are not comfortable with a spiritual discussion, please skip these posts. For more information, please read Spiritual Recovery.

Lovefraud in the news. I am continually being interviewed by the media—radio, web and print. On the Media page, also called In the news, you’ll find links to the interviews. You may want to listen to the radio interviews—I answer questions about sociopaths, and recovering from sociopaths. You may find the information to be helpful.

Personal consultations. If you want to talk about what happened to you, or you want suggestions on how to proceed, I now offer personal consultations. Although I am not a licensed counselor, after my own involvement with a sociopath, communicating with other victims for six years, and collecting more than 2,700 cases, I am very familiar with the patterns of these destructive relationships. If you’d like to speak to me, information is on the Contact page.

Transforming Darkness into Light for Giving. The new book by Travis Vining is now available in the Lovefraud Store.

New advertisements. There are expenses involved with keeping Lovefraud going (like paying my webmaster for this upgrade). One revenue source for Lovefraud is advertising. However, with the previous blog layout, we could not accommodate the most popular style of ad, the medium rectangle. These ads now appear in the posts. P.S. — if you’d like to help Lovefraud, please click on the ads. Every time you click, we earn money.

Easy print and PDF. Now, if you want to print or create a PDF of an article, just click the link immediately under the headline.

Share via social media. Now, it’s easy to share any Lovefraud Blog page or post via your favorite social media network—just click the links at the end of any article. Please tell your friends about Lovefraud! You can use:

  • Facebook Like
  • Google +1
  • Twitter
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  • Stumble Upon

Upcoming Events. This new feature, in the left navigation panel, will list events as they are scheduled, especially publicity events for my new book. (I am anticipating TV appearances!)

My goal is to make Lovefraud more helpful and useful, but any time you make technical changes on the web, there is as transition period. If you experience any technical issues, please let me know. Send me an email describing the problem in detail. Also include what operating system you are using (Mac or PC) and what browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.)

Thank you for being a loyal Lovefraud reader!

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Hello. I just wanted to say that I’ve been checking out some of the new features. I love the video section! It’s a nice change from reading all the time. It would sure be nice to see more “vlog” posts in that area, if at all possible.

Donna, your story just came to life for me by watching those videos. I am so glad that you found someone worthy of your good heart! Your ex was a monster and your new hubby is way cuter than him too!!!!

It was so nice to see a video of a sociopath at work and see that they really are THAT convincing. He was laying it on thick. Gross.

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