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Massive tax refund scheme exposed in New Jersey and New York

Manuel Rodriquez of New Brunswick was arrested and sentenced to four years in prison for tax refund fraud. According to a press release from the office of U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman, dozens of people in  New York and New Jersey participated in the scheme.

Personal information from Puerto Rican citizens was obtained and used to create some 8,000 fake 1040 income tax returns that were electronically filed and due refunds.  Authorities were able to identify some addresses that were receiving these fraudulent  refund checks and intercept them before delivery, recovering more than $22 million.

New Brunswick Man Sentenced in Tax Fraud Scheme, from

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2 Comments on "Massive tax refund scheme exposed in New Jersey and New York"

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I hope his ex turned him in and collects the Whistleblower Reward! 😄

The news report is written as if “the government” was the only victim of this swindle. In reality that means U.S. taxpayers at large, since it’s we who end up paying for any loss. But in addition, I’ve got to wonder about those very real people whose identities were stolen to facilitate this gigantic fraud. True, the term “identity theft” did get a passing mention, but I wonder how much trouble, inconvenience and possibly financial loss might have been caused to eight thousand innocent people in Puerto Rico as a result. The journalist didn’t see fit to tell us anything about that.

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