New Jersey man tries to create his own bloodline by impregnating daughters

Aswad Ayinde of Paterson, New Jersey, formerly known as Eric McGill, was convicted of raping a daughter and fathering four children by her in an effort to create a “pure bloodline.” This is the second of five trials —Ayinde is accused of molesting five daughters, and he was already convicted in one case. The testimony is unbelievable.

Aswad Ayinde found guilty of raping his daughter; faces 50-year jail term

N.J. father who impregnated daughter sees himself as prophet, ex-wife testifies

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What an evil seed!This is triggering in that I remember spath showing the same type of attitudes;
he just wasn’t sexually assaulting anyone during the time I was with him.I so understand the paralyzing fear Beverly felt about even reaching out for help!

Look I do not want to be bad taste but basically I am in the same boat….HE JUST GOT CAUGHT! so to be honest oh well shit happens….cause as long as we are all on here looking for sympathy, empathy and all all the rest they are OK! This crap is god damn serious people wake up! this should not be just a website for suffers… should be a world wide STOP this inhumanity campaign…..I don’t know about any of you….but I AM ON MY OWN…. I can relate, I can say, but NOBODY in our conscience world is who has not been a victim is NEVER going to “GET IT”….bring back labotomies….and then good luck with ever getting one of these people to get one!

So basically my opinion….we need a world wide mass friggin genocide of these inhuman people….or “suck it up princess and move on” shit happens!

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