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New Jersey to allow Amber alerts in custody cases

New Jersey, like all states, has an Amber Alert system to seek the public’s assistance in finding abducted children. The state’s rules discouraged law enforcement from issuing Amber Alerts in domestic custody cases. But that was before a man kidnapped his three-month-old daughter last February and allegedly threw her off a bridge.

Read State to allow Amber Alerts in custody cases following incdent of Galloway Township man who allegedly threw baby from bridge on

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Ox Drover

This is a heart breaking story, and I do understand why the police would not like a new “amber alert” going out every 15 minutes to desensitize the public to being on the look out, but the law must waqke up to the fact that PARENTS can be the WORST abusers of children and are far more likely I think (I may be wrong with that thought) to abduct a child than a stranger. A CONTROLLING parent of a child knows they can hurt the other parent of the child who does love the child by harming the child, so this is a REAL TREAT to the child, especially if the child was taken by FORCE or the parent THREATENS the child.

My heart goes out to the mother and grandmother of this child.


This is horrible…..
If a child is abducted….it should go out on AA.

We currently have a missing teen in our town…..I got a call from school yesterday from my D saying xx has been missing for a week.
She is a junior in HS…..
I’m sitting here wondering WHY it hasn’t even been in the local papers OR on the news…..
I know….’down the hill’ from us…about 25 miles, there is a drug/prostitution group who exploits kids on drugs….lures them in and holds them hostage for prostitution….
(like everywhere i’m sure)….
Even if this girl was on drugs (don’t know this is the case)…..doesn’t it at least warrant it being in the papers to keep an eye out for her….weather or not she left voluntarily or not …..SHE”S A MINOR.
If an adult can’t have sex with a minor (legally)….why is it fine to keep her hostage or just abed her hiding out?

I guess it boils down to desensatizing society with all the missing kids…..
And lack of funding and consequences for perps.

It’s all so sad….
The lesson here…..
ITS UP TO US….to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to protect our children…..wether from strangers or their own parents.

This is my fear for my kids currently….

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