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New Yorker story paints NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman as a complete psychopath (although they don’t say it)

All the signs are there, if you know what to look for. Physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Entitlement. Threats. Alcohol abuse. Hypocrisy. Unbelievable hubris.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman cast himself as a champion of women’s rights. He filed a civil right lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein’s former company — that’s what he’s talking about in the above video. He was also leading an investigation into why the Manhattan district attorney failed to prosecute Weinstein for harassment and assault.

Schneiderman resigned three hours after the New Yorker published an expose in which four women accused him of physical abuse.

Abuse is bad enough. But Schneiderman sought to control, dominate and humiliate the women. His behavior was that of a complete psychopath.

Here’s the article. Warning: If you’ve endured physical and sexual abuse, it may be triggering.

Four women accuse New York’s attorney general of physical abuse, on




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Of course, just like Trump….many in politics are some sort of Cluster B cluster f*cks


Oh My Goodness does this sound familiar. And then ‘hiding’ in the very place no one would think an abuser would hide, in the MeToo movement. This sounds so like my experience, in terms of where my abuser ‘landed’, and how involved he is in women’s empowerment. They are such skilled actors and liars that it makes it very hard for new people to believe how awful they truly are; instead chalking up the “angry women’ to the scorned category. Too bad we don’t have reporters who want to investigate our stories….


So scary how male feminists turn out to be abusers. It seems to be a trend.

Google Hugo Schwyzer.

Also read:


There is something in this. For instance, there was a guy hanging around an abuse-related web site I used to post on years ago. He didn’t claim to be a “feminist”; in fact he appeared to be religious in a traditional way. He had “patmos” as his e-mail address, an allusion to the Greek island where St. John the Divine is said to have written the book of Revelations. But this guy did claim he had a “Special Mission to Abused Women”! (Ta-dahhh!) He never posted anything publicly on the site, but he had been e-mailing some of the women there privately, and two of them answered his invitation to visit him where he lived in Texas. Nothing terrible happened, but they did report some creepily controlling behavior on his part and were glad to leave.

However, my pet hate in this “male feminist” category is R. Lundy Bancroft. What a jerk that guy is! It makes me want to vomit the way many women see him as some kind of “hero.” I was glad Donna posted this link to the New Yorker article. I saw the story of Schneiderman’s resignation in last Tuesday’s newspapers, including the reference to the New Yorker. But I didn’t take the trouble to chase down the article itself at the time, so I was happy to read it here. And it made me think of Bancroft. Not that Bancroft has been subjected to the kind of public accusations that Schneiderman was faced with, though I’d love to see it happen. But Bancroft has serious issues, to be sure; I’d say he’s probably a narcissist. And despite writing an outrageously sexist book about male abusers, I was not at all surprised to hear later that Bancroft was alleged to have abused his first wife!

It all makes me wonder how many men present as “male feminists,” partly because it’s a position from which they can exert power (which is certainly true of Bancroft, as it was of Schneiderman)—and possibly because it brings unique opportunities to lure women into bed, which Schneiderman at least was doing all the time.


Trump was right again, just as he always is! He called this mf out several years ago. He needs to bring out fire and fury on the swamp once and for all!

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