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New Zealand appointed a pathological liar to top defense post

An inquiry in New Zealand recently acknowledged that basic vetting procedures were not followed when Stephen Wilce was hired as chief of the country’s Defence Technology Agency in 2005. Wilce claimed he was a decorated Royal Marine, designed the guidance system for the Polaris missile, served as a helicopter pilot with Prince Andrew, was a spy with MI-5 or MI-6, raced in an Olympic bobsled event against the Jamaican bobsled team, and was a guitarist on the British folk music scene. None of it was true.

Wilce served as the New Zealand military’s chief scientist for five years, despite being warned before he was hired that he was a fake, and despite complaints from other scientists in the agency about his lack of technical knowledge. A New Zealand TV program finally exposed his fabrications last year.

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Stephen Wilce: More secrets, more lies, on


New Zealand intelligence failed on fantasist scientist on

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Dani S

Unbelievable, well not really.

I get so sick of being labelled “gullible and naive” by people who have absolutely no idea, this just goes to show that that anyone can be duped.


It’s quite often a lonely road- this healing journey, for sure.

Ox Drover

You know it is amazing what they can “get away with” because way too many people are so afraid to confront an outlandish story.

Yet other people are absolutely loath to believe something that is absolutely true and will label it as too”outlandish” to be true.

You’d think a government agency which was doing a “background” check or security check would take note of someone being a pathological liar or “teller of tall tales” as possibly a security risk!

I hope they will go back and FIRE the people who signed off on this guy’s security clearance.


This shook me. This story mirrors everything that happened to me! Everything.

I was the man who was disciplined for raising red flags!

False degrees, false jobs, false references, warning about character at the start of employment. Most telling of all? The path of destruction left in his wake.

Why do liars in senior positions get protected?


Plaid and Stripes,
you asked why do liars get protected?
they are protected by other liars.
I know many here don’t want to hear this, but they OUTNUMBER US. The liars are greater in number than we are.

The protecting liars are just better at it and haven’t been caught. Like Bill Clinton and George Bush. This guy was more of a walter mitty, so of course he got caught.

When we think of liars we don’t think of our presidents or our judges, we think of these morons that over-reach. The lies permeate the world. There are very few of us who don’t lie each day.


Why do liars in senior positions get protected? Yes, as skylar says, to protect the others that do it, and also, kickbacks…….

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