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Arthur Morgan III gets life in prison for throwing toddler off bridge

Arthur Morgan III

Arthur Morgan III

Arthur Morgan III from New Jersey weighed down his 2 year-old daughter’s car seat with a tire jack and tossed it in a creek to get back at her mother for breaking their engagement. He was convicted of murder and received a sentence of life in prison.

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Man who tossed daughter to her death gets life in prison, on



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This guy’s statements “justifying” his actions really reveal how sociopaths think.


I was glad to see they are going to keep him locked up so he cant make anymore lives hes will destroy. Hes sick and a Monster. I still think though he should get the death. Why innocent children lives aren’t as important as a doctor or something inst right.


well, duh
if he threw her in the creek, he’s obviously a beast.
why would he be sorry he killed her?
the whole thing was that he was mad at the mom for having the audacity to not follow HIS plan. he is GOD. how DARE she?
the child was simply a tool in the attempt to regain ultimate control so he can breathe again. these subhumans are raging mental cases with psychoses galore they are sharing mental space with daily.
not that they deserve pity…if they COULD, they would not get help. they are


i didnt hear any reasons given by him. what did i miss? i just heard him saying imani was a wonderful mother. he’s trying to get her to come back to him even in prison!! He Just Doesn’t Give Up! He hath decided, thus it shall be…imani shall be with arthur.
watching him made me sick.
i cant watch that again.

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