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NJ woman charged with murdering husband, packing body into containers : Lovefraud.com – sociopaths, psychopaths, antisocials, con artists, bigamists

NJ woman charged with murdering husband, packing body into containers

This morning the front page of my local newspaper, the Press of Atlantic City, told a story worthy of an outrageous TV crime show. Loretta Doyle Burroghs, 61, was charged with stabbing her husband, Daniel Burroughs, to death back in 2007. She then packed his body into containers I assume dismembered, although the story isn’t clear on that and dragged the containers around with her as she moved to two different homes.

A neighbor, Bob Valiante, said he told the police that he believed Lorretta Burroughs had killed her husband, but the police didn’t listen. “I think she’s a sociopath,” Valiante said. “She’d bake you cookies then slice your throat while you were eating them.

Ventnor woman charged with ’07 murder of husband after gruesome discovery, on PressOfAtlanticCity.com.

Ventnor is near where I live. Murderous sociopaths can be anywhere.


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OMG – this is really creepy.


Thank you,Donna for assisting me in becoming a member of this informative website. I feel so lucky to have found you all.
I, too, was married to what I’m sure now is a sociopath. My story is the classic story. I am in the unfortunate situation of living only 5 houses away from my ex. He bought the house with the money given to him in our divorce settlement 4 years ago. NO CONTACT is a difficult thing to do as I see him in the neighborhood, along with his now ex 3rd wife. I live in the same neighborhood as the woman in the article who killed and moved her dead husbands body with her. This must be a sociopath haven. When my ex and his third wife (the marriage lasted less than a year for them and resulted in substantial debt for her) parted ways, he of course tried to run back to me. I had almost four years (yes, he contacted me in that time) to research what I thought his problem was. His 3rd wife contacted me after their annulment and said that she had been told by mutual friends, that all the reasons he gave for disposing of me were the same reasons he gave for doing the same to her. Of course, she is now seeing him again. I confronted him with this a month ago and haven’t, thankfully, heard from him since, although I have spotted him passing by my house and “looking”. I question if it might be at all helpful(or futile) to try to warn her about him. I know that she attempted suicide one time when he tried to break things off with her. She has a teenage daughter (her teenage son went to live with his father)living with her and I fear more for that young girl. The ex has a history of bad relationships with men and I believe her to be a lonely woman (perfect victim for him). What do your subscribers think?


Interesting question. I can imagine what your anxiety level must be stuck living so close to a sociopath that affects you so deeply. I have mine in my life and it is a rough tight rope. I have to say that books and this website have helped a lot and I’m glad you are here. You may be surprised how much knowledge you can gain here in even a short time.

My suggestion is not to warn his new victim. It sounds like it could put you in jeopardy and also bring his attention back to you which it sounds like you don’t want. She has the capacity to research just like you have and find out what she is in and how to get out. We can’t save the world and our survival depends on protecting ourselves, our families, our jobs, our sanity, etc.

If you can’t stop yourself from wanting to warn her and you have the money, a choice could be to send Donna’s list of the ten red flags you are dating a sociopath, or Donna’s book, to her work place anonymously. I would send it from a post office far, far away from where you live. Either have it sent directly from the book seller or make it look like it is an ad of some kind. But, if you can stop yourself from warning her, that would be my top choice. Unless she was suicidal before, she will figure out he is the problem sooner or later. Ultimately, his ability to charm and lie will trump your simple explanation to this victim. She won’t believe you and you would be setting yourself up as his target.


Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, I believe she would ignore my warning. I have warned her before that he was not the person she thinks he is and he has been quite cruel to her when he was with her. I know she has very little self esteem and blamed herself for his divorcing her. Unfortunately for her, it may be a long time before she really sees through him. I was with him 10 years before he truly showed his true colors. He then hit me with a ton of bricks and my life as I knew it was over literally overnight.I now believe he was only waiting until he met someone he could really control and he felt “needed him”. He didn’t like that I had a mind of my own and as he said I don’t “sugar-coat my feelings”. Actually, I’m surprised that he stayed that long. I told him one time that I thought he was a sociopath and his response was “wrong chapter, wrong paragraph”. I do know for a fact that he was seeing a therapist for a very short time (I think it was only in relation to his recent ex wife attempting suicide) and she was the one who told him I was wrong about this. Funny how all his ex-wives all did him wrong and we all did the same things to him. I guess Mrs. 3rd ex-wife, now current girlfriend, will find out the hard way as well. My heart truly aches for all of us who have been subject to these predators. I hope that time and NO CONTACT truly heals all wounds. I know that for myself, even now, I have never felt so alone and distressed at times but thankfully I have now found others who share this pain and understand. With each new day comes fresh hope. Blessings to all who come here and reach out. Thanks….

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