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Northern Ireland wants to hear from abuse victims

Experts who are investigating abuse within Northern Ireland’s children’s homes want to gather testimony from victims who are now living abroad. According to the Associated Press:

Northern Ireland’s Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry said it already has received abuse complaints from 271 former residents of about 35 orphanages and state-funded homes where children allegedly suffered sexual or physical harm. The investigation started this year and is supposed to publish findings and recommend compensation for victims by January 2016. It seeks evidence of abuse from 1922, the year of Northern Ireland’s foundation, to 1995.

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It’s bad enough a child has to suffer through the emotional pain of going through their early years without parents, but to have to suffer abuse on any level from a stranger during their early years is even worse. God bless them.

It’s good that they’re now willing to hold these predators accountable.But thinking of all the years that have passed~people have died~victims have hidden their secret anguish all these yrs…only to have to relive it when their health may not support the trauma they’ll be going through.I sincerely hope they are able to help people!

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