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Now–companies that finance divorce

One of the favorite tactics of sociopaths involved in divorce is to run up the spouse’s legal bills so that they can no longer afford to fight. Now, a Beverly Hills company will finance divorces in return for a share of the settlement. The company focuses on cases where $2 million to $15 million in assets are at stake. Hey—if you’re dealing with a sociopath and that kind of money is involved, maybe the service is for you.

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Ox Drover

This is a GREAT Service to those people who are in that “not quite wealthy” stage where they can get an attorney to take a case and wait for payment, I mean like Mrs.Tiger Woods wasn’t going to have to go to work in McDonald’s to support herself until she could find an attorney so she didnt’ need the kind of help this firm provides, but there are other women and men who have “small” companies—and many small companies or even a professional offices are worth $2 mil today. You put the guy/gal through medical or law school, you should get a return on investment if there’s a divorce.

Dealing with a psychopath though in a divorce is not easily done in a reasonable manner. Money or no money, they are going to screw you if they can.


this is interesting – would think that these firms would develop lawyers specializing in spathback.


Unfortunately there is no help for people like me. Nh has destroyed us financially, my lawyer bill is $35,000.00 of which I owe $25,000.00 . And it will climb for Lord knows how long – 30 months into this and no sign of the KING getting a conscience. I don’t understand why the courts allow such abuse and nonsense – if he were a business partner instead of a husband I could sue him to recover my losses.



I sympathise with you, feeling badly for you concerning the financial headaches produced by your husband. A lot of sociopaths lack money-management skills, always throwing money out the window. It just blows my mind all the damage that comes by way of these disordered people. We end up paying a huge price just from having been involved with them.


Thanks , Bluejay.

My lawyer expects me totake ot a loan to pay him to continue the case. So I am caught in a mess – take out a loan I can’t pay ? Yet he can’t work for nothing.

NH is just so determined to his restaurant so he can forever hide cash and sit back and relax. ?He has his construction business and all the equipment that goes with it.

So he has a way to make his living – just don’t think he really wants to work anymore !!! and he’s only 52 .

I feel like the nightmare will never end, the stres at work is simply escalating with new projects every week and insane deadlines. My kids are 12 and 17 and I am forever running ragged to get them where they have to be . Hopefully, things will be better by March when wrestling ends – but right now it’s tough. I am trying – really trying – but I think all these years being alone while married and now almost 3 years physically alone – it’s lonely and starting to get to me.



My h-spath is 53, having celebrated his b-day last month (he and our kids, that is). I totally understand what you mean about the nightmare never ending – every day is a challenge for me, keeping my head on straight. You are not alone, having tremendous compassion for you. Keep your head up and keep walking, that’s what I say. I am off, needing to go to work soon. You are in my thoughts. Peace.


Yes – BLuejay

Have a good day and I will remember – humbly – it could always be worse.



I wish that I could “talk” to you, but I do need to be off. Blessings be upon you.


It might be time to take the case on yourself!
It’s not optimal…..but I remember being in your position… this time of year…..feeling completely overwhelmed….
I read ANN Bradleys EBook on divorcing a narcissist and it inspired me.
It’s not optimal…..BUT…your in complete control over the fininces and bills…of the divorce and all motions etc…..I also think, in your case, the judge will look at WHY you are needing to represent yoruself……

Remember to breathe…….it WILL end one day….IT WILL!


Thanks for the link.

High time that this kind of thing is available, and hopefully will soon grow to include cases that involve smaller sums as well.

NewLife – don’t despair- I know how hard it is, and my kids were already out of their teens. The burden of all the stress and day to day survival- PLUS the tension and stress of fighting is very very challanging and can be overwhelming.

Stay strong, try to get some rest, set some time aside for Pleasure, and try to focus on how much better off you are without him, and how much better you will feel when you get your just settlement.

My first lawyer said, “this is now your full time job”( getting my share) and boy it sure was- .

In any event- I did prevail in court, but as with any classic P, have not collected yet. In my case I have him by the short and curlies tho’, but must still be vigilant in pushing for my just rewards.

A little more legal help would make this all go away- but of course I am out of funds. Sooo…Kudos to Stacey of Balance Funds for pioneering this kind of funding. Taking down the P’s and getting some justice. What a nice way to make a living. : )

On another note, a while back Donna posted a link for
“The Scout” , now known as the “Ferret” a data mining and forensics service. I did make use of the service and unfortunatly got a mixed bag.

The device did not end up getting me what it claimed it would – namely all emails, spread sheets and documents on the hard drive. As a matter of fact it retrieved ZERO emails, and most spreadsheets were unopenable.

It DID however open two that were priceless- had I not already had them from another source. So ladies and gents, I will give them a 3 out of 10, but in fairness they are refunding my money. If I don’t see the refund I will give you guys a heads up.



PS Oxy- just went back to read your post- right on as always.

When this is over I can tell the story – but let’s just say drama on steroids still from the ex P, and for sure trying to screw me- while making lavish claims of all the goodies coming our way – ” as soon as he does a deal”.

Messing with his sons heads and mine to the max. Fortunately tho’ I have evidence that I can use to swing things my way- but man it is exhausting- especially without counsel. And the saga goes on..three years and counting.

I have contacted Balance Fund to see if they are interested in my case, but I am not in the US so chances are slim I imagine.

Good luck and fight the good fight to New Life and all the others out there in their pursuit of economic justice.

Ox Drover

Dear anitasee,

Will be glad to hear your story, Anitasee…it never ceases to amaze me how creative they can be! Keeping us in chaos while they plot and plan is one of the keys to their success with their plans.

They either blind us with “brilliance” of the goal out there and we never take our eyes off that far away myth, and/or they totally confuse with with the CHAOS and we are dizzy with whirling round and round so that we cannot focus and see. In either case, we are blinded and kept from seeing the truth. Much as a magician distracts our attention from what he is actually DOING.

Good luck with your quest! My prayers and best wishes for your ultimate success! (((hugs))))

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