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Now–the Jeffrey Dahmer walking tour

When people think of psychopaths, they generally think of sexual serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer, who murdered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. His murders involved rape, dismemberment, necrophilia and cannibalism—read the whole sordid story on Wikipedia.

Dahmer lived in Milwaukee, and found most of his victims in gay bars. Now, a company called Bam Marketing and Media wants to give walking tours of the neighborhood where Dahmer lived and prowled. Residents and some family members of the victims are not happy.

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Ox Drover

You know this just goes to show you that there are people who will “capitalize” on just about anything! It also shows there are stupid people who will pay for something like this…YUK. I guess maybe that is why all the violence in movies sells, and the blood and gore in movies sells…well, it won’t get any of MY money, but I doubt that it will bankrupt the violent movie industry or the walking tour either. LOL Talk about POOR TASTE!


well that explains the comic strip book about Dahmer that just came out at the same time.

His old friend from high school wrote what he remembers about Dahmer. He claims Dahmer was not bullied, he was huge and buff. And he says Dahmer was just a goofy guy. But he drank alcohol all day starting in the morning.

Ox Drover

Thanks for the link Skylar, that is interesting actually. I think the “seeing” these people as they are growing up and how they react, and where the “problem is”—is it mental illness, or personality disorder? Or abuse? Or all of the above? How to they “appear” before they finally morph into the monsters that they ultimately become.

I look back at Patrick’s behavior during the different phases of his life pre-crime, and only in retrospect are the symptoms there of what he would become…but there were a few red flags early on, but darned few. Wonder how many “weird” kids there are though who go on to just become sort of “odd” adults but evil or mean adults? Probably 99.9% of the “odd” kids do not grow up to be EVIL, in fact, probably some rotten kids grow up to be okay people.


You talk about rose colored glasses, I must have been wearing blindes when spath daughter was growing up.

Her lying started when she started talking. She was manipulative and sneaky as a toddler. She took whatever she wanted, even if she had been told no. Make that especially when she was told no.

My second son had wanted a bakery cake for his birthday, one with all the frosting flowers on it. I brought it home and sat the box on the counter. When it was time to put the candles on it, I opened it and ALL the frosting was gone off the top, nothing left but the cake. GUESS WHO

Then ofcourse there is the time she pushed her baby brother down the steps in his walker. She was 4 years old at the time.

None of her Barbie’s had any hair, she held them up to a light bulb until the hair started to burn.

How stupid was I ?????

Ox Drover

Well, MiLo, you know my husband’s grandson was a “monster” when he was a little kid, pounding on his little sister just to hear her squeal! I really thought there was something WRONG with that boy! But you know, he grew up to be one of THE most loving, kind, caring people I have ever known, and I would NEVER have believed it!

Other kids I was sure were going to be saints, turned out to be monsters….so it is only in retrospect I think that we can SEE what the signs were. 20:20 hind sight as it were!

I’ve seen kids though in inpatient settings that I would never have gone to sleep if that kid was unrestrained or there was not someone watching them. I think about that woman who put the 12 year old Russian adopted kid on a plane back to Russia. She didn’t go about it right, but I DO have empathy for that woman. I have seen the kids that I would have put on a plane to ANY where. From the stories I have heard my sperm donor was one of them. Out of control by 7 or 8 years old. Smart and FEARLESS. Very impulsive and totally uncontrollable.

Sure in retrospect you can look back and see that P dtr was an EARLY bloomer for sure. Others,, like Patrick didn’t really show up as VIOLENT until puberty and by then I thinkk it was WAYYYY too late.

I remember when he was about 10, the dtr of a friend of ours her father had died and her mother and I over heard Patrick “counseling” her and OMG MiLo, he sounded like a PhD and SOUNDED so caring and compassionate and understanding. I remember how TOUCHED were were as we listened to him “helping” out his friend with her grief. Sheesh! Looking back now I wonder if some of his early manipulation wasn’t learned in therapy….

As I am reading this book on Columbine though Patrick’s behavior and attitudes and his ability to lie his way out of trouble by the time he got into high school reminds me of Eric the Psychopathic one of the two shooters. The difference is though, that Patrick wouldn’t have killed himself. He might have gotten himself iinto a shape or situation where he would BE killed but it wouldn’t be because he planned it.


A Jeffrey Dahmer walking tour does seem a bit tacky!

I wonder if they got the idea from the “Jack the Ripper” walking tours conducted round Whitechapel. Quite a few companies offer those. Here are just a couple of them:

Still, Jack the Ripper is OLD, and that makes all the difference in the world! To start with, it’s not just about “blood and gore.” It’s about HISTORY, and ATMOSPHERE, and Victorian London, and all of that good stuff. I imagine one should take these tours for preference on a November night when it’s foggy. Even if half the places where the Ripper did his work aren’t standing any more, one or two of them are, and I should think visitors ought to end up with a pint at the Ten Bells where Mary Kelly used to hang out:

The Ten Bells

Besides, the events in question being so old, people aren’t sensitive to them in quite the same way. Dahmer’s victims still have relatives living. Maybe they should let it sit for a century or so and start up the Dahmer tours around the year 2100. People won’t mind so much then, and Milwaukee will have older, more “historic” buildings to show. If they haven’t pulled them all down, that is.

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