NPR series on psychopaths, the brain and crime

This week, NPR aired a three-part series called Inside the Criminal Brain. It takes a look at neuroscience, genetics and psychopathy. Read or listen to the stories here:

A neuroscientist uncovers a dark secret

Inside a psychopath’s brain: the sentencing debate

Can your genes make you murder?

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I listened to a radio interview a few years ago of a psychologist working in a “sex-offender program” in a federal penitentiary, who said that public policies and societal trends in western democratic countries are almost a psychopath making machine for vulnerable youth, because we concentrate on “rights” (e.g. the “right” to own/view/manufacture violent pornography, the “right” to broadcast preponderantly violent programming during daytime/primetime, the “right” to manufacture/distribute violent videogames to youth, etc…), which are not balanced by either responsibilities (to contribute positively to society), or especially protection (of vulnerable individuals).

The first article “A neuroscientist uncovers a dark secret” underlines how important good parenting is to the wellbeing of our children, and our society. Not to say that good parenting can prevent a biologically vulnerable child from becoming a psychopath, but obviously this researcher’s findings about his own brain has far-reaching consequences. One hopes it will quickly lead to research which gives politicians the evidence they need to support the creation of public policy which truly protects and promotes the well-being of vulnerable children.

Annie, our politicians can start with ensuring to get the public back to a one parent paycheck covering all expenses in a family unit … while the other parent stays home and is allowed to raise, love, interact with their children. It was the forcing of both parents into the work force that crashed and burned the American family unit as we knew it.

What is going on with Mel Gibson these days? Is he an anti-social personality? Is his current wife innocent or just anti-social too?

Oxy, I’m sure you know folks that know this character. Give up the scoop.

Dear Wini, The only thing I know about Mel Gibson is what I read in the trash rags, or see on TV news, but you know, if those tapes are not forged, it sounds to me like he is a CONTROL FREAK—and we all know what a “control freak” is don’t we children? Ah yes, if it sounds like a DUCK, and keeps on QUACKING it is probably a DUCK, and if it talks like a control freak with an anger management problem and lots of demeaning things coming out of its mouth when it THINKS NO ONE EXCEPT THE VICTIM CAN HEAR (hee hee) THEN IT MIGHT JUST BE A PSYCHOPATHIC CREEP!

I don’t think it did it’s career any good either, and several prominent black entertainers and former co workers of it are saying some not so happy thoughts about what they saw behind its ugly mask that slipped.

I am sorry it has another offspring though….not sure what the mother of the baby is (who knows, she may be just another gold digging P herself) but I don’t think old Mel did himself any good with his rage-off at the mother of his latest child.

Oxy, I find it interesting that a narcissist found himself a gold digging sociopath. His story is more interesting than the norm these days (anti-social personality versus normal personality), since both parties (husband and wife) seem to be on the anti-social scale.

I wondering if Mel got set up to meet this babe? He’s shouting some pretty interesting things if those tapes are true.

I’m sitting on the fence on this one.

Wini, my ex spath is a Mason too. The truth is most of the people involved with Masonic orders are really nice and GULLIBLE people. They trust others. A large number of them are older people, as they get really involved when they retire, and continue until the end of their days.

Because of the social aspects, the niceties, and the separation of their every day life with this private organization, there tends to be a lot of secrets kept. People also tend to only want to hear the GOOD stuff, nothing negative.

Now, with that said, where do spaths like to hang out? At places where there are large numbers of gullible people just waiting to GIVE GIVE GIVE, every thing they have to a good cause. Easy targets to deceived and manipulated because they think that every one in their group has the same generous and giving nature? Get the picture?

In general the different Masonic groups are really nice people who want to serve a good cause, like Amaranth fights diabetes, and some of the other groups support children’s education, or health. They are designed to be a place for like minded people to do GOOD.

Insert, evil hearted spaths, who LOVE to look like good people, just by their association with good people. Insert spaths, who’s SCAM, is based on lies and secrecy. Insert spaths, that don’t mind getting involved and being a KEY player if it means it makes their manipulation of others easier.

My ex spath, is now about to become the state wide head of a WOMEN’S Masonic group, in part because I pushed for it. The woman, who asked him to be her escort, was afraid of asking him because there were so many rumors about the evil things he’d done to his EX WIFE. Now I’m his EX Girlfriend, and I no longer feel comfortable being a part of the group.

His ex wife and her family tried to get him kicked out, because he’d broken so many Masonic vows, it wasn’t funny. However, the mason’s are no longer a group of the elite, it is too hard for them to get younger people to join and participate because it’s so much work. Nope, now they have to take almost any one who is willing to work, because there are so few.

They were told, “That’s between you and him.” When I tried to get my ex friend to take her invitation to him away, after being his victim, and watching him move on to the NEXT victim in our court… she told me, “that’s between you and him.”

I said, “YUP, between me and him, and his ex and him, and his ex mistress and him, and and and. “I asked, how many women would he need to hurt, before the court was empty of all women? I asked her how many women would die because of the diseases he carries, and doesn’t warn others about.

Again, the comment, “that’s between you and him; don’t get me in the middle.”

Mason’s are no longer held to a higher standard, and so sociopathy is running rapid in a group that is gullible, innocent, and NEEDS warm bodies that can still walk up a flight of stairs!

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