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Ohio man sentenced for sexual conduct with a 14-year-old girl; ‘groomed the entire family’

Mark Edwards mug shot.

Mark Edwards mug shot.

Mark Edwards, 44, of Springfield, Ohio, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for unlawful sexual conduct with 14-year-old girl. Twice he ran away with the girl, sparking manhunts to find them.

Wendy Holt of the Clark County Child Advocacy Center said that to do what he did, Edwards had “groomed the entire family system.”

Man at center of massive manhunt sentenced to 20 years in prison, on

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Mr Edwards had a CHOICE.His victim did not.He was an adult who was fully aware of what he was doing.The 14 yr old girl wasn’t fully mature-emotionally or physically.

Mr Edwards posted pictures of himself posing as a vampire or werewolf;fictional creatures in a fantasy and game world that many lonely teens,inhabit many hours in their days.

A young girl of 14 yrs could easily feel complimented by the attention of a grown man;even obsessed as he makes her feel special-introducing sex only increases the bond.So predatory!

Personally,I’m very glad that Mr Edwards is behind bars!I know there are many more paedophiles out there,but each one taken off the streets is a victory!


I am glad this child and her family had someone like Wendy Holt, Clark County Child Advocacy Center coordinator on their side to help understand who this evil predator truly is (psychopath) and that he was brain washing the whole family to get what he wanted out of them. sick individual. I hope the Judge & police in the court room listened closely to what Wendy Holt had to say. Just wish the prosecutor would have pushed for a mental evaluation and that evaluation would have included the word sociopath narcissist or psychopath narcissist incase of an early parole hearing takes place. The scary thing is this evil man will be out in less then 30 years.


These predators should never get out of jail. He will do it again. 20 years is a slap on the hand for him and no protection for future victims.

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