Orange is the new attire in court for R&B singer Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Chris Brown in his preferred attire (photo by Instagram).

Chris Brown will be in jail until April 23, wearing the standard issue orange  jail shirt and pants. He was taken into custody, without bail, after being kicked out of court-ordered rehab in connection with a 2009 conviction for beating singer Rihanna.

Permission for Brown to appear in court in a business suit was requested by Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, but denied by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin.

The judge ordered Brown’s arrest after he was ejected from the court-ordered anger and mental health issues program for internal rule violations, including allegedly making a threatening comment, failing to take a drug test and touching a female undergoing treatment at the center.

Brown also has pending a trial on April 17 in Washington, D.C., not in connection with the Rihanna case, where he faces a misdemeanor assault charge.

Chris Brown forced to wear orange jail suit to court, from the Los Angeles Times.

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wats sad is none of this court-enforced rehab and or jail will make a whit of difference if he doesnt want it to.
HUGE waste of taxpayer money compared to locking em up and throwing away the key…or my fav–a desert island where they can all kill each other.
babydaddy-spath went thru court-ordered stuff and learned how to beat the system here too, is all. i was incredibly impressed by the material and even alot of the ppl involved as teachers, etc. he, however learned NOTHING. and graduated. there was some huge gifts of wisdom in that program and some huge change-making methods and resources. 99% of the participants want none of it. they only want to get their kids back or find a crappy job or restore their marraige so she’ll or he’ll work that crappy job and they can get their kids back. some just wanted to kick–drug use. they want to stop the bad side effects of drug use but dont want to stop the drug.
hell, i wanted to stop the abuse but not the drug of the relationship for sooooo long. then i stopped the drugged part and was stuck waiting for him to move on lol

Hmm. Only one comment? Why waste our time on this loser. Chris Brown is the consummate Hollywood rapper that is rewarded for his ongoing bad behavior.

Instead, of locking him up we keep throwing him into rehab for another “chance.” Ok, we have done that.

He is just another punk that deserves NOTHING and will probably end up in a “permanent” orange jumpsuit.

He deserves nothing more than to become a distant memory.

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