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Outrageous elderly abuse case in Canada

Pauline Reid promised to care for Stella Wasiuk, age 83, for the rest of the woman’s life. Apparently Reid’s objective was getting the woman’s home and money.

Read Durham police investigating how senior citizen lost ownership of her home, on

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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What strikes me about this article is how the ‘care’giver used the Love Bomb on the senior citizen.

Yet another reminder that EVERYONE in society needs to understand how this dynamic works – perhaps especially senior citizens who are so frequently taken advantage of.

Ox Drover

My egg donor was love bombed by the P-X. daughter iin law and the Trojan horse psychopath my convict son sent to take control of our assets and to do away with me—make it look like suicide.

It is amazing what they will try to do with elderly or demented people. My egg donor fell for it hook line and sinker, and I to this day think she was drugged on Benzos by her “caregiver” the Trojan horse…she could hardly walk and slurred her speech, but she denies to this day she was drugged. I would have thought she would have pounced on that as an excuse for her behavior but nope, she didn’t want to admit it. LOL


elder abuse is on the rise with the rise in the number of elderly people. when i interviewed at the women’s shelter recently, they said it’s the largest growing demographic for abuse.

i think my gram is safe, but my mom isn’t. in her case, it’s emotional and physical neglect. the emo neglect has been for years- but the physical is covert. my n father is a whole list of bad words.


My spath brother has always befriended elderly people. He does this by telling them that he’d like to mow their lawns because he needs a job. So far he hasn’t killed any of them. They love him and think he’s charming.

Well, except for the old lady that rented him a room for a while. She was mad because he wouldn’t pay the rent. My parents came and moved him out and settled with her.

nothing notable there. Just more of the same ol’ same ol’

Ox Drover

Here’s an intersting article about a man stealing from the elderly, look at the judge’s comments.

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