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Paedophile evades justice with the help of UK courts

Another case of a criminal’s “rights” being more important than justice for the victims. Read:

America’s most wanted paedophile wins fight to stop extradition from UK on grounds it will breach his human rights to be put into a sex offenders’ treatment programme, on

UPDATE: More on this case:

UK won’t extradite sex offender accused of raping, molesting girls in US, on

And then there’s this:

Suspected British paedophile, 25, arrested in America after posing as a teenager to live with 15-year-old boy and his mother, on

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Ox Drover

If you’ve read anything I’ve written here on LF you have a pretty good idea what I think of the Sanduskys of this world and what I think ought to be done to them….and these two stories just make me grind my teeth!

I usually read the Daily mail because believe it or not I get more interesting stories from the US than anywhere else…but these two stories make my skin crawl AND me grind my teeth.

The “Rights” of criminals…california just released on parole the man who kidnapped a bus load of school kids and buried them alive…for ransom. It was his RIGHT to get parole.

My own state is going to have to parole 2 young men who did a drive by shooting in 2008 on a college campus near me and KILLED TWO PEOPLE….let’s see 2012 take away 2008, gosh that’s FOUR WHOLE YEARS for a double murder! The parole board said they had no choice the way the laws are written, they have to release them.

The DA plead it down from a capital murder to “a terroristic act” and now they are going to let these two murderers walk free.

Pedophiles, kidnappers, murderers and other psychopaths should NEVER WALK FREE when they do these kinds of crimes. WAKE UP AMERICA and the UK is sound asleep and snoring while the murders among them and the pedophiles have their “rights”


OxD, it’s incredible to imagine that convicted criminals have “rights,” at all. I was always under the assumption that, once someone was found “guilty,” or entered into a plea bargain, they surrendered their “rights.” Goes to show how much I know!

I agree with you, 100%, that people of this ilk should not be afforded the same “rights” as law-abiding citizens. Their VICTIMS had “rights” and the idiots that commit these crimes don’t offer the victims an opportunity to discuss THEIR “RIGHTS,” before the spsychopaths perpetrate ALL MANNER of crimes against them.

Holy criminy crissmass…….what the fark is WRONG WITH THIS WORLD?!?!


With all due respect Sullivan hasn’t been convicted. In the UK you’re innocent until proven guilty. Some argue we should have the death penalty…..the main reason it was abolished in this country is because so many defendants were hung. Wrongly.

What if he’s innocent? If he is returned to the US he faces being detained indefinitely and being forced to undergo a sex offenders rehabilitation programme. Are we suggesting he shouldn’t have a fair trial?

The European convention of human rights states that we are entitled to be protected against loss of liberty without a proper hearing.

If he’s guilty throw away the key.

I agree strongawoman,
we have to be very careful because there are soooooo many psychopaths in every level of law enforcement. Spaths always project, they always accuse others of committing crimes that THEY themselves have committed.

We don’t want to be like them, or be swayed by them. That’s why we have to gray rock. Don’t give them emotions and don’t react emotionally in response to them. Any emotions and they win.


Strongawoman, yah………’re right about that, but if he’s innocent, he has an opportunity to defend himself.

When I was charged with assault and faced criminal charges, you can BET that I was ready to defend my actions. I’m not saying that I’m proud of what I did, or that what I did was “the right thing to do,” but I was prepared to recount what I did, and why I believed that I jumped the rails and did it.



His defence stated he would not have the opportunity to defend himself, however. That he could be incarcerated indefinitely without a trial if he is extradited to the US under the “Civil commitment programme”

We have to be careful. A guilty verdict is reached after a fair trial. Not after a witch hunt. Imprisoning sex offenders has been shown to be unsuccessful in treating paedophilia. They need treatment but can only be “cured” if they themselves accept their abhorrent practices. It rarely happens here. They are managed and monitored by means of tagging and surveillance. notoriously difficult to rehabilitate, the pedophile enjoys his choice of prey. Repulsive.

It’s a huge minefield.

Ox Drover

Donna, this makes me grind my t eeth! The poor girls and prosecutors who have worked so hard to get this pedophile behind bars for what he did and the UK bashes their rights at the expense of the “rights’ of the pedophile. Where is JUSTICE any more?

I am sick at the system of UNjustice in the UK and European courts over these people. It is even worse than ours.

I am currently fighting my own “justice’ system in again fighting Patrick’s parole release. I have no guarantee that he will not be released, and frankly it is only “a matter of time” until he IS RELEASED. Where is justice for Jessica or her family? The girl that he shot in the head because her testimony would have put him back in prison for credit card fraud? So he KILLS her and goes back to prison anyway. DUH?

A mafia boss who killed a witness would go to prison for real LIFE so why does Patrick deserve parole because he wasn’t a Mafia member? MURDER IS NO LONGER A REAL CRIME.

Also, I think it has been proven over and over and over and especially with this man REPEATEDLY raping children….that there is no CURE for this man.

I do understand the DA refusing to make an “exception” for this man though it does queer this one prosecution, but if they made an exception for him then all these others would be let out.

I am just glad to see the Sandusky trial get some justice for the victims and I hope to see more of that in the future here in the US if not elsewhere. There is NO end to what these people will do to gain access to their twisted sexual impulses. God have mercy on their victims, and I hope there is a hot spot in hell for the perverts who hurt these children.

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