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Parents try to frame PTA president by planting drugs in her car

Kent and Jill Easters

Kent and Jill Easters (Orange County District Attorney’s Office)

In this unbelievable story, the parents of a middle school boy, both of them lawyers, went out of their way to destroy the PTA president over a misinterpreted comment.

First Jill and Kent Easter, of Irvine, California, tried to get the PTA president fired from her volunteer job.

When that didn’t work, they threatened a lawsuit.

And when that didn’t work, they planted drugs in her car. The Easters were caught and convicted.

Then the PTA president, Kelli Peters, filed a lawsuit against them. She just won a $5.7 million judgment.

Who planted drugs in the PTA mom’s car? Upscale parents, and for petty reasons, on

Story submitted by a Lovefraud reader.

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This is really unbelievable story. Are any of safe? My son is applying to a program in which the woman in charge has done nothing but target us/me/him (?) from get go. She says one thing on the phone and another in writing. I have done nothing but try to keep the phone misrepresentations and the writing representations clear and straight. One one hand on the telephone she states “no problem don’t worry about that it isn’t going to amount to anything” and then in writing “your applications lacks xyz and this keep from being accepted”. The one thing the applications lacks is my spaths signature, a signature she originally had (he had signed on his own form and boy was that an ordeal to get him to do it-lots of maneuvering there). But conveniently she “lost” it but stated on the phone “no big deal I’ll just swing by and get to sign in January, but we have signature of the other form so don’t worry about it.” But the formal acceptance says he can’t go unless the spath signs. Well good luck with that one. It was nothing but a miracle to get to sign the first time and now I bet my son doesn’t get to go and I’m out the money for the deposit. This woman is awful and I remember telling my son at the get go this doesn’t feel like it’s going to happen (our interview was her showing us who is in charge). I did make sure every time talked to her on the “phone” and sent her an email memorializing the conversation. There are no safe encounters with these types.


Now that I am having an awakening, I see spaths everywhere-lol.

A message for Ms. Beverly…
Just finished your book, “The Other Side of Charm”. My god, darling, what you survived. Thank you for sharing your experience; even for a reader who is familiar with a sociopath or two, it’s truly unimaginable that people are capable of such behavior. I find it inherently important one who has not crossed paths with an APD person understand the red flags AND that they are not alone. Thinking no one will understand, or be there for you, or feeling shame, is a trick your mind plays on you in the midst of this chaotic storm.
Nevertheless, trying, parenting, leaving and sharing all took an infinite amount of courage, bless you for that.
Also, I’m so sorry you lost your beautiful and beloved pets, especially how. Just remember the good times you shared grooming, walking and talking to them. They surely saved you and if pain comes with your memories, Wyatt wins, yet again.
Bless your beautiful soul, Helen, and thanks, again, for your words.
Much love,

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