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Paroled sex offenders tampering with tracking devices

The efforts to reduce overcrowding in California prisons often times leads to little to no jail time for paroled sex offenders who tamper with their tracking devices. Some go out and assault again.

Paroled sex offenders disarming tracking devices from

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Ox Drover

There is no surprise here for me. I firmly believe that “99.9999%” of all convicted sex offenders are psychopaths and we know that psychopaths are NOT going to change, and they will NOT comply with parole. They are also not usually stupid, and no electronic device can’t be hacked or cut off or otherwise rendered non functional for the intended purpose.

The rate of recidivism for all parolees is 60% in the first three years. For all the psychopath ex convicts that I have personally known it is 100%.

I firmly also believe that sexual offenders are by and large “all” psychopaths so I would expect nothing less than them tampering with the GPS units. Sex offenders will never change stop trying to do what they want to do.

I keep reading about “overcrowded prisons” at the same time that I read that crime is supposed to “be going down”!I can understand that in order to cope with overcrowding,some solution has to be found,but there are some criminals that should NEVER be turned loose on the street until they have atleast served their prison sentence…..murderers and sex offenders!

Electronic devices do not work.Atleast not for the psychopaths!Those critters aren’t content to be home sitting on the couch watching tv and drinking beer!


And, whom could possibly have the NERVE to even act surprised at this fact?

Instead of prisons, set them on a remote island with some livestock and produce seeds, and let them sort it out amongst themselves.


It has become normal for sex offenders with multiple convictions to be released to commit a crime again. Why do they not execute (immediately after the first convction) these rats? It is not just California, reoffending is occurring nationwide.

Ox Drover

Blindsided, I just saw another article yesterday where a released sex offender raped and killed a 17 year old girl. He hasn’t gone to triial yesterday but when he passed the victim’s parents in the hall way he said “I’m sorry” YEA! RIGHT! HE’S SORRY ALL RIGHT….as sorry as they make them.

I am no longer for the death penalty because too many innocent people are convicted, BUT I AM for LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE FOR SEX OFFENSES.

Ox Drover

IIt used to be that rape was a death penalty crime back when I was a kid, BUT they diid away with that IN THE HOPE THAT THE RAPIST WOULDN’T KILL THEIR VICTIMS….didn’t look like it worked. They still kill the victims many times.

It ain’t about sex it is about control and violence.

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