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Pastor arrested for allegedly exposing multiple women to HIV

Craig Lamar Davis, pastor of the Full Gospel Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, was arrested and charged with reckless conduct. Lamar, who is married and HIV positive, allegedly had unprotected sex with several members of his congregation.

WTH! Married pastor spreads HIV among congregation? on

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I think he should be charged with attempted homicide. Actually I think he should be deleted from the human race but, unfortunately in this country we can’t do that.

He definitely should go to trial and I’m sure he’d be found guilty of homicide.He is a leader in his community;a teacher.He is a married man.What right did he have to cheat on his wife?I wasn’t able to get the article up,so I don’t know the story,but even if he didn’t realize he had contracted HIV,he should have been busy spreading the Word amongst his congregation…not death!


My x-spath is HIV+ but online, does everything possible to appear quite the opposite. Being a flight attendant, he has easy access to new places where his is unknown, and uses online sites to arrange dates.

The crime of rape by fraud varies from state to state. Some rape by fraud laws punish “rape in the factum,” and some punish “rape in the inducement.” The crime committed by Davis constitutes rape in “inducement” states. Unfortunately, Georgia is not one of them.

The most substantial criminal prosecution for his actions in Georgia is reckless conduct. His victims will not only feel raped by the offender, however, but also by the judicial system that deprives them of justice for the real crime they suffered.

Biographical lies defraud the victim of “knowing consent,” thereby violating their sexual sanctity. In order to implement laws pertaining to rape by fraud that are consistent throughout the US, significant public outcry will have to take place. I’m hoping my soon-to-be-released book will set the stage to do so.

Stay tuned!



This sort of thing is why I can never imagine dating anyone again. You know I just hate that he took my belief in people away from me, that the world doesn’t have rainbows and moonlight any more


My story really is nothing compared to some Ive read on here. After four years I’m ok mostly. Just every now and then I see so clearly what he stole- not the money though I hate that too. And I just get all angry/sad/bewildered/scared/hurt/mad again.Bad day

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