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Pastor punished for complaining about a problem priest

In Philadelphia, Msgr. William J. Lynn is on trial, the first Catholic Church official charged with endangering the welfare of children by transferring problem priests around the diocese. Every day, there is more outrageous testimony about the alleged church cover-up. Here’s the latest installment:

Bucks priest: Complaints about fellow cleric led to punishment, on

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Nothing new.

It’s about time that somebody in the Catholic Church got charged, but as to what happened and how it was handled way back then, no surprises there.

I hope, though, that more will be charged.

As someone who lost her virginity at 14 by being raped by our Lutheran minister on the church’s basement kitchen table, from whom I had sought help to get my S mother to stop hitting me, I hope people realize that these activities are not limited to the Catholic Church.

Ps gravitate to those who will easily overlook and forgive any transgressions or who are adamant in their beliefs that everybody is born good.

When people start speaking out, you’d be surprise how many people have been keeping similar stories quiet.

Ox Drover

I too am glad to see this nest of vipers and pedophiles outed. You all know my position on pedophiles…and whistle blowers are always persecuted..been there myself several times both professionally and in the church as well. It doesn’t matter if the whistle you are blowing is about an employee who is not doing their job, stealing, or whatever, or a pedophile preacher/coach/teacher/volunteer the nail that sticks out of the wood is the one that gets hit on the head.


Is this a coincidence?

After I saw this thread today, I came home and found this article about the Catholic Church in Philadelphia determining now that there are priests not suitable for the ministry for because they committed sexual abuse.

Is this some kind of tactic by the Catholic Church or just incredible timing?

Ox Drover

G1S I take it that your question is tongue-in-cheek LOL

Divorced from Gaslighter

G1S: Wow! You hit the nail on the head. I was so dumped on by my family growing up that I didn’t feel entitled to being treated well, and didn’t expect to be treated well. Bad behavior by one sibling to another was always overlooked or excused, so the older siblings enforced their rights with physical intimidation, while I, as the youngest, had no enforceable rights at all.

And I attended mainline Protestant churches with Sunday schools and youth groups that were definitely focused on the false concept that people who were behaving badly just didn’t know enough about Jesus, and it was our job to show them the straight and narrow path, etc. I was very surprised later to realize that the Bible has passages indicating that some people are “born bad” or go bad at a very young age.

I was so desperate to get away from home that I married the first man I met. It was the ultimate set-up for being highly vulnerable to jerks.

Jesus means more to me than ever at this point in my life, but the “church” itself is a real disappointment. I think the church itself has always been a HUGE magnet for S & Ps. The clerical collar and/or being addressed as “the Reverend” or Pastor or Father, the high level of automatic trust from complete strangers, and a job description that gives you an enormous amount of free time. People who can set their own schedule are MUCH more likely to find time for adulterous affairs, etc.


Divorced from Gaslighter,

I think society in general is still weighed down by attitudes that originated back to when only a select few were educated and could read. A lot of those few were the clergy. I am talking going as far back as ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

The Holy Roman Empire and the Catholic Church were one and the same for centuries.

The old expression, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” is still very true.

We see it in religions of all faiths, in the courts, governments, and even in medicine.

The power imbalance pivots on knowledge. The elite have had almost exclusive access to and control over it and the majority have had no real or timely way of accessing information, let alone exchanging it, until now with the advent of the Internet, phones, and rapid travel.

It’s not easy anymore to keep knowledge suppressed. People will find out. News doesn’t travel slowly anymore; it travels instantly.

People can quickly compare notes now. Anyone can set up a blog, post a question on something like Facebook, or a video on YouTube.

The elite can no longer say that something was a one-time incident, that they didn’t know, or create a wall of silence. They can’t claim anymore that it wasn’t that bad or simply an oversight.

People can discern the patterns. They can reject self-serving spins.

Angry people are very resourceful. Maybe it’s human nature to speak out and stand up for oneself.

“Common knowledge” has taken on a whole new meaning.

Oxy, my dear, how did you know? 😉

Ox Drover

“It’s not my yob”

It makes me want to puke!

Thanks for posting this Donna, I won’t have the urge to eat the rest of the day and it may help my diet! LOL


Oxy, Donna,

I have to say that as a result of my experience with my LESSON (spath) I have learned SO MUCH.

I have a whole new understanding of human nature, and of evil, and of myself, and of God, and of the church. Seriously. If not for my LESSON I would be wandering around the world in a state of semi-awareness and semi-consciousness.

I am so full of gratitude that I can see things clearly now.

This stuff with the church does not surprise me at all. But it doesn’t shake my belief in God. It just helps me realize hat the church does not equal God.

Thank you so both so much for helping me through this journey.


Ox Drover

Yea, I think He needs to do a big house cleaning…and I think that ultimately that many people who have pretended to do “God’s work” but actually did work for themselves and their own kind, will find out that they failed the professional evaluation. “Depart from me I never knew you”

Ox Drover

Yea, ain’t it great! The same day as SANDUSKY!

Score 2 for the good guys, ZERO for the bad guys! Put their butts in prison!


I hope the Vatican is paying attention.

Let me correct that.

I hope all religions, denominations, schools, clubs, groups, organizations, or whatever where children are vulnerable to being left alone and unsupervised with adults and where they suspect or know something is going on, but are turning a blind eye, are paying attention.

Ox Drover

Grace, the problem is, according to Dr. Anna Salter (who is one of THE top experts on pedophilia) is that the pedophiles are so determined to do what they do that LIKE SANDUSKY AND THE PRIESTS, and ministers, rabbis and other people, that there is NO stopping them until AFTER they are caught, and of course we know what percentage are actually caught and prosecuted….. diddly.

You might want to read the blog “female offenders” too (go to the blog roll) the research shows that at LEAST 50% of sexual offenders are FEMALE and you know what percentage of females are actually prosecuted….double diddly. Though I am GLAD to see that more and more female teachers, etc. are being prosecuted and in the news more often lately.

The problem too is that the male (primarily) attitude is that a girl who is raped by a man (or a male child) who is raped by a man is a victim, but if a male child is messed with by a female “he just got LUCKY” and I thinkk until that attitude changes in our society, females will continue to be able to get by with sexual assault on male children more than males who are pedophiles. Even then, only a small percentage of sexual assaults on any child are reported and/or prosecuted. Look at Sandusky and how MANY CHILDREN HE MOLESTED before he got caught. Thenn it was Covered up. I hope the school has to pay out the nose and I hope that Sandusky’s entire estate is used to pay the victims. And frankly I hope his wife has to go on welfare and live in a shelter. I don’t think it will happen that way, but maybe….

Until molesters go to prison and are made paupers, lose their standing in the community victims won’t have any recourse, but I don’t think even the threat of prison and losing their houses and cars and money will deter any that are really motivated to molest. They are so narcissistic they think they will get away with it.

One of the park interpreters in our group was caught with kiddie porn and went to prison and it was covered up by the state parks board….I found out though, and when he got out he rejoined our group, got a job working for the museum in Little Rock, then I went on a campaign to get him fired (it worked) and tossed out of our group (that worked too, but I found it ODD that the men on the board of directors said “well he has paid his debt to society”) NO!!!!! NO!!!!! He does not need to be working with kids. Anyway, in 2007 he ended up blowing his brains out because the LOCAL museum director where he was volunteering, found out (thanks to guess who!) and he was visited by the local cops, went home and called them and told them where to find his body and blew his brains out. I admit that I have no tears for the man’s death.

He kept on getting jobs working with kids, volunteering, etc. and his wife was a teacher. Several women in our group would find out where he was working or volunteering and we would send copies of his criminal record to them….funny how FEW of these groups do a criminal back ground check on their volunteers to work with kids. (almost NONE)

I have a real “thing” about pedophiles and do everything I can to make public those people who have committed those crimes. It is NOT illegal to send PUBLIC RECORDS about these people to the groups they volunteer for or the place they work.

I am so glad that there is a public record of these folks and that they must REGISTER as sex offenders. You can’t go up and beat them up, or “harass” them, but you can NOTIFY people about their status.


I quick comment for now and more later as I need to run.

A major factor behind the lack of prosecution of church officials, particularly catholic church officials, is political power, both direct and indirect. Since most DAs are elected, they are loathe to do something that may lose them votes.

Ox Drover

BBE, that is correct, but while I think it might be better if DAs were not so attuned to “reelection” and loathe to offend large groups of people, I don’t want an appointed DA either that would be only worried about his political appointment. While I don’t like the fact that they are elected, I can’t think of a better way….unless I am appointed benign dictator and rule the world. Don’t think that’s gonna happen though. LOL 🙂


I hope it’s a trend to bring these secrets out into public awareness. It will give more victims permission to speak up. In my imaginary utopian society, there will be checks in place to prevent these types of people from entering into the priesthood or to at least monitor closely those who do. Maybe they need to put surveillance cameras in the parts of the church where children are most vulnerable.

It all begins with cases like this. Case by sick, disgusting case, the public needs to be made aware that child abuse DOES happen, that it is rampant, and that it happens in places that are supposed to be sanctuaries.

Like the Sandusky case, I consider this a huge victory that the cover-up was exposed.


I just posted the below on my FB account, except I named names in the quote below. It was up for 4 minutes then I deleted it. I’m sure somebody saw it.

“Hey, St. J members. Pastor R raped me on the kitchen table in the basement when I was 14. The AG’s office said right now it is my word against his. They told me if I could find other people who had similar experiences with R, they would look into it. I hope the SOB is dead by now. Yes, the Synod knows. I told them.”

I decided that I didn’t want the press knocking at my door, particularly because I do not want my P family members back in my life.

The press would bother me as well. Too much pressure and stress. I can’t do this solo.


Wow, G1S, have you gotten any response from the posting? I’m sorry you never got any sort of justice for what you went through.



So sorry that happened to you. Horrific.

I have read many of your posts written by you. Your strength and your courage and your eloquence are not lost. I want you to know that your writing helps me. You challenge, you fight the good fight and it’s appreciated and admired for what it is. You survived my dear.

From one human being to another I say good for you.

Their judgement awaits if not in this life then in the next. I hope so anyway.


Thank you, Strongawoman. That means a lot to me.

I deleted my comments. In their stead, I posted a link to the Darkness to Light website, which is trying to prevent child sexual abuse. I was thanked for doing that.


G1S, I am so sorry that you experienced such a horrific betrayal.

This is one of the reasons that I don’t go in for organized religions – power corrupts, and what better proof of utlimate corruption that your own personal experience, let alone the history of the Catholic Church. I feel that nearly all organized religions are prone to corruption, be it sexual, political, financial, or morally spiritual.

What is the first thing that a conquering nation does to the vanquished? It takes away the former religious/spiritual belief systems. This, is essentially what was done to you, Grace. You trusted your religious leader, and that person used their position of authority and power to harm you – and, others, quite likely. Damn him, and damn them ALL for doing this to innocent human beings!

Big, strong, and loving hugs to you – and, sincere healing blessings


Thank you, Truthspeak.

I know of other things that he did.

There is a very nice couple, now elderly, who have four children. The husband was in the Coast Guard and was often away. The wife was one of these people who believed the good in everybody. She was a nurse.

I told her what this minister did to me. She remained neutral. Then one day, out of the blue, she told me how this minister would come to their house, when her husband was at sea, to “help put the kids to bed at night.” I almost fell over in shock.

The minister was married and had three children of his own. Who has ever heard of a married man doing that? Period? But doing it when the husband was away? And from what this woman described, he did it on a regular basis.

I know it sounds like he was having an affair with her. I’m sure that wasn’t what was going on. If you knew this woman, you would understand why.

I even mentioned it (the minister putting helping to put the kids to bed) in front of the husband one day. He yelled, “WHAT?” She didn’t get it.

The husband is in a veterans’ home with severe Alzheimer’s now. She’s a hoarder. My son and I are two of the few people that she lets into the house. You can barely walk through it, although the trash isn’t that high. Maybe hip level as opposed to be close to the ceilling.

Their kids never come home to visit. The minister’s kids turned out really, really weird. Very bizarre.

When my brother and sister-in-law went to him for pre-marital counseling, it was the second marriage for both of them. The minister wanted to know if my sister-in-law ever reached orgasm with her first husband and how did she do that. They came back to our house. My sister-in-law was livid. I didn’t find out until decades later that is what happened because nobody talked about it.

That is the problem. Nobody talks so nobody gets to compare notes. People assume that what happened to them was an isolated, singular incident and they were the only ones.

The perps depend and thrive on the silence.


G1S…..what a monster! And, yes…..the “code of silence” is so ingrained by the perpetrators of such vile sins, isn’t it?

The fence-sitters in these types of situations are actually enabling these bad people to commit these crimes, and they are so full of their own shame and fears that they remain silent and…….hoard.

Hoarding is a psychological dis-ease that often results from severe loss and/or trauma. This gal probably knows so much more than she’ll ever even admit to herself.

Too bad victims are so prepared and willing to REMAIN victims, eh? Godalmighty, but it would be so fitting to put such a monster behind bars…..



You are so right when you say the perps depend on no one talking. You bet they do.

What minister asks a bride to be if she ever orgasmed with her first husband??? I would have reported him immediately!!! Wow!! Unbelievable.

Hmmmm, hoarding. Maybe that is what is wrong with me. I think I have a mild case of hoarding. Not wanting to let go of stuff.

Maybe the minister’s kids turned out really, really weird because he sexually abused them when they were young??? God, I hope not.


Louise, the likelihood that the minister sexually abused his children is pretty strong – people don’t just wake up, one day, and turn into violent predators of children. They just don’t.

In the recent trial of Sanshitsky, he had been violating children throughout his entire life, and NOBODY was willing to step up, face donw an “important” university figure, and rat that son of a motherless goat out. People allowed fear and denial to rule their actions, and such enabling is (IMHO) morally, ethically, and legally criminal.

These people use their positions of power to the Nth degree. They know that they’ll never be reported because people will sit on the fence and pretend that everything’s just fine and dandy are equally responsible for enabling these predators to continue – CONTINUE – damaging.

Yepper…..feed them to the wolves. Lay open their bellies and let their innards spill out. In my former life, I would have believed that these predators could be “cured,’ and feel some sort of hope for them. Today, they are unfit to breathe the same air as I do and they need to be gotten rid of.

Did I just type that? Wow…..


Yes, Truthspeak you sure did just type that and I could not agree more.

Truth, Louise and Grace
re: code of silence.
That’s a huge red flag.
My exspath used secrets to bond with his minions and also to put them in a position of vulnerability.

For example, the way he would work his cons is to tell each person that he was manipulating all the others “victims” and only THAT person knew the truth. So each was keeping a secret from all the others, yet each was being lied to about his actual intentions. And there were multiple intentions. They were ALL VICTIMS, VICTIMIZING EACH OTHER AT HIS DIRECTION. That makes them all guilty of being the perpetrators who therefore DESERVE to be victimized!

He had the whole thing figured out and played this same game each time. The actual con/story line would change but the common denominator was SECRETS.

This way every one was too ashamed to admit their part and he got away scot free to do the same thing again.

The worst part is that he involved the sheriff and his deputies from our county, as well as the adjoining county. This was really important because it ensured he’d never get busted.

He knew exactly how to do this and he took his time, literally years, so that nobody would see through his scheme.



I am sorry about the horrible trauma inflicted upon you by your pastor. I am also angry that the DA took such a nonchalant approach.

I admire your courage in putting something up about him on FB, even if it was fleeting. Are there other online forums, more anonymous, where you can also post the details of his crime?

Should you do this, take time, make it as detailed as possible and proofread it several times, as the more detailed your writing, the more believable it becomes. Tell everything, not only about the rape, but your reporting it to both the Synod and DA.

Maybe you can do some of your own investigating via the internet to find other victims. I am sure there were many.


BBE, the DA didn’t take a non-chalant attitude. I actually spoke with an assistant DA privately in an attorney’s office. That was the same attorney who broke open the Catholic priest sexual abuse scandal in our state. In other words, this attorney had already gone through this once and had a lot of creditability with the AG’s office.

I’ve mentioned elswhere on LF the two brothers that I know, one of whom introduced me to my ex-husband. The other brother is the one who retained this lawyer. They referred me to him.

The AG’s office was willing to work with me if I could produce other victims. Emotionally, I couldn’t even begin to think about tracking others down. I couldn’t do it.

I did tell the Synod. They did nothing to see how I felt or if I had gotten any help. My guess is that would have been seen as an admission of culpability on their part.

The problem legally was it was my word against his. There is no proof. There was no police report. I don’t think they even had police rape kits back then. The rape happened years ago, but there is no statute of limitations.

I needed something like the Sandusky case – multiple victims testifying to essentially the same thing. It would have been difficult to find them, although my mother did ask around and heard stories of this minister being inappropriate elsewhere. People reacted differently. Some got angry right away and so the minister never pressed further, which means technically, you can say that he never did anything.

I took the stuff off of FB primarily because I didn’t want to go public and have the Ps back in my life.

Another reason is I’m not sure how things are going to go with my job. They’re downsizing where I am and transferring a lot of the jobs to India.

I spoke with a recruiter last week who told me, when he heard where I am working, that his company has a contract with mine and that there is going to be a substantial layoff company-wide in the very near future. I’m sure he wasn’t supposed to say that, but it fits with what I have been seeing.

That doesn’t mean my job is going to go. They wouldn’t be getting rid of everybody, but who knows? Some of the people that they’ve let go already hasn’t made sense so there isn’t always rhyme and reason for who stays and who goes.

My concern is if I went public with this now, at a time when there is a chance that I might be needing to find a new job, who would want to hire me if I were in the news with this sort of thing? I think it might be a kiss of death.

The last I heard was that the minister had cancer and wasn’t doing very well. He had a million dollar home on Cape Cod because he also got a local TV program discussing religious matters in the state. Yes, he was a public voice of authority. It was one of those very early, Sunday morning programs that I think nobody watches because they’re in bed sleeping. He had two incomes, from the church and this TV show.

Truthspeak, I used to consider myself the most humane of people. Everybody was born good. If they turned out bad, it was due to circumstances.

Now, I honestly do not think Ps are humans because they lack three essential things that make humans human – guilt, remorse, and compassion. So they are shells masquerading as human beings. I think prison is too good for them. Why should they get to live at our expense?

Since we put down rabid dogs because they are a danger to society, I am all for the death penalty for confirmed Ps. I never thought I’d say that.

Of course, we can’t “put down” Ps or we could end up with death camps like in Nazi Germany.

Louise, he didn’t just ask my SIL if she ever reached orgasm with her first husband, he also wanted details of how she did that. My SIL was furious with my brother as well for letting the minister ask the questions. My understanding is he just sat there, which is about par with what he did when he found out what my S mother and P sister did to me and my son. I don’t think my brother is a fence-sitter; I think he’s damaged.

My brother and SIL got married late 1972 so their session pre-dates any of the clergy sexual abuse scandals. Back then, people didn’t question ministers. Neither one of them were regular church goers. They just wanted to get married by a minister. In other words, they had no idea what a minister should or shouldn’t be asking.

BBE, I did try searching the Internet about ten years ago to see if there were other victims. I haven’t looked since. I can do that now, but I doubt I’ll find anything. “Good” Lutherans would have forgiven the minister.


I believe you. He often appeared uninvited/unannounced at our home when I was growing up, and my mother thought he was interested in her. I now know it was me he was watching. When I was about 14 or 15, just returning from a weekend youth retreat with the youth, he walked up to me as I was getting out of the car with the others and French kissed me in the parking lot front of them. It was the most disturbing thing, and I know other youth saw him do this. It has bothered me for years, and I wondered whether he had done anything to anyone else. I found this when I was looking. I am so sorry for your trauma, and hope you are healing. Have you filed a police report? You should. My understanding is that there is no statute of limitations on such a crime.


Below is all I found:

June 13, 2009

Lutheran synod honors three retired pastors

The following three retired Lutheran pastors of Cape Cod were honored on the anniversaries of their ordination at the annual assembly of the New England Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, held May 28 to 30 in Sturbridge.

•The Rev. Ernest E. Ryden of Osterville was ordained 50 years ago. While he was pastor of St. James Lutheran Church in Barrington, R.I. for 29 years, he also served as communications director for the Rhode Island Council of Churches. For more than 25 years, he produced and hosted more than 600 half-hour programs dealing with moral and religious issues for NBC affiliate, WJAR-TV. He is a member of First Lutheran Church in West Barnstable.


G1S, what a terrible weight you have carried on your shoulders and I feel horribly for you, I really do.

You are a strong human being, now. Whatever happens with your job, I don’t believe that this is just going to go by the wayside with you. Perhaps, the Sandjaggovsky case triggered something like righteous indignation, I don’t know. But, there is “a way” to find other victims, and it wouldn’t be hard to do, I don’t think.

Since there is no statute of limitations for this crime in your State, it may be worth considering filing charges when you are more secure with the employment issue – I completely understand your feelings about that issue, 100%. If, by chance, there were a way to file charges and arrange that your identity not be disclosed, it may be a consideration. But, I agree with you, for the time being.

May I just ask this: was the Synod ever made aware of this minister’s actions, at any time? I understand that his crime against you went unreported – I understand, I really do. But, was there ever any silent nod by them, at any time? If so, the Church would be liable as much as the foul minister.

Holy shitballs…….I just looked over the “honor” for this guy and see that he did broadcasts for NBC affiliate. I know someone who has freelanced for NBC for 30 years.

Okay… wheels are turning, slowly but surely. I’m NOT going to “do anything,” but I’m doing some thinking, okay?

HUGS to you


Yes, I told the current pastor at the church who, in turn, took it to the Synod.

As far as the Synod is concerned, I was one person without any proof.

I told the Synod that I wasn’t looking for vengeance, but that they needed to know because I didn’t want him harming other children.

I also spoke with a former bishop of the Synod. He told me, “If I had been in charge, I never would have put him in your church.” I’m not sure what that meant, but I think he knew something that I didn’t. This bishop believed me, but he was retired when I spoke with him and no longer employed by the Synod.

I can’t see why NBC would be interested if there is no proof of any kind. For all they know, I am some lunatic ranting away.

My state isn’t going to do anything. It did nothing when my P sister lied to the court about us, which she admitted in writing in the dismissal order. Family court permitted, no questions asked, to let a suicidal child be taken out of a children’s psychiatric hospital and handed over to the person who put him.

DCYF had just done an investigation onme three weeks before because my S mother reported me as an unfit mother. They cleared me. Their report was two weeks old when my P sister went to court for an ex parte order.

I have a friend who works for DCYF and is often in Family Court. She heard me share what was going on in my Al-Anon meetings. She came up to me after one and said she thinks our rights were violated. The judge was supposed to call DCYF before issuing an ex parte order to see what they knew. Not only did this judge fail to do that, but she order DCYF to an investigation. They refused. They stuck up for me.

My P took a suicidal child across state lines with no investigation into where he was going or any protection being put in place for him. Nothing.

I have records galore. I have investigation records from our DCYF office. Nobody is paying attention.

My P sister conspired with my S mother and my son’s P father to take my son away from me. Four states were involved. I contacted the FBI. They told me to speak with an attorney; it sounded like a personal matter. What my sister did matches almost point for point with the parental kidnapping laws, except neither she nor my son’s P father had any legal right or say about my son. So, isn’t that kidnapping pure, plain, and simple? My state’s AG’s office blew me off.

Multiple lawyers have reviewed my documents. They have told me that I have a case of malicious prosecution, for starters, but since my P sister isn’t a company with liability insurance, they are declining the case because they can’t be guaranteed a financial return. I’m saying that she has money, but how do they know that for sure? Besides, if she gets wind of this, she can hide her money and they won’t get a thing.

They are stalking us. We went to court this past January to get restraining orders on them AGAIN, but we were denied because there was no actual threat of physical assault.

I have TONS of documentation pertaining to that. It is NOT a she said/she said situation. There is objective, third-party, official information out the whazoo.

Also, now my state wants to close handling my son’s health insurance which his P father was ordered in 2011 to provide. As of this past Thursday, the health insurance company is saying there is no coverage for my son. I went to President Obama about this. I have several letters from officials about my letter to President Obama and that they are handling it.

Know those cardboard boxes that look like a drawer from a filing cabinet? I have two of those filled – one for my P sister and one for my son’s P father – with legal documents, correspondence between attorneys and child support enforcement agencies, newspaper articles etc.

My son’s P father is committing Medicare fraud to get out of paying child support and providing health insurance for my son. He has had multiple articles about him published in the New York Times and other newspapers, complete with color photos, about the lifestyle he leads.

If your freelance buddy is interested in that, I’d be happy to show him what I have. Maybe you can convince him to do a story about Ps, what they do to people’s lives, and how they get away with kidnapping in this country. Ps are raping our society.

You can also tell him that my sister worked for an international company that everybody knows and held a very high position in it when she did it. In terms of name recognition, this story has it in spades.

And everything ties back to the minister because I went to him to for help to ask him to make my mother stop hitting me. He raped me instead. I needed help to stop one P and encountered another.

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