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Pastor who threatens to burn Qur’an looks like a sociopathic cult leader

Pastor Terry Jones must be in sociopathic heaven. He’s threatened to burn copies of the Islamic Qur’an to mark tomorrow’s anniversary of the September 11 attack. His threats have created a media frenzy, drawn responses from President Barak Obama and General David Petraeus, and resulted in the death of at least one protester in Afghanistan.

Not bad for a sociopathic cult leader of a tiny church in Florida.

So who is this guy? He has an honorary degree from the unaccredited California Graduate School of Theology. He’s a former hotel manager who runs both a church in Gainesville and a used furniture business on eBay. The line between the two endeavors is apparently blurry, and is under investigation by Florida tax officials.

Church in Germany

Jones went to Cologne, Germany, to set up a church in 1981, which at its height, had 800 to 1,000 members, until the congregation revolted and threw him out. Here’s what a German publication, Spiegel Online, reports about the church:

A “climate of fear and control” had previously prevailed in the congregation, says one former member of the church who does not want to be named. Instead of free expression, “blind obedience” was demanded, he says.

Various witnesses gave SPIEGEL ONLINE consistent accounts of the Jones’ behavior. The pastor and his wife apparently regarded themselves as having been appointed by God, meaning opposition was a crime against the Lord. Terry and Sylvia Jones allegedly used these methods to ask for money in an increasingly insistent manner, as well as making members of the congregation carry out work.

Jones urged church members to beat their children with a rod. He ran an academy for children, with a printed rulebook that ordered them to obey the leadership of the Academy and the church, and prohibited them from visiting family members or friends, or receiving visits.

By the end of 2007, church members had had enough of Terry Jones, and expelled him. Only about 80 people remain in the church.

Back in Florida

Jones’ Florida church, the Dove World Outreach Center, also has only 50 to 80 congregants. The church is on a 20-acre property that is also the address of TS and Company, which is the online furniture business run by Terry Jones and his second wife, Sylvia Jones.

A reporter from the Gainesville Sun visited the church and found that the sanctuary was partially filled with furniture. Jones says that all employees of TS and Company are church members who volunteer their time.

Former members of Jones’ Cologne church – Christliche Gemeinde Koln – described the situation there differently.

“It’s all about how much did you work, how much profit did you bring in,” said Emma Jones, the 29-year-old daughter of Terry Jones and his deceased first wife, Lisa Jones. “He made 16-, 17- and 18-year-olds work 12-hour days.”

Emma Jones said she is speaking out against her father and the church she grew up in with the hope of helping others leave what she calls a “cult” that “forced us with oppression to be obedient.”

“They used mental violence. They’d say, ‘If you’re not obedient, God will punish you,’ ” Emma Jones said.

International incident

So this is the guy who wrote a book called Islam Is of the Devil. He’s the guy promoting International Burn a Koran Day. He’s the guy causing controversy in New York, protests throughout the Islamic world and possibly threatening American lives.

Terry Jones is an exploitative, brainwashing, sociopathic cult leader who demands that church members obey him and sell his furniture. And he’s loving all the attention.

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Go Mama gem! How I understand! There is such a deep pain for someone with a sicko parent or parents! There is not any word of comfort that can relieve the deep rage and dark feelings of being the victim of parental sociopathic behavior! The lack of conscience and game playing of these individuals will shock anyone, but to be linked emotionally to them is an even greater horror! God help all of us to heal and learn how to set boundaries!


kimmy – keep strong, it’s all an illusion, there is NO need to engage. you are doing great!


sistersister – i am digging your posts here. have to run right now, but will read them all carefully later. i find myslef saying and doing things i wouldn’t do before. have become more strategic, but also more spontaneous – when people say bs, i have burst into laughter recently. BIG laughter. when i am around peeps shirking their repsonsibility in a situation (non spath types) i am calling them on it. it feels good to just ‘be’ as i am now, post-spath.

Morning everybody. I’ve spent the last hour or so reading the various threads, catching up on what I missed last night. Thanks Onestep for your encouragement!
Kathleen and Polly, I really like your wisdom and attitude, above. It’s very inspiring!

You go, Mama Gem! I’m so glad you awoke this AM, UNSLUGGED!

Oxy, I read your article on memory, and was reminded of a book I read in college, by the French post-modern writer, Marguerite Duras, entitled, “The Lover.”

It is semi-autobiographical, and is written when Duras is in her 70’s, about a relationship she had at 15, with a much older man. What makes it interesting is the ambivalence, the shifting os reality, the contrdictory memories, the layering over of the 15 year-olds experience with the perspective of the 70 something woman…you actually witness her re-writing of history…and it makes you aware that we all do this…A really good read, by the way. Poetic and beautiful, sparse and dark. I would put it in the new genre called, “trauma fiction.” I am planning to do some research on that genre.

I feel much better today…no butterflys this AM, and hve decided to let “him” stew in his own juices. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not turning on the burner, not jumping in the pot…in fact, I’m not even taking myself out of the fridge…
staying comfortably chilled, today.

Hope ya’ll are feeling strong and happy today, as well. TOWANDA. Every one.

Here’s a link summarizing, “The Lover”, for anyone who’s interested.

Late to the party with this post but I’ve been distracted.

I’d like to opine the importance of personal responsibility and how it applies to this event. For me, personal responsibility is my key to empowerment. If I gave someone else is responsible for me, then I have given them power OVER me.

This was one of my traps that I did to myself. I was tired. I wanted someone else, my husband, to make all the decisions. That was MY part, handing over MY personal responsibility without question or limits. HIS part was knowing he had alternative secret motives, NOT the kindly generous spirit of a loving husband caring for his worn out tired spouse. Avoiding responsiblity was a also one of the traps my spath used on me, that I was responsible for how he treated me, because when I did/didn’t do something he wanted, and it made him mad, then whatever abuse he did was excused. That’s NUTS.

The same philosophy applies to this nutjob. Almost no one would look to this guy as a leader. Yet, the media portrayed him to be representative of a population of the USA. And the outcome of that lie is self evident. Who holds the media responsible for giving this guy a world forum to spew his hate? Well, for one, I am.

BUT… (if this has been pointed out, I’m sorry I missed it)
By the same logic, how is the nutjob responsible for the behavior of other nutjobs around the world?

Their logic is: if someone offends me badly enough, my response is excused b/c They MADE me respond this way? SO killing Americans is excused b/c I am SO offended that a preacher is bumfark backwater in a country on the other side of the world threatened to burn a Koran, that the world agrees I am excused to riot?

For whatever reason, the preacher threatened to burn the Koran. ANd yes, that is offensive. And yes, stupid to purposely offend people. But people PURPOSELY offend others all the time. We don’t excuse murder and riots when that happens.

Bottom line:
The preacher was responsible for his behavior, NOT Muslims, NOT the media.
The media was was responsible for their behavior, NOT their readers, NOT the preacher, NOT muslims.
The rioter’s and killers of protestors are responsible for their behavior, NOT the media, and NOT the preacher.

WE CHOOSE. That’s how we empower ourselves. It comes with personal responsibility. That is where power is balanced. And why such a value system is healthy.


The joker is being billed $100K for security for his sorry arse due to his public display of his “moon” to the world. I hope the confiscate his “church” (business in which his followers donate their work selling furniture on the internet!) Or put him in jail til he pays!

Terry Jones is 100% responsible for his behavior. He accepted the security. His choice. HIS responsibility. GLAD to see he’s got a price to pay after all…. (I don’t call him “pastor” b/c the definition doesn’t fit Jones.)

Dear KatyDid, you are right, 100% about the RESPONSIBILITY.

Kim, I wish I had your scope on literature. Too much of my college was focused on hard sciences and not enough liberal education I think. Thanks for that mention. I’ll see if I can find a copy.

Even now, I tend to focus more on science, medical, psychology, sociology, research, etc. (at least lately) I haven’t read much history lately even and that had become one of my passions.

It really does tic me off though that jokers like this can cause so much havoc.

Oh, EB and Kimmime, you will be so proud of me!!! I EB’d AT&T tonight. I was paying my bill for cell phone and in the past I had noticed extra “charges” from 50 cents to 2-3 bucks on my bill for TEXTING, DATA TRansfer, etc. and I woujld call them and they’d take them off. I NEVER TEXT OR DATA TRANSFER, we use phones ONLY for calls in or out.

About3-4 months ago son D called and biatched them out for the texting charges and BLOCKED texting on our phone. Well lo and behold a 43 cent charge on our two phones for .13 data tranfer on Son’s phone and 30 cents for picture message on mine.

After 10 minutes on push 1 if you are from mars,, two if you are from India, I got a HUMAN, ,whose name was Josh. I informed Josh that he was the lucky guy in charge of pacifying IRATE CUSTOMERS today and My name was IRATE CUSTOMER! I explained to him WHY I no longer had signed up for a contract with his company (bad service) and why I had canceled the broad band modem and gotten one from Verison (no service) and that Ii was VERY IRATE at having to check my 16 page bill every month for the 43 cents in FALSE charges that they put on my bill,, and calling them to get them removed, etc.

Now think about it, a 43 cent charge on each of what? 1-2 MILLION BILLS is a lot of money–so I wanted him to inform his employers that if I ever got another one of those FALSE bills on my bill that I would get a PURPOSE IN LIFE, for my RETIREMENT years and it would be to cause AT&T as much grief with whatever federal agency oversees their billing and business as possible and With a life expectancy of somewhere about 20 years that would be a LOT OF GRIEF.

My husband’s last year or two was devoted to an unsafe GPS instrument that would/could cause pilot deaths—he didn’t get results before he died, but after his death the UNCOOPERATIVE COMPANY finally complied with his complaints and fixed the problem! I am sure he is somewhere laughing about that one! I can remember hearing him in the back ground on the phone day in and day out complaining about the problem to first one federal agency or company then another!

I got my bill FIXED and thanked Josh for his courtesy and we’ll see what happens next month. CHECK YOUR BILLS!!!!

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