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Surgeon lies about removing brain tumor

In September of 2008, at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Scotland, Dr. Emmanuel Kingsley Labram assured his patient and her husband that he removed all of the 1-inch tumor she had in her brain. He lied. He only removed four tiny fragments. Labram covered up his actions for two years by falsifying records.

In 2010 the patient sought another opinion and the truth was discovered. Unfortunately by then the tumor was inoperable.

A fitness to practice panel found Labram guilty of serious misconduct. Labram’s name will be erased from the General Medical Council’s register of doctors, subject to his legal right of appeal, although the panel decided to impose an immediate order of suspension so he can’t work during that time.

Surgeon who ‘lied and lied and lied’ after telling woman patient he’d removed her brain tumor  to avoid stressing her out’ is struck off for ‘deplorable’ misconduct, from Daily Mail.

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It does not get more sick than that. The fact that it was a female patient makes me think misogynistic psychopath. They seem to go together often enough as we know.

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