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Petition for Congressional Hearings on the failure of family and divorce courts

Lovefraud received the following notice from the California Protective Parents Association.  This organization does fine work on behalf of mothers who have lost their children to abusive former partners.

The people (usually fathers) who abuse children, and then demand custody of them, are sociopaths. They do not care about the children. They are simply doing everything they can to crush their former partner. Unfortunately, family courts usually do not understand this dynamic, and grant custody to the abusers.

The goal for this petition is 2,000 signatures. They have 1,071. Lovefraud readers can easily help the organizers reach their goal. Please sign the petition.


Stop Family Courts From Sending Children To Live With Their Abusers

The state of our family and divorce courts is a mess. We’re hoping you’ll help us fix them by signing this petition.

Dear Friends,

In 1994 Holly Collins became an international fugitive when she grabbed her three children and went on the run. It all happened because a family court had ignored Holly’s charges, the children’s pleas, Holly’s broken nose, Zackary’s fractured skull, and other medical evidence of domestic violence. The family court in Minnesota gave full custody of Zackary and Jennifer to Holly’s ex-husband. It was at that point that Holly came to believe she and the children had No Way Out But One.

Contested custody cases are often mishandled. They make up 15% of overall divorce cases, and that’s a lot of children. This exposes children who have already been abused to further damaging trauma.

Today many court professionals have been mistrained to be highly skeptical of reports of domestic violence and child abuse in divorce cases. As a result, children are being taken from safe parents and forced by courts to live in the homes where they report being beaten and raped.

Research shows that when batterers request custody, 7 times out of 10 they receive it.

When children report sexual abuse in custody cases more than 9 out of 10 of them are placed in the partial or full custody of their identified perpetrators.

The children are doubly harmed because the critical attachment to their primary caregiver is also broken.

Billions of our taxpayer dollars are wasted needlessly every year when our children are exposed to more abuse. The outcome is always great suffering for these children but as we all know it can also lead to their deaths.

After hearing testimony on the abject failure of family and divorce courts to keep our children safe Congressman John Conyers was appalled. He later wrote:

“At the Congressional briefing, as the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, I, John Conyers, called for an oversight hearing to assess where we are in our work on the impact of domestic violence on children, and what more can be done.”

The United States must be proactive in ensuring the physical and sexual safety of abused children of divorce and separation.  We demand Congress hold oversight hearings on this matter.

Please sign this petition and share it with your friends. It’s the only thing that works.


In addition, join us in person on National Safe Child Day, October 1, 2013 at the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW at 11:00 am to protest courts taking children from safe mothers and giving them to child abusers. We will march to the US Capitol to demand Congressional oversight hearings.

The state of America’s children must be something we all care about. Our children are counting on us.


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Sociopath tries to kill wife with his bare hands by choking. Since that didn’t work, tried hiring someone to kill her for him. Custody of 3 minor children granted to the perpetrator, mother ordered to have an unwarranted psych evaluation and supervised visitation due to her “reaction to the abuse”[reported perpetrator for stalking, witnessed by the community]. One nightmare after the next, thanks to obstruction of justice and the corrupted family courts. See for yourself. Do the community a favor and hit the share button, people need to know how the justice system supports criminals and fails victims. Reprehensible!

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