Pity play: Faking cancer to raise money

For years, Martha Nicholas, 42, of Mechanicsville, Virginia, has been telling everyone, including her children, that she has cancer. Fundraisers were held to help her pay for her treatment. Except there was no treatment, because Nicholas allegedly never had cancer. Her attorney says she has a “mental illness.”

Read Martha Nicholas, 42, arrested after allegedly faking cancer to raise money, on HuffingtonPost.com.

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

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Thanks Donna.

Bob, in actual fact, there are some really horrible stories of things that bloggers here have endured. I am sorry if you are one of the people who has endured a horrific nightmare at the hands of a psychopath. Many times it leaves us untrusting of ourselves or untrusting of others.

To learn about LoveFraud, I suggest you Go back through the articles in the archives and read them (for a start, just read the articles and leave reading the comments for later) get a real feel for what LoveFraud is about before you harshly judge us for being too judgmental or critical.

Like I said in my first post to you, we are not a jury here, we are allowed our opinions based on evidence from the media. And yes, we have already decided that we think Jerry Sandusky is a pedophile. Of course the law has not followed as quickly as our opinions have, and like OJ Simpson, he may get off in the court of law, but that doesn’t change and won’t change what my opinion is in the matter. Does that make me unjust? Not in my opinion, but it might in yours.

Does the woman in this story have Munchausens? Probably not is my opinion, because she wasn’t actually making herself sick, she was RAISING MONEY. Did she get some sort of sick attention out of the pretending to be sick, by playing the “sick roll” and having people comfort and nurse her? Yea, probably. Does that give her a pass? Nope, not in my book. Did she know she didn’t have cancer? If the answer is “yes” (and I believe it is) then she is liable for her actions legally and morally. If a psychiatrist wasn’t to interview her and label it Munchausens then fine, I still don’t give her a pass.

Donna’s x husband played at being a war hero, and he knew he was NOT a war hero, the same way this woman played at being a poor cancer patient! Should we pity these people? Should we feel sorry for anyone so bereft of a conscience and a moral compass that they can do these things? They must be “sick” right? and if they are “sick” and have Munchausen syndrome we must feel sorry for them, shouldn’t we? NO is my answer to that question.

I am sorry that there are cruel people in this world. Those same cruel people are unable to love and be loved, to connect and be connected, and to me being able to love and being loved are the most precious things on this earth and they don’t have that, and it is sad that any thinking creature that God made would not be able to feel some form of love or connectedness. That said though, I am not going to spend my time feeling sorry for them. Giving them my pity, but will save my empathy for the trail of victims that they leave behind.

Bob, if you have been wounded by a psychopath, then welcome to LoveFraud and I hope that you will find comfort and support in the bloggers here. We are an opinionated bunch at times, but learning to spot psychopaths by the red flags they wave is as much an art as a science. I hope you will become part of the Love Fraud community. Joyce Alexander, RNP (retired) AKA “Oxy”

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