Please help a mother find justice for her daughter

Katherine Morris

Katherine Morris, a victim of love fraud.

Last February, I posted a heartbreaking story about Kathy Morris, who, while she was still a student at the University of Maryland, had the misfortune to meet and marry a sociopath:

Army Specialist Isaac Goodwin allegedly marries for money, and his wife commits suicide

Isaac Goodwin never acknowledged any responsibility for the death of Kathy Morris, and the U.S. Army covered for him. Goodwin was even eligible to collect $100,000 in death benefits. He hasn’t actually gotten his hands on the money yet, because Kathy Morris’ mother, Rev. Marguerite Morris of Calloway, Maryland, is still pursuing justice.

She has learned that some aspects of the case don’t add up. Evidence appears to be missing. People aren’t revealing all that they know. Perhaps Kathy’s death wasn’t quite suicide.

The Morris Family

The Morris Family

Even before she lost her daughter, Rev. Morris ran a domestic violence shelter in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. In September, I was scheduled to speak at the local high school and college, and at a fundraiser for the shelter. But the engagement was cancelled when tragedy struck Rev. Morris again. Kathy’s father died, suddenly and unexpectedly.

Rev. Morris and Pastor W. Joe Morris were no longer married, but they were united in grief over the loss of their only child, and were working together to find answers. Now, Rev. Marguerite Morris is carrying on alone.

Rev. Morris is pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit against Isaac Goodwin and two of his female friends. Because she can no longer afford an attorney, she is representing herself. She has scheduled a deposition next week, which will still cost her $1,800. She doesn’t know how she’ll pay for it.

Rev. Morris has set up a foundation, called For Kathys Sake, to pursue the case and advocate for abused women and children. I am posting the letter she sent to family and friends asking for contributions. For Kathys Sake is a registered charity and contributions are tax deductible.

Kathy Morris had her entire life ahead of her. She was a sweet, lively young woman. Here’s a video she made with her best friend, the young man she dated for three years before Isaac Goodwin showed up. He’s also the young man who took the above photo of Kathy, two weeks before she died.

Sammy Sam and Kathy Kath show

I have contributed and I hope you will too. The amount is up to you. Every little bit helps.

Here is Rev. Morris’ letter:

Dear Friends:

As you may know the past 18 months have been quite life changing for me. First with the passing of my beautiful daughter Katherine Sarah Morris (Kathy), for whom we started For Kathy’s Sake Inc., and then just a few weeks ago with her Dad, Pastor Joe’s passing.

As some may know, Joe and I shared the impact of the loss of our precious child. It’s a club that neither one of us ever wanted to join. In addition, Joe stated that he was convinced that we did not have all the answers in matters related to Kathy’s death. It was our goal to get those answers and with his passing, it has renewed my determination to continue on pursuing those answers. Some may ask, why? Would you not do the same?

May I share just a little with you about the events that were revealed just over the last few months? First, we know that the police ruled Kathy’s death a suicide. But did you know that her car was under surveillance the last 11 hours of her life? Joe and I heard various stories about the footage and requested to see it. To our surprise and shock, the surveillance film has been either altered and/or destroyed. Why?

In addition, review of a police report addendum states that Kathy’s car trunk was ajar and dusting for fingerprints inside her car came back negative. Just as recently as last week, during depositions, a witness swore under oath that there was another vehicle parked near Kathy’s car for hours that night with the engine running. Who was it and why?

If you watched 20/20 last week you would have seen the Sheena Morris story. Her Mom reminded me of myself. She refused to believe and just accept that her daughter’s death was a suicide because there were just too many loose ends. Google the Lavena Johnson story. Her parents were told one thing and the press for truth revealed something else. Both sets of parents fought against all odds, and have kept pressing for the truth. They hired their own independent investigators, kept looking at the things that did not quite make sense etc.

That is what both Joe and I were doing. That is what I am continuing to do. I don’t believe Joe or Kathy would want me to give up, but to keep pressing to expose truth. I heard the spirit of the Lord whisper, “Do not be afraid of giants.” God has truly given me much wisdom in this battle.

My friend, we formed the nonprofit For Kathy’s Sake, Inc. to get answers and those answers will, in turn, help other victims. With Joe’s dying, my resources to continue this fight for the whole truth have been greatly impacted, and I am not ashamed to say I need your help. Will you and can you? Is it possible to take a special Sunday offering to help? I know times are hard, but I have depositions scheduled for December 4th. That single day of discovery could cost over $1,200 and the depositions in November revealed more unanswered questions. I have scheduled them by faith ”¦ In a God that makes all things possible.

Please take the time to send your tax deductible gift payable to For Kathy’s Sake to P.O. Box 203, Callaway, MD 20620. Or go online to her website and give safely through Paypal, or yet even quicker wire directly into the For Kathy’s Sake account at Cedar Point Federal Credit Union. The bank routing # is 255077736 acct #738429. Please consider where possible giving monthly or even quarterly. Thank you for helping me in this very difficult time.

Reverend Marguerite Morris

Donate to For Kathys Sake, Inc.

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Brave mamma! ♥ Keep on fighting for justice. I can’t support financially at this time as my life was ruined by a sociopath. But I’m supporting you with warn thoughts.
With love from Norway.


Thank you!! Your comment is appreciated

There but for the Grace of God … I have donated and send my best wishes for your success from Scotland, UK. This is heartbreaking and he should not walk away unscathed!


Thank you. Your gift and well wishes are much appreciated.


Dear Pastor Morris,
I have just written a book entitled “Letters to God.” I was married to a sociopath who drugged my family and me for five years after I asked for a divorce. When God finally took me out of the marriage (and He did), he then used heavy metals with the express purpose of getting me and my children to take our lives, or that we would die from the toxins as the family dog did.
This man succeeded in ending the life of his first wife in 2003 who divorced him like I did, and his dad, who abused him. He remains unapprehended.

Jane Pinney


Thank you for sharing your story and I will pray for you and others as they continue to pray for me. Words of encouragement mean a lot as well as with Donna’s site, knowing that we are not alone in our battles

As another source of funding, I’d like to recommend that she use that will open her plea to a larger universe. She can utilize the same video she already has, and it is a free resource with very wide distribution.



Thank you I will look into that.


To all the well wishers, thank you for your thoughts, prayers and financial gifts. All of which are still very much needed. Take care and have a great day.


Dear Pastor Morris,

It was in adulthood that I learned about sociopaths (through real-life experiences), having identified people in my past and present who fit the description, of these social predators. Your daughter was a beautiful young woman – I’m sorry that she had the misfortune of meeting one of these creatures, marrying him. I know that it is a small consolation, but you will see your beloved daughter again, one day. Today, I will send a contribution your way. Keep up the fight – I hope that you get the answers that you deserve.

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