Police release mug shots of 104 Long Island johns

In this sting operation, cops posed as hookers, guys offered money for sex, and the johns were busted. The police released all their mugshots to shame them.

‘Operation flush the johns’: Long Island police release a staggering 104 mugshots of men accused of hiring hookers including doctors, dentists, lawyers and bankers ages 17 to 79! on


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lost everything

ED drugs, are available from Canadian pharmacies online, have the package sent their offices or a PO box (post office or private, like Mailboxese etc.)

Ads are put up on Cxxxx’sLxx. A quick phone call, a meeting on a street corner, yes really a street corner, little blue pills and money exchanged; and bang, the man is ready for a session.

Many of these men do not go to their doctor, have a physical, and get a prescription.

There are consequences. One escort wrote detailed emails to latespath that a john died in her arms. About 2 weeks before the lastspath died, he blacked out in the bed of an escort. She did nothing except wait for him to regain consciousness. I have the texts. The latespath, when autopsied, had the heart, arteries, and veins of a 75 plus year old man. Yes, he knew he was ill for about 2 months before he died, he told ‘his’ psycho analyst, he was passing out, sometimes for over 10 minutes.

He preferred death over getting found out. He wasn’t living life, rather a fantasy, based on crimes.


lost everything:

Wow. Thank you for sharing more about how the spath lost everything you owned. It does sound like you know a lot about the world those people live in. If these men have faithful partners at home, and life insurance, maybe viagra is doing the partner a favor!

Your ‘Chico’ quote cracked me up. I’m glad you can laugh about it some. What a nightmare.

I believe you really touched on the most important part of why men get hookers…especially at the ages you mentioned. They are losing it and they weren’t that good at it to begin with a LOT of the time. As far as the women at home no wanting to have sex with them (unless the man is withholding sex to abuse which many spaths do), it could certainly make sense that the women are faithful and loving, but the spath is just not giving or good in bed. Mine is the worst. Slobbery. Kisses like a St. Bernard. He wants to do things that typically around other men more than women. He has paid women to do them. He has found women with lower self esteem to do them. All that matters is what gets him satisfied. He once called a trashy woman he could always count on for trashy things “a human fist.” He was angry because she had told me the truth about when she had been with him. She was nothing to him. She was not beautiful, but he made her feel she was when she degraded herself. He does not like to look a woman in the face during sex EVER. And when I was younger, my face was something to look at compared to his! I guess that is why they have to have all of that charm.

I found it helpful to read your research. However, I think “gray rocking” will probably be the least tiresome thing to do over time with these obvious jabs from the heavy fits of spathitude.

lost everything

All woman who sell their bodies for money are NOT sociopaths. After 4 years plus, with the sampling I have had, which is well into the thousands (hell, he had sessions with over a thousand), I can assure you that they are not all spaths. I and psychologists (I met too many in the course of the law suit), believe that many of these women have real feelings, something the true spaths lack. Some are spaths yes, even a higher than the johns, but is the number is not significantly higher than in the population as a whole, no.

They have big egos and thick skins. Many are narcissists. Some will use men to get what they want but some women in the real world will do that too.

They live a split life and keep the escorting part secret, but in order to be a a well respected escort, these gals have to be great actresses, first and foremenst; so they play a part during an appointment. And like the men, there are single ladies, divorcees, and widows and yes there are even married escorts and some have husbands that know what their wives do.

The latespath lived a true double life and a triple, quadruple and possibly a quintuple existence as well. He was all things to all people in the real world as well. Many of these gals have a real life, like us, and live in a fantasy world as long as the ‘escort clock’ is ticking.

In the world of pay for play the 2 most important things are silence/secrecy and money. Men pay the money and women keep their mouth’s shut. Sex is only the end result. Most guys can go to a bar, work, the neighborhood, and yes, even church and eventually find a gal willing to have sex with them for free. But there is a big danger, women in the real world have very little reason to assure silence, especially if said woman feels she wronged along the way. There is no such danger in the world of prostitution, the johns pay for a time block; when the clock runs out, they leave. Believe me, these gals watch the clock; for some gals 5 minutes over the allotted time is is too much, the hour is 60 minutes not 65, 2 hours is 120 not 125.

Feelings and emotions in escorts, something lacking in the spaths, where do I start, well I will give you some examples.

One gal from the other coast had to accompany her mother to the east coast (not to NYC) for her mom’s medical treatment. This pro was a friend of one of the latespath’s favorite ‘girlies’, so he knew when she was coming and why. The latespath being the spath that he was, of course contacted left coast escort and wanted to have an appointment with her while she was in this area. She agreed to meet him but only for lunch at a restaurant very near the hospital, an area while also has many hotels, she was actually staying in one. In the time it took for lunch, she could have made $500.00 to $1000.00 from the latespath, instead she settled for a $60.15 lunch between them. She wrote that there is a time and place for sex and this was not one of them in thanking him for lunch, she also sent him updates on her mother’s condition.

I have seen girls cancel an entire week’s worth of appointments or longer, because of a parent’s sudden illness or a child’s or pet’s.

Just before the latespath’s death, a local and repeat, for him, escort, cancelled a session because a chaperone, for her son’s school trip got sick and she volunteered to go in this other woman’s place so the class would not be disappointed.

These gals love their pets. They post pictures of them on sex sites; they, just like us, fall to pieces if a pet becomes ill or ‘crosses the Rainbow Bridge’. Escorts have sent emails to the latespath all about their pets, nothing sexual involved.

They sent him emails about movies and books and TV shows they enjoyed. Gals from way out of the NYC area wrote to him about what they are cooking.

Ladies have invited him to meet their moms, dads, siblings, kids, and in a few cases, husbands, just like people do in the real world. AND I have read about other escorts doing the same thing with other johns.

They help each other out if the situation arises, not for money. Many of them of, not all. They will help if a medical emergency arises, visit, do chores, check up calls. They have girlfriends in and out of the business and write about their ‘civilian’ friends and NOT in a bad way.

They worry about how their kids as doing in school, from kindergarden through grad school; some even care about their husband’s jobs.

They care about their own school progress, some emailed the spath their college and grad papers for his suggestions. The scheming ones sent him topics and professor outlines and asked him to write their papers. A challenge he could not refuse; he had ‘his’ papers graded by professors around the world. Some girls have been nice enough to email him the graded work back.

I saw one girl post on line ‘I really felt sorry for the wife’, referring to me. One gal actually wrote an email to me that she was shocked when she found out about the crimes of the latespath. Another told about how a wife called her and told her the money her husband gave her was for their child’s medical needs and how she made sure she never saw that john again.

Do escorts really deeply fall in love, some do, but usually not with some in the world of escorting. Love is a very bad, 4 letter word in the sex for money world. ‘M’ the escort, broke the rules and fell deeply, deliciously, hearts and flowers, scribble his name on your notebook, in love with the latespath. She was just shy of 48 when she had her first appointment with him, her emails and posts read like a 16 year old going to the junior prom. She would panic if her was late getting into the City. and send him emails about the time. One site the latespath and ‘M’ both belonged to, had a psychologist as an advisor. Yes, this lady is a board certified doctor in the private sector and has been a featured speaker. About a year before ‘M’ died, she posted in the psychologist section of the escort board, that she was unhappy with the lastspath, she wanted more; she wanted the picket fence. There are also emails from ‘M’ to back up her feelings. The psychologist told her to break off the relationship, escorting is a business as are the relationships in escorting, love does not belong here. A number of escorts as well as johns told her the same. She didn’t listen. This was really bad for the spath, he was losing control over her. ‘M’ was so in love with the latespath, she had her kids call him ‘uncle’, her parents loved him-even her mother’s friends knew of him. Her estranged husband knew about him and after she died, he turned to the latespath for help. ‘M’ and her family saw the Ivy League lawyer, not the sociopathic john.

‘V’ is a whole other case. ‘V’ is a highly academically educated women as well as an escort. She is just 2 years older than my son. ‘M’ used to refer to ‘V’ as her daughter, a much younger girl, she took under her wing in the escorting world. The latespath ended up living with ‘V’ 9 to 5, 10 months after ‘M’ died. Keep the secrets ‘all in the family’. Unlike ‘M’, ‘V’ was a pro all the way, end of conversation. She wrote and texted the latespath that she loved him and used lots of cutesy words, she introduced him to her mother, actually her mother and the spath texted each other about normal things. But she was not ‘M’. She was a prostitute, end of sentence.

The latespath gave both ‘M’ and ‘V’ obviously stolen checks, ‘V’ scrutinized these checks and wrote to the latespath, ‘why did you write ‘loan’ on the ‘for’ line’, when he knew that she was not going to pay him back; not questioning why he was giving her checks that belonged to a lady she didn’t know, nor why the latespath was signing this lady’s name. All that matter was he was knew she was not going to return any money.

You have to remember that first and foremost, escorts are actresses, skilled at making the john believe that the john of the moment is the only and most important person in the world; at least for their allotted time slot. There is a big difference between superficial charm and acting skills necessary for a pay check, and being being superficially charming to the real world. Without creating these illusions for the johns, the escorts could not command the big dollars. Reading the emails, many of these gals are not charming, just average people in reality.

Another trait of any spath is a lack of unrealistic log term goals. These escorts have realistic future goals. They are businesswomen. Some want to pay for college, grad school or professional school without the student loans and then get out of the sex business. Others want to own their own, not sex related, businesses, once they get a good down payment and a cushion, they leave. A few just want to buy the designer labels or a car and work only to get the money and then disappear to come back when they want something else. Still others work to pay the unexpected financial setback. Especially the long term pros know the value of money, they have to set aside money for retirement and other expenses.

Escorts, for the most part, are not financially or any other way, irresponsible. They pay their bills on time, and live a discreet life in the real world. Nothing sounds the death knell to an escort as giving anyone in the real world reason to find out about their other side; be it bill collector or neighbor. They make sure their kids are well taken care of and that they show up at school functions, social services are a big no no.

A ‘well respected’ escort, never asks for money beyond her fee, she does not try to upsell herself or services by charging more than what is stated, for which act, on her ‘menu’.

Just like johns, many escorts have real jobs; they are students, nurses, lawyers, small business owners, computer specialists, public relations people, hairdressers and almost anything else you can think of. They are mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and neighbors; just like their clients.

I have one a description of an escort by the spath when they met on the street; ponytail, sneakers, a jogging suit, and makeup free; another in her yoga wear.

As one lady, after reading the spaths emails and texts said to me, ‘I’ll never be able to look at woman on the train or the supermarket in the same way again’. Once the Manolo Blahniks and Louis Vuittons go away and the hair and face get washed, they look no different than you or me. They are 20 and 65plus; skinny and fluffy; white, black, Asian, Latina, and Native; they are whatever we are.

An escort never approaches a potential john. An escort waits for business to come to her. Their credo is ‘he approached me’.

I am in no way defending the ‘pay for play’ world, but after 4 1/2 years of immersion, I can see it unemotionally.


I would imagine 99% of prostitutes as well as strippers would never be in those businesses if they had had equal opportunities for high paying jobs that don’t include using their bodies to appease men who only see them as “bodies.” The reason it is known as the world’s oldest profession is because it was the only way a poor woman could survive from the beginning. So many more men seek sex outside of what they promise is an “exclusive” relationship. In a Sociological study about 20 years ago, researchers kept track of the vehicle license plates of men who were meeting other men for sex at rest stops, parks, etc. They found that most of them had wives and children. They were living a fake life and denying who they really were at the risk of their wife’s health. Most men don’t think of sex as a deep, emotionally intimate connection. Spaths take that “women are nothing but sex receptacles” so much further and for them quantity feeds their sick brains more than quality. So many female prostitutes will seek help if they know they won’t get arrested. But, so many men who will get addicted to prostitutes will keep it the last profession as well until the end of time…

lost everything

Sex and the sociopath. That’s a toughie. I only know internet escorting. I can not speak about street ladies or massage parlors\ or their clients. I do know that sex ads are a risky way to go; law enforcement, bait and switch ladies, rip offs, disease, drugs, etc..

Many spaths are promiscuous that is indisputable. Many enjoy taking unnecessary risks. Whether they have a very high libido or are simply thrill seekers, not so simple. There are many non-spaths that pay for sex, they may be serial cheaters but are normal in many other ways. A serial cheater is perfectly contented to ‘step out’ on occasion and that’s it. A spath may start out that way, but it soon loses it’s appeal, it’s thrill. They want more. One on one is not satisfying, they want 2 girls, 3 girls, 4 girls at one time, sometimes they crave men as well. A vibrator is not enough, the sex toys become darker, more intricate. The frequency increases to even 5 or more times a week, sometimes more than one appointment in a single day.

A sex addict can go to a sex detox clinic and have success because they want to change. A spath would never think of doing that.

There are many escorts that take an extended break from sex. A spath would never do that either, they need to be stimulated all the time. They are addicted to the high. Sex is a high. If they have an actual ‘addictive personality’, many spaths will also over drink and take drugs.

Sex is control for both sexes. Spaths love to control, so it’s a natural draw for the spath.

The latespath was a spath way before he became involved in the world of internet escorting. Escorting drew him because of the ‘no questions asked’. He had illegally gained control of my mother’s account, now he needed an untraceable way to spend it. He researched for 8 months and then settled on the silent, anonymous sub-world.

Just like there are ‘normal’ cheaters and even sex addicts, there are diagnosed spaths that have little interest in sex. Sex is one mark of a spath, but there are many others. A person does not have to ‘check positive’ to all of the traits of a spath, to be a spath. The latespath was not a juvenile delinquent nor was he ever convicted of a crime, but he is a diagnosed sociopath.

Tea Light

Hi Lost, net migration in fact is falling here in the UK. It stood at around 150,000 in the past 12 months. I don’t agree there is an immigration crisis here. Yes, we need more affordable housing stock. But that’s another issue. The vast majority of immigrants to the UK are studying, or working either as highly qualified professionals or doing back breaking low paid work such as caring for seniors, hospital cleaning, vegetable picking, which lots of British born people refuse to do in favour of sitting at home on social security payments from the state. The immigration debate frequently ignores immigrants such as Russian oligarchs and French commodities traders and Australian bartenders. They are welcome in the eyes of the notoriously alarmist Daily Mail. It’s always Eastern Europeans, Pakistanis, Somalians who are designated the “problem”.

Tea Light

Lost, I don’t know if you know the origins of the ‘Del Boy’ nickname but if not, Del Boy was the nickname of the character Derek Trotter in the long running Brit sitcom Only Fools and Horses. It ended years ago but was much loved here, the Christmas specials would be watched by millions. Del is a London and Essex contraction of Derek.

Tea Light

Fight4 , so glad to have you here, so great you gain peace and happiness from your garden. The film! I must have been unconsciously thinking of it! Ivor Novello. The banging on the ceiling! Eek! Still my ” favourite” psychopath in Hitchcock is the terrifying Uncle Charlie in Shadow of a Doubt. Brrrrr. Hitch knew his personality disorders. The Lodger is certainly not your room mate. That suggests a cosy mutually positive arrangement between equals to me, as when I flat shared with girl friends as a student. Your set up is business. Your home, your rules. The Lodger can like it or lump it as we say here. If it ends up that you need another Lodger, we could all support you as you interview. A woman would be the best bet imo. Don’t let him mess with you. You are in charge. Also am reading Zero Degrees of Empathy by Simon Baron-Cohen. I really recommend. Take care of yourself love. He won’t be around annoying you forever.


Thanks, Tea Light.

I will see if the library has the book.

Now I always choose female room mates when choosing lodgers I don’t know. I’ve had several males I didn’t know and the majority were the worst.

lost everything

This link is to a legit news site (MSN), its a short story about a gal, while traveling on public transport, was listening to several males talking about how they cheat and their wives are too stupid to catch on. Disgusted, the lady posted a photo and ‘do you know this guy’, on facebook.

Of course, this story made it on to the ‘sex for money’ boards. Reactions from both men and women include: bxtch; should mind her own business; she is ‘getting off’ ratting on others; the guy’s wives are losers; the guy is going to lose his money in a divorce, because the bxtch posted this; wives are bxtches; wives never want to have sex; guys should keep their mouth’s shut that’s why this site is here; guys just telling they ‘got’ a gal and their wives are stupid.

AND the most spath response; ‘bxtch should have shut up, is she too dumb to realized that children and families could be affected by what she posted.

People in the sub-world of escorting are never wrong; the male behavior is always justifiable because it’s always the wives’/SOs’ fault.

In the past 4 1/2 years people of all sorts have asked me ‘how could you not have found out’. Because in the pay for play world, sex in only the end result; it’s a world, first and foremost, all about silence.

The latespath could not have found a more perfect place to hide, not only himself, but his crimes as well.

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