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Police end search for Susan Powell; suspect brother-in-law in her disappearance : Lovefraud.com – sociopaths, psychopaths, antisocials, con artists, bigamists

Police end search for Susan Powell; suspect brother-in-law in her disappearance

It seems that Susan Powell, the Utah mom who went missing in 2009, married into a family of sociopaths. Her husband, Josh Powell, was suspected in her disappearance. Josh Powell later attacked his sons with a hatchet and turned his home into a fireball on a court-ordered visitation. Steven Powell, Josh’s father, was sentenced to prison for voyeurism. Now police say the believe Michael C. Powell, Josh’s brother, was “heavily involved” in getting rid of Susan Powell’s body.

Susan Powell case update: Police end search for Utah mom, on HuffingtonPost.com.

In the meantime, Steven Powell is due to be released from prison on May 23, 2013.

Anxious neighbors wait as Steven Powell’s release date nears, on Komonews.com.



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Being the target of a sociopath is devastating. Unfortunately it can be worse, you can become the target of not one but of an entire family. There is much more power in the perfectly functioning, dysfunctional machine. That was my best description of my ex-husband and his family. He alone would have been too much but all of them together in a labyrinth of dysfunction. When I was served with divorce papers, while I was pregnant,my family and I were concerned with an awareness that someone might try to harm me or worse. Ho do you say those things to people without sounding completely crazy to yourself, let alone anyone else? When I was pregnant with our second child, I was at an intersection in the left turning lane. I saw him at the light to go forward. I went to make my turn when the light turned green. As I entered the middle of the intersection directly in front of his truck, he hit the gas accelerating through a red light from a complete stop and missed me by inches. I was pregnant, with his child???? I cannot hardly believe myself how could I expect someone else to believe me?? And now, he has our 8 yr old son the majority of the time. I am trying very hard to function but feel like I am in a bad dream and no matter how hard I try to move, I cannot. The opportunity for an appeal ends Friday. I have done as much as I can everyday that I can move and it is still not enough and not good enough to get my son someplace safe. Bless us all. Thank you, Donna for all of this information and support organizations. It is something, someone that I know believes me and knows what I am saying. The love of my life, the father of my children, my demon and I am still his favorite toy.


Sadly, statistics show that spousal abuse by men towards women partners increases when they are pregnant. I believe there is a jealousy factor when a sociopath/narcissist realizes he will not be the center of the the woman’s universe any more.

Also, within the article: This husband was giving a false name and was dating on an online dating site giving one woman several hundred dollars according to her police statement….

This story just made me shudder! It is bad enough for a woman to deal with a sociopath partner…but an entire family of sociopaths?!!!

It makes no sense how the sociopath works! Plant the seed;impregnate wife or partner then once child is born the child becomes a pawn to be used….otherwise the sociopath is jealous of the time & attention that has been turned away from them!Oftentimes the partner is used for a baby-making machine and interest is lost.Time for disposal;or atleast to push’em into the background to take care of menial needs while they are off looking for new victims.

This is the saddest outcome.Very painful for me to see the children and their grandparents and the pain on the grandparents faces.

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