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Police take no action and domestic violence victim is dead

Police in the U.K. were called 11 times to intervene between Casey Brittle and her violent ex-partner, Sanchez Williams. They did nothing, and Williams’ last assault killed the woman.

Read Police missed 11 chances to save murdered mum who was kicked to death in front of her toddler, on

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Ox Drover

You know, this kind of thing just makes my blood boil on a couple of levels.

Number one is that the police did essentially NOTHING

Number two, is that the PATTERN OF THIS MAN’S BEHAVIOR clearly YELLS “psychopath!” and the woman did not apparently fully understand what was going on so that SHE could more fully “cooperate” with saving herself from this man. She may have been trauma bonded….may have grown up either seeing abuse or being abused. No way to know from this story what the young woman’s previous life was that made her down play the police reports and not press them further for her own safety.

It is important that “we” (those of us with knowledge of psychopathy and abuse) and as a SOCIETY, educate children about abuse and abusers. Not just about sexual abuse, but about abusers of ALL kinds.

Interestingly enough, I read an article yesterday about a recent study in Texas that 10% of 11-year-olds are having sex….and that is 5th and 6th graders!!!! That information also underscores to me that the education needs to start VERY early.


Oxy…10%? Are you…kidding me?

Oh my….told you this time the next generation really IS going to Hell in a hand basket.


A bumper sticker I saw the other day:

Where am I going?

And why am I
in this hand basket?

Ox Drover

Panther, that’s what the article said. 10% of 5th graders. 1 out of ten, 10 out of 100, 100 out of 1,000….scary ain’t it? Will the last virgin in Texas please turn out the lights.


Sky, I have that bumper sticker. Lol!
This is so sad and seems so typical. When I was 16, I had a bf beat me up pretty bad. I was very angry and hated him after that. He did that to me because I was breaking up with him. He had suddenly become very jealius and posessive, and it scared me. When my dad found out he beat me up, his only response was “well, what did you do to piss him off.” It was like it was all my fault. Typical.
Ox, kids are also doung the same sex thing even though they are not gay. It is like some weird fad, and very hard for me to understand. I have no idea what that would do to someone as they get older. It is scary.


Opps please excuse typos. I am on my phone and cannot see what i am typing. Sorry.


YYYEEEAAAHHH! PROGRESS!!! Am reading article on changes in law for Topeka KS. They have decriminalized domestic violence. YEESSS!!!

Seems the courts were clogged with these cases and to clear them out, they just decided to stop prosecuting them. Now how’s that for LOGIC!!!

Carte Blanc for domestic abusers! No matter what you do to your spouse, the message is “IT’s not that BAD!”



As a Brit- i don’t think the concept of s/path or psycho is generally understood. I was brought up in a home with a very violent and psychopathic father. I knew I was an abused child-emotionally. I sought help and now in my 50’s have some understanding of how and why women get hooked into these relationships. More awareness is needed! I only discovered this LF site through a magazine article.



I always like to hear from Brits. My X spath is a Brit living here in the US. He grew up in Liverpool and then lived in Manchester/Warrington before coming here.


Louise- plenty of them everywhere! They are taking over the world!!


Just wanted to say for those who are unaware, there is an excellent documentary on psychopaths out called Fishead- Dr. Hare & Dr. Babiak are both featured in it.. and it’s available for free viewing via ( you have to email for a password ) … its narrated by actor Peter Coyote and I have to say, really well made. Found out about it through Sarah Strudwick’s blogsite.


I just watched it. Thank you. It’s very good.
There are some simplistic aspects to it, but I guess that’s necessary when you are trying to reach a wide and general audience who really doesn’t GET what a psychopath is.

I hope it’s very successful in its mission.



I agree!!!



I am going to watch this movie. I found it and have it bookmarked for later. Thanks for the suggestion.

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