Political enablers of sociopaths

Lovefraud has been following the case of Vince Fumo, a former Pennsylvania state senator and Philadelphia power broker, who was found guilty of 137 counts of conspiracy, fraud, tax offenses and obstruction of justice. See:

Pennsylvania State Senator Vincent J. Fumo on trial for corruption

Finally, two sociopaths go to jail

In my opinion, this politician is a classic sociopath. Fumo lied, threatened, backstabbed and manipulated his way to power. He bullied big corporations into contributing millions of dollars to his favorite community organization, then treated its money as his personal ATM machine. He billed taxpayers for services such as having a private investigator follow his ex-girlfriend.

Fumo is due to be sentenced next week, and he could get 21 to 27 years. The guy is 66 years old and has heart problems, so if he gets the max, he could die in jail.

So what’s going on now? Hundreds of people have written letters to the judge asking for leniency. The governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell, called Fumo “honest and forthright.” The former Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Justice Stephen A. Zappala, who presided at Fumo’s second wedding, also vouched for him.

As I read the news coverage of the pleas for mercy in the newspaper this morning, I couldn’t help but think about Dr. Liane Leedom’s July 4th article, Enabling a sociopath is unpatriotic. Enabling a guy who abused the public trust—how much more unpatriotic can you get?

In opposing court papers, prosecutors point out that Fumo lied repeatedly on the witness stand. They cited 27 areas of “false testimony” and said he should be found guilty of perjury as well.

To read about the mercy/no mercy brouhaha in the Philadelphia Inquirer, click:

Dueling court papers praise, slam Fumo

While you’re at it, you may want to read about Fumo’s girlfriend. Over July 4th weekend, Fumo proposed. She said yes.

On the eve of prison, Fumo pops the question

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Yes, Henry, I think we are going to need a LARGE BUS to transport all the righteously angry suvivors….or, instead of riding Fat Ass and Hairy Ass I can have them pull the replica Conestoga wagon my son and I built for them for the living history groups and we can all ride in the wagon except Tilly and she can ride on her ‘roo!

What?!?! Cameras??? 6:00 News????

We need a hair & make-up van!!!

We want to be in full hair & make-up regalia when we attack the media journalists (Erin B. style) for their dominant role in blaming the victims of sociopaths in the media, and their uneducated, almost ignorant, account of sociopathy in their reporting.

A “tussle” with the media could be bad for Donna’s book. I say we wait until AFTER Donna puts her book out.

Then, I say we go after the media PETA-style. Everyone thinks PETA members are crazy, but they always seem to get the national spotlight (have you noticed?). PETA members are crazy LIKE FOXES, as far as I am concerned.

Especially when the biggest psychopath in the room IS THE JUDGE!
What book is Donna putting out? Do we get shares??

Tilly, I don’t think we can get “shares,” but I do know we will want to BUY a copy!

Yea, you are right, about the Judge!!! Politics is crooked the world around, not just in US or Aussies….it is UNIVERSAL.

If it was Narcissist Oprah she would GIVE us all a copy because she is such a kind and caring person…HA HA!!! lol!!!

What sort of book? Personal story, like “Dance With the Devil?” A recovery how-to?

I hope you get a book tour, Donna. Much continued success to you and all the other LF authors, to boot.

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