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Pope Francis begs forgiveness for Catholic Church sex abuse

Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Pope Francis met with six victims of clergy sex abuse on Monday. He begged forgiveness for the sins of Catholic priests, and vowed to hold bishops accountable.

Pope: Bishops must be held accountable for abuse, on

In May, Pope Francis declared a “zero tolerance” policy for members of the clergy who abuse children. The Vatican has appointed a former child victim as one of the first members of a new commission to help the Church put an end to clerical sexual abuse. The U.S. victims group, Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP), called the move a public relations coup.

But the Vatican did order that Josef Wesolowski, a senior Polish archbishop accused of pedophilia  in the Dominican Republican, be defrocked as a priest pending further criminal proceedings.

Vatican defrocks Polish archbishop Josef Wesolowski accused of sexual abuse, from The Independent.

Lovefraud hopes Pope Francis is serious about cleaning up the clergy sex abuse mess.


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It’s easy to be jaded about efforts to reform the church – my cousin was one of the thousands of boys who was abused, and I believe it really messed up his life. But I hope Pope Francis is serious and follows through.


I agree. Admitting guilt and expressing remorse are good, and a huge step forward from denial and concealment (aka blatantly lying about it) but real remorse and real repentence, particularly for those who are Catholic, includes acts of contrition and restitution.

In my opinion, the clearest form of real repentence and contrition would be to not only defrock but criminally prosecute any priest (or other functionary of the Catholic Church) accused of child molestation/child rape. Put them on public trial like anyone else accused of such a heinous act. (Priests who have sex with adult parishioners ought to be defrocked, in my opinion, but consenting adults having sex with each other isn’t a criminal offense.)

Saying and doing are two different things; doing restitution means more, seems to me, in such cases. Actions speak louder than words; and as for forgivness, well, as far as I’m concerned that can wait until after the actions prove the words are sincere.


I hope he is asking forgiveness for the church’s condoning it and failure to stop it and not for the pedophile. And that forgiveness will be contingent upon his actions, not his words. Defrock and prosecute them all or his words are meaningless.

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