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Portrait of a sociopath: Israel Keyes admitted to eight murders, with pleasure

Authorities were confident that they had the man who abducted and killed Samantha Koenig last February in Alaska. Then Israel Keyes started talking about what else he had done.

Serial killer in Anchorage case ‘enjoyed telling us details,’ on

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Ox Drover

You know I have watched this case ever since she went missing, and I really didn’t think she would be the victim of a serial killer, I thought most likely a BF or would be BF or someone who knew her, which is what most murders are about….but this guy is just over the TOP psychopathic….and he had the last laugh by killing himself.

People like this man a “deranged serial killer psychopath” gives a BAD NAME to the words sociopath and psychopath…when the p/s-pat is not a “deranged serial killer”

Everyone who reads about this case who knows a couple of p’s who are NOT serial killers but they don’t get it that the people they know are just as without conscience as this creep was.



I agree. This man is chilling…whew. But he’s the reason people don’t believe us when we say we were targeted by spaths. Frustrating.


Eugh….that he was described as being reliable, etc., just made my skin crawl. The “positive” descriptions of this man could easily be the exspath – on the surface.

OxD and Louise, people throw “sociopath” around like it’s the new psychological insult or something. And, the ignorant use the term in the most inappropriate manners! It’s kind of similar to when teenaged girls go on about how “You don’t disrespect me!” Uh…..learn the vocabulary, PLEASE, and stop using that word for something that it doesn’t mean!

And, don’t you know? There’s going to be some kind of bandwagon for this guy where people are going to say, “Aw, isn’t that awful? He was SO repressed as a child, and it’s NOT his fault!” Oh, jeeeeez, I can hear it, now….


When I first heard of this – I shuddered because I was waiting
for the NAME…when I found out it wasn’t “IT”, I sighed a personal
sigh of relief in many ways. Despite what he has done to me, I
wished it wasn’t him, FOR HIM, but in another sense I was kind
of disappointed he hasn’t been caught yet, himself.

When I read the story in the link,
it gave me the chills, straight to my core,
shocked me out of my mind, because “THAT”
is exactly “WHAT” I have dealt with all these years.

Someone just like that.
Blood, as cold as ice.

How do we protect ourselves from people like this?
Who are sick and obsessed and if they can’t have you,
nobody else will either because YOU BELONG to them…

How do we weed people like this out of our society?
Do they TRULY HAVE a place in our society?

How do we stop them before it comes to this?
I don’t see how. All we can do is PROTECT OURSELVES

…lest they devour your soul…


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