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Possible serial killer in Chillicothe, Ohio

4 women from Chillicothe found dead

The four women found dead are, from left, Tameka Lynch, Shasta Himelrick, Timberly Claytor and Tiffany Sayre. (Chillicothe Police Department)

Four women from the small southern Ohio town of Chillicothe have turned up dead since May, 2014. Two other women are missing.

All of the dead women worked as escorts and are believed to have known each other, prompting the community to fear a serial killer who targets prostitutes is on the loose.

At the end of July, an escort in Charleston, West Virginia, shot and killed Neal Falls, 45, who tried to choke her, using his own gun. Investigators found several axes, a shovel, bleach, handcuffs, knives and a machete in his car. They called it a “kill kit.”

Investigators are looking to see if there is a connection between Neal Falls and Chillicothe.

Serial killer’s daughter joins hunt for Chillicothe killer, on

As women keep washing up dead, Ohio town fears a serial killer is on the loose, on

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