Power, money and psychopaths

“Many of the people running Wall Street and D.C. are literally pscyhopaths.” This quote is from an article written by Washingtons Blog, and reposted on The Big Picture, a blog hosted by the well-respected Wall Street money manager, Barry Ritholtz. The article explains how these pathological predators are ripping apart our economy and society, and why no one is doing anything about it.

Read: Scandal after scandal, lie upon lie — what’s going on? on Ritholtz.com.

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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Dupey-poo…..Yeah, it’s a “good thing” to experience that anger and hatred, in full. And, it’s so important to let it out without letting it out onto the spath or someone that isn’t even in the spathic loop.

Being off the “supply list” is a GOOD THANG, Dupey! I feel so badly for whomever the exspath has targeted, now. Whomever she is, she has my sympathies.


Brightest blessings!

Dancing with the devil never works.
They always win it seems.
It always turns out poorly.

The only time they don’t win
is when we stop giving them
all the attention and move on
with our lives.

It’s difficult, at first, but when
you stop and remember “WHO”
you are and how they are NOT
‘worthy’ of our attention…it does
become easier.

I never thought I would have the strength
to get through this and I still have a long ways
to go, but at least I am at that point in my life now
where I do think ‘saving yourself’ is VERY APPROPRIATE.

Happy Day you guys…
sorry for all the yack yack, this morning…

The Dupiest of them All

Truthspeak: The new ‘minion’ has stalked me as well and I
never bother those ‘beings’. SHE is worse than he is, so go
figure. hahahahahaha “IT” absolutely HATES being there
but said: “I have no where else to be, you won’t let me live
with you…” That’s right…SHE CAN HAVE IT. They deserve
one another. Neither can have kids so it will keep the ‘gene
pool’ down.

Do you see? And he is definitely bamboozling and mind
controlling only the ‘minion’ is dying from AIDS…totally
and completely being subjected to ALL the torment and

Yah, experiencing the DISDAIN and the UGLINESS completely
really does help put things into perspective. Truly it does.
I don’t mean go out stalking the x p and setting fire to their
face but what I DO mean is settle it within and make that
your destination. Screw what they think, what they have done,

Oh yah, not being on the ‘supply list’ anymore
is like a gift from Heaven being I survived my
heart attack. Definitely. My life could be no
other way right now than the way it is: PEACEFUL,
without the dramarama and the wrestling with the
devil himself.

I am good; getting more steady…
it takes time….

Instead of rehashing it all and ruminating,
I am forcing myself to do other things and
to notice the triggers coming…it helps.

I am burying the past where I think it belongs
and if the past doesn’t leave me alone, completely,
from now on, if it gets too intolerable, there WILL
be charges and I WILL become “IT’s” 3rd strike and
put this monster exactly where I think “IT” belongs.

The new ‘minion’ deserves whatever she gets
for the ugliness she has perpetrated on me.
That “THING” is not blameless and quite ugly as well.
I don’t even KNOW nor have I ever been acquainted
with this “THING”, yet “THING” was calling my home,
cussing, swearing, just being ugly and threatening to me.
“THING” is not blameless…but I realize “THING” is a victim, too.
Too bad, so sad: “I” escaped and I am staying GONE.

I do know of innocent, younger women, though,
who are being used and subjected to him and ‘minions’
disease………..I DO pray for them. I do.

You just have to realize there comes a time to SAVE YOURSELF.
It’s okay TO SAVE YOURSELF. It is.

Dupey, indeed it is okay to walk away from it all and let the spath’s chips fall where they may.

Big hugs to you, m’dear. You’ve come so very, very far in your recovery and you are truly an inspiration to me.

(((Truthspeak))) Thank you for saying I am an inspiration to you.
I find that so amazing since I haven’t been much of an inspiration
TO MYSELF these past years….

Yes, it IS okay to just close the door and walk away.
I don’t care anymore what happens to him. For so
many years, I attempted to follow him around and
keep him out of trouble, only to be deceived, treated
like fodder and then almost murdered. The threats
flew and flew and flew and “IT” really THOUGHT I
would tolerate it – well, “IT” found out different.

I am finished; without regret and without any conscience,
just like I was given by “IT”. There is nothing left to say
that will only be said in a court of law from now on.

Thanks for the hugs ~ I have scratched, clawed and dug
my way out of this dark, dirty rabbit hole that I followed
that monster into. When I couldn’t breathe anymore, I
had to turn and get out of the hole or I would have perished
in there. It was truly one of the most difficult mind altering
experiences I have ever encountered and I have encountered
A LOT. Nothing so vile and evil. Never before.

YOU are an inspiration to me, as well, M’Dear….
YOU have come such a very long ways as well and
I am happy for the Beautiful Flower I now read.

Big hugs and blessings to you.
Have a happy day, would ya…
Nobody is going to GIVE IT TO US,
Sometimes we just have TO TAKE IT.


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