Power, money and psychopaths

“Many of the people running Wall Street and D.C. are literally pscyhopaths.” This quote is from an article written by Washingtons Blog, and reposted on The Big Picture, a blog hosted by the well-respected Wall Street money manager, Barry Ritholtz. The article explains how these pathological predators are ripping apart our economy and society, and why no one is doing anything about it.

Read: Scandal after scandal, lie upon lie — what’s going on? on

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I think Louise’s point is that she never reacted how he expected. He does want her to hate him, but she never showed that. She only showed kindness. So he failed over and over again. He lost the game and he can never understand why.

That’s the shame he feels when he is ignored. They hate being abandoned. They want to be the ones who abandon us. They want to control our reactions and have us come when they call and then they don’t show up so that we feel abandoned. But Louise didn’t give him that satisfaction AGAIN, she told him it was ok and that she understood.

My spath hated that about me. Near the end he said, “I’m tired of your God-like ways!” lol. They don’t understand compassion.


Yes, I agree to that, however the trap for us is to look for signs of validtation, whatever it is or how it comes. My spath said the same to me and still it’s just a minor bug, because they don’t understand they’ve lost the game. My ex lost the game when I didn’t come back, but I really don’t think it affected him in any ways. He just trolled on to the next.

I’m glad on Louises behalf, 1-0 to her.


hope52 wrote:

“One of my greatest realizations over the last 18 months has been about how some of us turn over our lives to others. We trust their judgment, we trust their intelligence, and we trust their compassion.


Great post and so true. I see this in everyday life and politics.
People voted and vote the way they do because they swallowed hook-line-and-sinker the promises and the lies about who ‘loved them’ the most. Empty promises… unsubstantiated claims and accusations against the opponent – gets ’em all the time!

I come from a one-party state where the last three Speakers of the State House of Representatives have been convicted and served time in jail for crimes committed while in office. And yet, the voters continue to ‘go back’ to these same politicians, their associates and their party.

you are absolutely right about the traps — and there are many.
It’s because we anthropomorphize them. We try to think like they do, but eventually we will slip into that human habit of “filling in the blanks” with our own motivations and feelings.

That is what they count on.

Totally agree. My community has a board of directors for our well water association. I uncovered that one woman had been creating problems and doing things that she shouldn’t have done. She resigned. As soon as I left, she got re-elected to the board. WTF? It’s because nobody wants the responsibility.


The last several posts together could serve as a treatise or at least abstract for what I just went through with my ‘spath’ (ex) girlfriend.

Devalue and Dismiss was the effect. We shared a lot about our lives – fears – bad experiences – ‘triggers’ – past incidents of abuse, abandonment. All of this was used in a calculated and timed way against me in the end. The break-up incorporated soem of the fears that I had told her about related to abandonment and betrayal. Then, she had the gall to invite me to ‘couples counselling’ to communicate and seek closure. It was a trick. Nothing of the sort even came close to happening. She used the ‘sessions’ to berate and cast me in the darkest possible way in front of a ‘third party,’ the therapist. Why was this necessary?

Her aim, in her words, was for me to “Own EVERYTHING,” about what was wrong or had gone wrong with our relatoinship. It was a total shifting of blame and projection of bad behaviour onto me by her. Oh, and maybe it’s related, but her most often repeated assertion in the almost two years of our relationship was “I don’t cheat.” There’s no way I could believe that now.

I have been stunned and numb and devastated. I am now seeking help for PTSD symptoms. It has been a little over three months and the symptoms are getting worse. I don’t want to kill myself. I keep going for my son and other obligations. It’s not that feeling of “I want to die,’ it’s the feeling that I feel like I am dying and breaking down piece by piece. I am trying to understand what is happening physiologically and mentally.

Thank you for the great information and insight. I don’t remember how in the world I found this blog – but it must have been meant to be.
But, interesting, even with the expanded knowledge and sharing the forces at work seems to have their own course and agenda inside of me – like a worm/virus working its way through my computer.



It’s OK. I do not take offense at all. I understand. And believe it or not, I do have quite a bit of anger and hate underneath the sweetness and when it comes out, it’s pretty dreadful. No one wants to be the recipient of my wrath…haha! But even though I agree that they don’t give a damn, isn’t there such a thing as a narcissistic injury? Isn’t that what I gave him when I ignored him? I thought they hated being ignored?? I guess this is where I get REALLY confused…



Funny you should say that because one of my texts to him while he was ignoring me was this…”Maybe you WANT me to hate you.” He never replied. Of course not…what is he going to say? Yes? If he says yes, then he just let his mask slip. You are right…he keeps losing and he wants to win so badly. I think I confuse the hell out of him and he hates that; he NEEDS to have the control.

Wow, just wow. You are so right…that was his plan…to say he wanted to meet and then of course he knew he wouldn’t be there. He wanted to see how fast I would jump and show up and of course I did! I wanted closure! So I was going to jump at the chance and he KNEW it. He thought he would really hurt me by not being there, but instead, I text him and tell him it was OK!…haha!

No, they do not understand compassion at all. They have not an ounce of it and they have no idea what it feels like.



it’s very complex. The biggest injury for them was that they failed to totally own you and make you a slave to their will. However it depends on their interest on their objects. Since they don’t feel, that injury is also discarded in my opinion. Maybe somebody else have a better explanation?



Thank you. Maybe someone else has something on the narcissistic injury thing. Maybe I have the meaning of it all wrong.

they tell themselves stories and they believe their own stories even while they know they are lying.

So they tell themselves that you are crazy and that you were mean to them. That way they can hate you for the rest of your life. It gives them an excuse to come back and do more harm.

And BTW, on the way out, after trying to destroy me and discarding the 25 years I gave him, my spath said, “maybe in the future I can come back and we’ll have lunch.”


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