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Priest accused of abusing a boy, then soliciting his murder

The Rev. John M. Fiala of  Texas was indicted for aggravated sexual assault of a child for abusing a 16-year-old boy. While released on bail, the priest allegedly tried to have the boy killed.

Read Police: Priest solicited murder of boy accusing him of sex abuse, on

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Ox Drover

I happen to have a particular HOT SPOT in my thoughts for priests and teachers and boy scout leaders who abuse their charges sexually (or any other way) since I knew one of the most prolific of sexual offenders, Charles “jackie” Walls III and his father, a good man, was a very close family friend for many many years. His mother, a wonderful woman, fortunately died before Jackie was arrested, tried and sentenced to life without parole in the Arkansas prisons. Jackie also got one of his victims to kill the victim’s family because the boy had j”confessed” and Jackie was afraid of getting caught so he got theh boy to commit murder. Fortunately, this eventually lead (when the boy was caught) to Jackie’s own conviction. The boy is as far as I know also still in prison. Jackie’s nephew that he molested committed suicide. Jackie is the worst of the worst with 1,500 known victims.

This man, a priest, I think is the next on my list of “people who should not be allowed to breathe”—-since my P son was held in the same jail awaiting trial, I visited there and know what kind of HELLISH CONDITIONS he is incarcerated in. The visitors for jail inmates are allowed to SEE inside the cells, which are huge holding pens like levels of Dante’s Inferno…visitors look through 6 inch thick glass blocks at the end of the cell, and talk to the inmates on a connected telephone but you can see what goes on in the back ground with 40-50 inmates in all forms of dress and undress, gang bangers, nut cases, drunks and druggies coming down from their highs, it is literally HELL ON EARTH I would imagine. My own son spent like 15 months once and another time 13 or so months in this kind of lock up, one huge room with twice the number of prisoners (and half the number of beds) it was intended to house, with a diet that in both cases caused scurvy for my P son, but the jail was not forced to provide a balanced diet because the AVERAGE inmate stay was only 30 days or less (most people come and go in a few days, so the average stay is short, but there are people there who have been there as long as 3 years) Texas does NOT have a “speedy trial” law, which though the US Constitution does have, Texas supreme court interprets this as “anything less than three years” so this man may stay there in these inhumane conditions for up to three years if someone doesn’t make his bail.

If he has no one to send him commissary money so he can buy fresh fruit he may very well suffer from scurvy or other vitamin problems…but even if he did get commissary money, someone bigger, younger, crazier and stronger would take it away from him. My son has several severe injuries from fights while there, and being a young, small white guy didn’t help his situation again, as the population is mostly young angry black or hispanic gangbangers and street thugs and only a very small percentage of whites, and being an older man, he probably won’t be able to defend himself well. Also, it wouldn’t surprise me that his photo is on the TV set which is constantly on in one end of the room, which has lights on at least low level 24/7, and he will most likely get to sleep on the floor on a 1 inch thick pad, if he is able to secure one from the other inmates. Even street thugs don’t like “kiddie” rapers and “queers” so I have a feeling this man’s stay in the Dallas jails won’t be pleasant. Prison will be a cake walk compared to what he will endure in JAIL. Doesn’t break my heart at all. If I sound bitter about the damage this kind of psychopath does to youngsters who are given into their charge to mentor, I guess maybe I am.


With you all the way on this one babe. I’m a pacifist myself, but that’s one sub-atomic-machine-gun that I COULD operate without any qualms at all…

Ox Drover

Dear Aussie girl,

Well, I am a “pacifist” with a gun! I would be very glad to “pacify” anyone who is trying to hurt me. It is amazing how non-violent they become when confronted with superior firepower. I am very interested in, willing and capable, of defending myself with the minimum amount of force necessary to “pacify” any threats, human or animal.

After a visit with my P-son in jail for robbery and then again for his incarceration for murder, and learning about his scurvy while there, etc…I worried night and day, day and night about his safety while there, but no I no longer worry about my P son or his safety, don’t know what situation he is in in prison or care. He did what he did, that is the consequence of what he did, and he is to bear the responsibility for being there, not me. I did everything I could to get him to change his behavior before he got there and he essentially gave me the finger to prove he could do what he wanted to and I couldn’t stop him. HE WAS RIGHT! I could NOT stop him. Boy, did he SHOW ME!!! I hope he gets some satisfaction from “showing me” because that is about all he could get out of the situation I would think. He’s been in prison for more than half his life, and almost the entirety of his adult life. I think he was only out less than a year total between his various arrests and sentences.

I don’t think that prison or incarceration has any beneficial effects for the people it houses, and I have no idea that there is any rehabilitative value. Only 40% of those let out on parole don’t commit another crime before their parole is over, and most of them reoffend within a few months. There are a FEW individuals who “learn” that they don’t want to go back, but anyone who gets any “real time” (2 or more years) has committed enough of a felony or more that their life style is pretty well, I think, set in concrete. The AVERAGE score of prisoners in PRISON (vs jail) is 22 on the PCL-R scale for psychopaths, with 30 being a “full fledged psychopath” and “normal” being 4-5 or less. So almost none of these people in prison are “good guys” and the environment of dog eat dog in prison doesn’t improve their life skills in any way I can see.

That is why I advise anyone to completely AVOID anyone who has the label “ex-convict”—I don’t think there is such a thing as EX-convict, just ones that have been let out for a time. It is just one of the RED FLAGS that in my opinion never goes away from someone—it is a pretty good indicator that the person is BAD if not EVIL and just statistically there is a 25% chance if they have been a convict that they ARE a HIGH level on the PCL-R so why would anyone want to trust them? NOT ME FOR SURE.

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