Problems with another boy adopted from Russia

On April 5, 2010, a 14-year-old boy from Hastings, Minnesota, carried a gun to school, waved it around in classrooms, and pointed it at several staff members, saying the words, “bang, bang.” Luckily, he had the wrong bullets in the gun, and it never fired.

Read: Charges filed in Hastings Middle School gun incident at

It turns out that the boy had been adopted from Russia. As soon as his adoptive parents brought him home, they knew the child had problems. They tried for years to help him, but were unable to. Finally they gave up their parental rights and turned him over to foster care, warning officials—in writing—that he could be violent.

Read: Mom, dad warned Dakota County: Boy is a danger, at

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Hi all,

Just catching up – Tuesday’s the day I spend combing through LF…


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