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Husband, Liar, Sociopath

If you are – or were – a smart, successful professional woman, yet you’ve been deceived and trapped by a sociopath, this book details exactly how it happens. The author, O.N. Ward, analyzes, with the benefit of hindsight, how her sociopathic ex-husband deceived, manipulated and degraded her, until she was a mere shadow of her ambitious, competent former self. She describes how her ex-husband used her best qualities against her, and relates her own thought processes as it happened. Reading this book, you’ll realize that you weren’t stupid, you were human – which is probably more than can be said for the sociopath.



Husband, Liar, Sociopath
How he lied, why I fell for it and the painful lessons learned

By O.N. Ward

Even if a psychopath climbs the ladder of career success and makes a fortune, you do not want to be married to this person.

Just ask O.N. Ward, who published the story of her almost 20-year marriage to a man who made millions as a business consultant in her book, Husband, Liar, Sociopath How he lied, why I fell for it and the painful lessons learned.

No, O.N. Ward is not her real name. Even though she was divorced years ago, she is still afraid of this man.

Onna and the man she calls “Paul” met while both were enrolled in a prestigious MBA program. So yes, Onna is just as smart as he is, except for one thing: She did not know about sociopaths.

Paul turned on the charm as he pursued Onna, presenting himself as dedicated, hardworking and wanting all the same things in life that she did. They married. Then Paul began his campaign to tear her apart, piece by piece.

What makes Husband, Liar, Sociopath really valuable is that as Onna tells her story, she also analyzes the strategies that her husband used to control her.

At the time that she experienced Paul’s manipulations, Onna didn’t realize what was going on. But now, understanding exactly what a sociopath is, she points out her husband’s tactics, and explains why they worked.

Onna has learned about destructive sociopaths the hard way. She wants others to benefit from her hard-won education.

If you feel like you’ve been crushed by a sociopathic partner and can’t figure out how it happened, you’ll find the explanation in these pages.


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