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Transforming Darkness to Light for Giving


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This is a true story about a father and his son. The father was a sociopath–a serial killer. The son was his confidante as he planned and committed several murders. The father was arrested, and the son suppressed the memories–until he could keep them hidden no longer. Travis Vining tells his story of being a serial killer’s son. When he thought he could no longer continue, the murder, suffering and insanity became a journey to a loving God. Vining found forgiveness, faith and miracles.




Transforming Darkness to Light for Giving
Spiritual lessons from my life with a serial killer


By Travis F. Vining

How do you recover from the most unimaginable of circumstances? The author of this book, Travis F. Vining, had a sociopath for a father. In fact, his father was the worst kind of sociopath—a serial killer. And for many years, the father exerted enormous control over Vining, essentially making his son into his accomplice.

Of course, when Vining was young, he didn’t know that his father was a sociopath. Vining idolized his father—the man was cool. He was strong. He was tough. Still, even as a child, Vining had a sense of unease—and recurring nightmares.

As Vining grew, he realized that what his father was doing was wrong, and what he was doing to assist him was wrong. His father was finally arrested, and Vining coped by forcing his memories of what happened from his mind.

But for years, Vining suffered physical symptoms that he couldn’t explain—until the memories came flooding back. Then he had to figure out how to recover. Although he had always doubted that God was even real, the time came when, out of desperation, Vining asked for God’s help—and received it.

Travis Vining explains how his personal relationship with God has lead to his healing. His book is a message of hope and comfort for anyone who grew up with a sociopathic parent, or anyone seeking spiritual assistance in recovering from a sociopathic relationship.

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BOOK REVIEW: Travis Vining writes about life with his serial-killer father and miracles

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